November 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

DynoTech : another Shootout update

I just came home after meeting Tim Erikson (one K) at the dyno in Batavia NY.. Tim flew into White Plains NY Monday, picked up the GM loaner truck, drove to Old Forge, spent the night, picked up a four place trailer at White Lake Polaris, picked up three sleds from Big Moose Yamaha/ Arctic Cat,  visited/ phoned dealers/ factories regarding  random sled swaps,  drove 200 miles to Batavia, dropped off two sleds that will  be swapped at other NE dealers  Friday.  Tim is now hammer-down back to Old Forge 200 miles, but I'm hoping he will sack out at some  Motel 6 before that,  tomorrow picking up four more sleds, working his way back will swap two sleds at NY dealers, drive back to Batavia Wed afternoon, drop off two sleds for me to dyno certify Thursday AM, I will give Tim a ride to Buffalo airport for his flight back home while Dave Wells picks up truck and trailer and sleds at the dyno and heads to the next dealer swap.
Thursday AM begin dyno certification--two sleds to dyno that AM (watch dynocams). Then Dave will hopefully be back with a few more sleds to dyno, then swap some more at other dealers (as far as 300 miles from here!) then back again to the dyno.
With some luck, I'll get all dyno certification done Thursday/ Friday, and stragglers Saturday, then somehow deliver all certified normal sleds to Big Moose Yam for Sunday studding/ final tech/ weighing on Buzz Chew's nascar scales.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

DynoTech : Dyno Schedule

Today we dialed in Darrell's 05 F7 carb, expecting to struggle like we did with Tony's 04 last year, this one was different animal. No problem tweeking to match EFI power, tested with DDYpipe, DDF7 Monster pipe, Bikeman F7 mod single. Now that I have some non-Cat stuff posted, I can get this stuff on the website probably this week.

Many of you guys saw the Polaris 440IQ SnoX sled on the dyno a week ago, it was Sean Ray's sled, will try to post a dyno sheet next week. It was different from last year's 440 racer.

Sean Ray is flying back from this weekend's SnoX races (he's still tuning for Tim Bender/ Team Industries/ Polaris SnoX), we're planning to install new SuperFlow Windyne software before the Adirondack Shootout. This will retain all the features we're used to, but will add the ability to use wide band O2 sensor to give us A/F ratio. Two strokes are tough on O2 sensors but if it saves hours dyno testing EFI sleds (ie: Fusion EFI is return system--we need to run fuel from tank pump to dyno fuel flowmeter 1 then back to fuel rail, then bypassed fuel from bypass regulators has to be plumbed back to dyno fuel flowmeter 2, the computer does a fuel 1 minus fuel 2 calculation to get net lb/hr). With wide band, no more fuel lines to connect, with A/F ratio determined by wide band O2, and airflow CFM measure with mechanical airflow meter, the computer will do the math to give us lb/hr fuel flow and BSFC without me getting gasoline on my hands. I hope to have that done before Shootout sleds arrive for certification.

SNOWWEEK DTR SHOOTOUT- SnowWeek Editor Tim Erikson is flying to NY Mon 11/28, somehow picking up a loaner Chevy Silverado 2500 from Chevrolet (facilitated by GM's Scott Norine aka our pal Predator711), driving to White Lake Polaris to borrow a 4 place trailer, picking up 4 sleds from Old Forge NY area dealers, then with SW contibutor Dave Wells going to random dealers in the Northeast to swap for identical new sleds (this arrangement is coordinated with all mfgrs). The tentative plan is for Tim to deliver this first load of sleds to my dyno Wed AM, we will dyno certify sleds then (I will show Tim how to run the SuperFlow dyno). Tim E flies out of Buffalo Wed PM, then somehow Dave Wells will go back to Old Forge, pick up the rest of the sleds, swap them at othe NE dealers, get them to me Friday, dyno certify Friday and Sat AM, then deliver selds to Old Forge for Sunday studding/ weighing/ 1/4 keg of PA Yuengling Lager (Shootout coordinator George Taylor is a PA native). Then the sleds are locked in trailers with SnowWeek padlocks, stored in competing dealer's warehouses (ie: SkiDoos stored at Cat dealer, Cats stored at Pol dealer etc...) and won't leave trailers until Friday AM at Woodgate NY for the Shootout.
There is SNOW in the Adironacks now, it is probable that we will have great conditions for the Shootout this year! We should also have 20 Trail Mod sleds, we will pump the gas out of each Trail Mod sled, pour in three gallons of Old Forge 93 pump gas, and the sleds will participate in a SnowWeek trail ride led by editor Tim Erikkson and publisher John Prusack. This willl enable Tim and John to assess each sled's true trail manners, drivability, sound levels, etc. This is meant to be more than a 1000' dragrace--all Trail Mod sleds have trail carbide studs, trail tracks, stock suspensions and shock travel.
With the Shootout looming, I'm trying not to book too many dyno tuning sessions for the next two weeks, but here is what's on the calendar:
NOV 29 PM Robert bringing in an F8 that was troublesome last year due to low HP and poor performance, now hopefully rectified, we'll know on the 29th.
NOV 30 AM Tim Erikson and Dave Wells, Shootout Cert
DEC 3 Nick and a pal two F7s to tune
DEC 11 Mike with a single pipe F8
DEC 13 Ray's XLT600/ triple pipes
DEC 16 Tim is bringing another F7
DEC 17 Canadians Vinnie and Hopper coming with two F7s
Lots of dyno time available before and after Xmas.   

