January 2005

Sunday, January 30, 2005

DynoTech : Latest update.....

.Last Sunday we were dyno tuning Dustin Unverdorben''s brand new F7/ F9 EFI, a complete sled purchased from D&D, F8 stroked to F9, with monster twin pipes, fuel pressure booster, pac, and eqaulizer.
After doing part throttle high load midrange we saw deathly lean A/F ratio.We jacked up base fuel pressure 10 psi higher thn the pac gauge read--the dyno now read 45 psi, the pac gauge was pegged to 60+. Those pac gauges read way too far off of our dyno gauge. Regardless, now the engine was happy in midrange and with the very excellent equalizer tweaked to perfection we made 191 HP at .68 lb/hphr or therabouts.
Chicken Jim decided that this was too much for pump gas, and we bumped equalizer to create 188 HP at .70 plus. I guess that should be fine! Dusty please limit time at WOT to 1000ft!
I will post Dusty's F9 numbers this week.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

DynoTech : current events...

today we dyno'd D&D's F7 bone stocker with their new twin pipes feeding into stock quiet muffler. Great results to be posted on DTR and on D&D's website.
after F7, D&D installed a stock D&D F8 top end (they hadn't dyno tested that combo with new quiet twins). We managed to airlock the cooling system, I think I lightly detonated the engine on our first run as a result of air trapped above the combustion chambers. So D&D headed home with the sled, very happy with F7 quiet twin results, will be back with fresh F8 next wednesday to try again.

We had scheduled a HTG Big Bore fusion for this afternoon,  D&D took up the bulk of the day, HTG expects to have production Ypipe/ single pipe to try early next week, will try to dyno as soon as they have production stuff in hand.

Monday we will be testing a ProX800 twin pipe, with Boondocker N2O system. That begins at 10 AM.

My dyno pals Bill Davis and Donavan Facey have made 2800 instrumented dyno runs at 7000 ft altitude. They have very interesting dyno data on Fusion, MachZ etc at high altitude. The info they have amassed will be a great benefit to mountain riders--  Be prepared to be amazed at the difference in stockers from  sea level to 7000 ft and above!