September 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

DynoTech : Month of September

Sat 9/2 still have HTG's IQ600EFI on the dyno, just received a Bikeman modded stock single via UPS today, will test tomorrow, were promised a production DynoPort single w/ temp sensor bung hope that shows up as well.
Rob Schooping is coming to see final dyno tests, take his sled home in PM. Sat AM Rich Daley showed up at 10 AM with his production IQ600 single, forgot aboout the  Temp sensor bung fitting.  I opened the Bikeman UPS box, his modded stock pipe  also had no bung, so Rich and I went to Ace Hardware-- Rich bought  the correct size 12mm 1.25 nuts and washers for Rich to weld to the pipes  (both his and  Bikemman's--Erich you owe Rich a beer when you see him at the Old Forge Shootout) so we could use pipe temp sensors during tests. Prior to running for metric hardware we made one dyno run with temp sensor disabled lost 10 HP so that was not an option). I will post Stock vs DynoPort vs Bikeman modded stock pipe this weekend.

tues9/4 Dave Sanford's HTG XCR 1080 asphalt sled, new engine for breakin/ dialin of Lectron carbsHad the wrong ECU, torque and HP were way low with correct fuel flow, turns out we..needed an HTG "hot box" which we got WED AM.  That hoot box added half of what we expected to make up, wound up grinding slots on stator,  added a bunch more static timing wound up with dandy 260 CHP. A bunch of tweaking but that's why the dyno is here.

Wed PM Dan Forte and tripod Dan w/ HTG XC700 mod headed for HayDays after dyno tune.Cameras went off early in this session, forgot to pay intenet/ phone bill, should be back operating on Thursday. More tweaking and tuning, wound up with 166 CHP at 9300 Dan and Dan are please with that, especially since before they shipped the mod stock engine to HTG it made 148 CHP.

Wed PM 2007 Yamaha Phazer for stock evaluation prior to Bender turbo installation.Maybe Thursday PM or Fri AM  make that Fri PM 9/8, as you can tell from the dynocams the Phazer is on the dyno now, picked it up from Bender/ Sunnyside Cycles at noon, pain in the butt (for dynoers) return EFI system with small Fusion size automotive connectors, got it running two minutes before I had to leave to pick up my 8 yr old son at school, will probably dyno Sat AM but I have to find out bore and stroke of engine to enter into dyno computer for correct correction factor, anyone who has that info please email to

Thursday 9/7 tentative Terry Paine coming with Kip Cambell's Stage 3 RX1 has bigger turbo now, planning on 400 plus HP with Terry's pitot/ boost/ MSD tuning. Cancelled

Sat/Sun 9/9 9/10 testing continues on Phazer, concentrating on airbox mods, big gains so far similar in percentage increase to F1000 Cat Y pipe. Posting will be done Sun/ Mon.

Thursday 9/14 reposted the Polaris IQ600 stock info with updates from Polaris engineering adressing the lean bog Rob experienced on his early release grass dragger. On the Yamaha front Brian Olson from Turbo Connection in Rapid City SD (makes turbo kits for Harleys, Triumph motorcycles (including the excellent turbo Tiger that I ride) and some snowmobiles including his girlfriend's Phazer. Brian reminded me the the 07 PZ has deto sensors, an orange light comes on when the computer senses knock. So lean that baby out, but it still is smart to have A/F ratio info since we know that max HP is created at 12.5-13-1 A/F ratio.

Sat Sun I'm riding my turbo Triumph Tiger (it was beloved until it destroyed my boney butt in 490 miles in two days) to Old Forge to meet with George Taylor and the Old Forge dealers to make plans for December DTR/ SW shootout. I'm excited that we have great competition this year with the fairly equally powerful MachZ and F1000.

600 class
1000 class
possibly exhibition runs with 750-800 sleds but not determined yet.
AFTERMARKET no more two sled limit. Charge is still $500/sled bring what you like.

9/21-9/26 That Polaris twin you see on the dyno is one of Tim Bender's Snowcross Race Team prototype Polaris 600 snowcross sled, dyno tuning with Sean Ray finalizing pipe spec, mufflers, carb tuning, all other tuning prior to this season's racing. If the picture/ sound is locked it's because Tim understandably wants testing private. Five days on the dyno, someone forgot to tell Tim "you don't race dynos". That session will make my next mortgage payment.

9/28 A Cutler F10 coming 18 hours to dyno tune, Boondocker tuning etc. Starting at 8 am.
This one is high compression race gas for sea level, Boondockered for a total of four hours an extra 30 HP for these fun guys, hope everyone watched this excellent session on dynocams. We were monitoring EGT in pipe center section, learned a lot from that so these guys know where clutch at 100 ft and how high to let revs slide up at 500 ft (match pipe center section temp to RPM to time). These guys will surely enjoy their 18 hour ride home.

9/29 AM bone stock 01 Mach Z triple, dyno jetting only, determine RPM for cool pipe HP peak vs hot pipe HP peak.