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About DynoTech Research

WHAT IS DYNOTECH RESEARCH? The world's first computerized snowmobile/ motorcycle engine/ chassis public dyno testing facility utilizing a modified instrumented, computerized SuperFlow 901 dynamometer with upgraded 902 data acquisition system and a custom drive shaft system to connect the snowmobile engine crankshaft (or motorcycle engine output shaft) to the absorption unit. A 5000 lb capacity hydraulic chassis fixture allows engine testing with or without removing the engine from the vehicle. Engine coolant temperature is controlled to +/- two degrees F, critical for repeatability. A monster roof-mounted blower causes cooling air to roar through the dyno room at up to 80 mph, assuring fresh outside air to provide a realistic, maximum HP producing environment for each machine, with tuned pipe temperature maintained at the level expected during typical use.

EFI snowmobile tuning must be done in dry, cold winter air! When ambient conditions are not conducive to proper sled tuning, DYNOTECH can create dry cold engine intake air with a custom air conditioning system. This system utilizes three walkin freezer compressor/ condenser units, thermostatically controlled to provide ample dry winter air (even sub-zero F if desired!) to properly test and tune even the most powerful snowmobile engines, even in summertime.

DYNOTECH RESEARCH also utilizes a fully instrumented and computerized SuperFlow CycleDyne eddy-current roller dyno for motorcycle testing.

WHO USES THE FACILITY? This public testing facility, with highly experienced dyno operators (with extensive fuel management/ EFI/ calibrating and turbocharging knowledge) is available on an hourly/ daily/ weekly basis for trail/ street riders, amateur and professional racers, and for major corporations/ publishers wishing to assess engine performance, tuning, or emissions.

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