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Since 1988, DYNOTECH has published unbiased actual SuperFlow instrumented dynamometer test results on two-cycle snowmobile engines. These test results and descriptive articles include torque and horsepower curves, airflow CFM, fuel flow lb/hr, BSFC lb. of fuel/hp/hr (critical for peak performance carburetion and drive clutch calibration) of:

1) stock high performance snowmobiles see the dyno test results of all the stock high performance machines… what is the actual horsepower, and what RPM does the max HP occur? What is highest HP with pump-gas safe jetting for all temperatures and altitudes? How does one brand compare in true HP to the others? What is the actual effect of airbox mods, compression changes, timing changes, etc?

2) aftermarket bolt-on engine components which aftermarket pipe(s) make the highest HP? Which make the most torque? Which make LESS HP than stock? Who makes the most HP with the lowest dB sound? What do replacement heads/ combustion chambers do for HP and where the peak power occurs? How about bigger or different carbs; does big = higher CFM airflow? Do some carbs vaporize fuel better than others? Do aftermarket reeds/ reed cages help or hurt airflow and HP? Will an aftermarket silencer make you more or LESS HP, or will it just annoy your neighbors? Who makes the lightest, quitest silencers? Did you ever wonder about special lubes, fuel catalysts, spark plugs, etc? We can tell you within 1/10th of a HP what helps or hurts performance on any particular engine.

3) Serious engines and engine modifications port timing modifications, big bore kits, replacement cylinders, mountain motors beyond belief, modifying tuned pipes, turbochargers, nitrous oxide injection, stroker engines.

4) Technical support on our subscribers' only forum for engine/ clutching/ chassis setups (coming soon).

5) American Snowmobiler Magazine Shootout ® sleds! We've tested them all here to ensure stockness and fairness since day one! See the actual dyno sheets of the American Snowmobiler stockers (and some not so stockers caught red handed) as tested during DynoTech certification dyno runs.

6) Online access to 550 pages of past DynoTech published articles, dyno tests, pipe shootouts, technical data, and good new and good old ideas and explanations from Kevin Cameron.

Pre-mapped DynoJet Power Commander V snowmobile EFI tuners are available from DynoTechResearch. 1000 premapped DTR PCVs have been sold. Call 585-993-2777 for special pricing for PCVs shipped to US and Canada. Over 100 maximum performance racing and trail maps are available for all altitudes for stock and modified sleds. Individual maps are available at no charge to DTR members--just email map requests along with DTR User ID to info@dynotechresearch.com.



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