March 2008

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

DynoTech : March Dyno Schedule

snow and ice are nearly done, things are quiet..thats my HTG1000 edge on the table, not for tuning but to reinstall the electric starter and battery that Tripod Dan and crew yanked out before the Oneida shootout. All done, now I can ride it again without asking someone to start it for me. If you watched Thursday I spent all day changing the hydraulic fluid in the dyno table lift pump/ cylinder, it was half water, froze up on me once in Feb, good for another 20 years.
3/7 Friday AM, Woody and Rob one more time with the XCR 1640 HTG  four cylinder, Clark has reindexed and pinned the crankshaft.  Current all motor DTR record is 382-384 DNE 1725 quad. new DTR all motor record, after about 15 tuning pulls, 403CHP got dyno data posted on website Should be close. PM Greg Bennett, 900twin w/ Aerodyne 66 turbo trying a HTG single pipe, just looking for a few more revs..detod a sparkplug in midrange, caught by dropping hp on real time graph (saved the nickasil but piston is dinged from plug ground strap dancing),  will try again.

3/12 wed Buffalo Bob with two Bender Yamaha trail triples, big bores Bob had an issue with one sled, will be back on Monday

3/13 Thursday Billy Howard bringing his good-running Etec600 to compare with Jim Coopers' Billy's swamped with late season snowriders, will try again next Thursday...

3/14 Friday BMP East Jake Jenkins BMP M1200 single piper cancelled

3/17 Monday Buffalo Bob and Bender Racing will do it today 800 big bore sxr was ok with 157hp, but the 835 Bender SRX w/ dynoport pipes made an incredible 121lb/ft and 195hp for 12 seconds on pump gas.

3/18 nostalgia day, my pal Skip Saupe (the amazing machinist who put up with my crude cartoon drawings on barrroom napkins, and created all the parts for my dyno drive/ sled fixture 22 years ago) dyno tuning an old dog polaris 650 (01) with triple pipes.

3/19 Wed Justin Full Power tuning upon a boosted APEX..another weak fuel pump causing high speed gradual leanout shown on the dyno as dropping fuel pressure as boost/ revs climb, fixed this with a booster pump, every boosted apexshould have a fuel pressure gauge since it

3/20  Billy Howard/ Jimmy Cooper seeing what Billy's ETEC 600 does, and maybe how Jim Cooper's reflash works on his Etec no reflash yet, Billy's ETEC airflow CFM may have given us a clue to what may be going on here...more questions have to be answered...I posted these dyno tests  with some ideas.
PM Jake Jenkins BMP East now with a Boondocker turbo on his Crossfire 1200. this was the fourth or so BD big cat turbo tuned here but it drove us crazy, strange burble at dandy 12/1 A/F mechanical (that misfire showes as lean on wideband because of misfire O2 blowing by O2 sensor)..finally got clean running at 15 psi boost but only 295 HP...still a bit of sputter so Jake put in two different plugs, sputter was gone 358 HP, so one dead plug on a two plug engine can run smoothly but ast like severely retarded timing, that fresh plug woke the engine up, added big HP, Jake left it at 350 will try to clutch and if he needs go up on boost to what should be 400 plus like Glenn Hall....

3/22 Sat Kurt Lombard and Jim McMahon w/ CS1000 triple and PSI carbs w/ leaner needles

3/24 Monday AM Mike Kirschner, MZ1000 twin with new heads to test 16/1 was too much for this lake racer, had to go back to original domes..
PM Tom Tyson HTG 1200 radar runner Tom just ran 151 mph on his full body sled, found out just where peak HP is another excellent HTG 1200

3/31 Casey Mulkins w/ new Dragon 800 have BMP pipe mod and SLP single coming for test.