March 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

DynoTech : March 09 Dyno Schedule &tc

3/3 Tuesday Tripod Dan testing once more w/ HTG Storm 1000 Imp some new clicks of deto were cured by backed off timing--the tighter squish required retarded timing to be optimum,  Late AM Renegade Rich with MZ1000 N2O w/ better fuel pump now 518er Rich was able to create 185 lb/hr fuel flow so he could pump enough n2o into the engine to create well over 300 actual not corrected HP (but still corrected down to 306 or so)

3/4 Tony Koz trying to figure our carburetion on Hooper 1200 twin the big twin had a K&N filter resting on the frame that seemed to create buzzing and foaming in one carb causing fuel flow into the carbs to be disrupted that might explain why this sled was laying down after 300ft--eliminating that vibe source and reconfiguring needles/ power jets created fuel flow safe for 1000 ft...
3/5 Casey Mulkins Dragon 800 session #4 or 5, original flash vs reflash, new pipes, lower compression heads, added timing, remap PCIII for all this stuff, maybe BMP ported cylinder and billett head and Boondocker mapping. 55 degrees F, cancellend until weather cooperates
3/6 SkiDoo 440 racer w/ 800 twin,  Bill Swoyer hillclimber CS1000 twin mod carb tuning...only ran the CS990 today, still struggling a bit to get adequate fuel to flow through the needle and seats on the Cutler carbs. Tieing the carbs together helped a bit, but each needle and seat seems to keep up with 100 hp but not more, so making over 100 observed hp per carb means gradually running the float bowls low.
pm Dan Ansell, SkiDoo Rev 440 w/ tweaked 800 Dan's 800 w/ billet head and DP pipe was easy mid 150s after tweaking carbs
5:30 pm going to Utah pistol permit course at Gander Mountain. No phone calls answered from 5pm and later. to go with NYS concealed carry permit, the Utah permit is recognized by, and allows you to carry concealed legally in half of the states. Everyone should have one of those.

3/10 another Engine Tech F7 900 single pipe Matt Rabb tuned the single pipe/ stock muffler to 160 plus on pump gas, then added some n2o with boondocker to 200hp plus on pump gas.
3/11 John T Cowie tuning polaris 600 IQshift carbed trail mod. stock except for a head nip and BMP pipe mod, 131hp on pump gas

3/12 Casey Mulkins more Dragon 800 updates--new flash and new pipes &tc reflash delivered midrange fuel very similar to original flash/ with DTR ccw midrange PCIII map, with about 2 degrees more WOT timing, but still horribly fat on top... so we created all new PCIII maps for reflash, made 155 all stock with PCIII (full 20 page reflash article is posted on subscriber pages) and 170 hp with BMP ported cylinders on pump gas
3/13 Sean Ray dyno tuning carbureted D8 engine in 600 race chassis w/ cut stock head (tight squish but larger chambers) lower compression for pump gas, DynoPort single made 157hp with no deto at 12.5/1 but wants to shorten the custom Dynoport single to pull revs higher (higher revs may allow higher HP without deto).
3/16 Heath and Buffalo Bob from Bender Racing tuning on a Boondocker turbo Apex for pump gas. eliminated some rich burbles by tweaking the boondocker, click free at 214hp on low octane pump gas perfect for owner Larry Konipinski
3/18 F1000 stocker boondocker tuning D&D twin pipes another pa cat, tweaked boondocker to nearly 190hp on pump gas, dialing in for hillclimb racing plus a 183hp map for trail riding on 87 octane.
3/19 Cat 09 600 SnoPro stocker snowcross racer Larry Wierzba and tuner Jeff Kirschmeyer maxed out timing and jetting, results on DTR subscriber pages by 4/27
3/20 CR450 honda flat track bike racer on Cycledyne the bike racing season is here, the flattrackers are becoming spoiled being able to tune carbs/ timing/ parts to absolutely the max HP curve with no guessing.
3/23 Full Power trying to max out stock injectors on 4tek1200 stocker with big turbo stage III Justin needed to find the fuel flow limit of stock injectors/ fuel pump and he found it today
3/24 M Koz retuning F12 with gonzo N2O, getting ready for hillclimbs Mike's F12 was down 50 HP on the motor (compared to his fall tuneup) with perfect A/F ratio and no misfire and no leakdown issues, crank indexing looks fine so it's time to tear it need to blow any more n2o until problem is found...
3/26 Polaris watercraft triple w/ stock 800 twin cylinders--1200cc Jim Forna bought this one cheap on Ebay, 245 hp on pump gas!
3/30 Sean Ray one more time with D8 carbed engine in IQ race chassis..Sean has 10 of these pipes coming for IQ race chassis, now 163 HP w/ DP Ypipe, 120 degree coolant, pump gas