Monday, November 21, 2005

DynoTech : The rush is on

Sorry Pol Yam Doo guys, the cats are pounding on my door again.
I have mortgage payments to make, and though I'd like to  do more non-cat stuff, they are coming one after another.

This year the big deal is mod  F7's with EFI and Boondocker boxes. Today we tweeked Pete Nixon's lake race F7 ported by him, D&D monster twins, and DTR programmed Boondocker. 2 1/2  hours dyno time total $300 he's dialed in  at 12.5/1 from valve opening to  where the pipes go dead,  165 HP.  The Boondocker numbers are a bit bizarre but the final result is flat  dandy A/F ratio that should be fine for his 2000' canadian radar runs.

Tuesday 11/22 two custom built F8s-- Jeff from Surelock Perf has one in the AM, Tom Reynolds has another in the PM.

Wed 11/23 my wife (court reporter who I met,  in divorce court 20+ years ago) works, our 7 year old son is off from school so I have to be Mr Mom.

Thursday Thanksgiving I will get shot if I dyno that day. I will sit on the couch watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, pretending to enjoy that knowing full well that a screaming sled on the dyno would be much more fun.

Friday, a D&D F9 carbed, trying to dial in reliable HP with Bill LT DiFranco hopefully helping out with tuning. Friday PM Robert Murray, Bikeman F8 that has been troublesome in terms of HP output, back to BM, now sled seems to run well, dyno evaluation late Friday.

Saturday Darrell Gaglianese brings his F7 carb to test with Bikeman spacers and with Supreme Tool  mechanical  EVs.

Monday-Wed  SnowWeek  editor Tim Erikson will be in NY dealing with the DTR SW Adirondack Shootout,  hoping that we will have sleds to certify, I'm planning to train Tim on the SuperFlow dyno, let him make a few "pulls".

Monday, November 14, 2005

DynoTech : This week

Today I had Kim Stout from PA, bone stock 05 F7 ( another lean one) dyno tested with stock pipe/ muffler, Speedwerx pipe and can, Speedwerx pipe and stock muffler, Bikeman mode F7 stock pipe and stock muffler. Will post those eye-opening numbers after I get some non-cat stuff posted.

Tomorrow, we're dyno tuning the Doo 827 (blogged earlier), then Wed I'm Mr Mom (but I have time during school for any local tuneup from 10am-2pm), Thursday Jeff from Surelock performance dialing in his own F8, Friday Bill Mead Boondockering a Bikeman F8 w/ D&D Y and Monster single.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

DynoTech : communicating with scandanavia

Please someone in scandanavia email this person, he punched in an incorrect Email address when he subsribed to DTR, consequently never got his ID PW, I've tried to email his ID PW from DTR and also from my home email, his server keeps kicking my emails back as unwanted spam. I have his $20, but he has no ID PW and I want to help him but his spamblockers are preventing that.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

DynoTech : F6 followup, next week's agenda

 D&D saw last blog, brought back the revised F7 Monster Single for us to test on carbed F6 this morning. There was very good improvent in HP curve with D&D pipe, partially because F6carb EV opens way too late, discussion on website.

Next tuesday 11/15, Jeff Stranges is bringing in a SkiDoo 01 MXZ800 RK TEC 827 big bore, stock carbs, bored carbs, stock pipe, DynoPort single, Decker Twins.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

DynoTech : Sean Ray dyno tuning F6

Right now, 6:30 EST Sean Ray and John T Cowie are setting up an 04 F6 Carbed on the dyno. tonight, will dial in carbs, add timing and Bikeman spacers, tomorrow more tuning in AM along with an 06 carb boot.

Monday, November 07, 2005

DynoTech : another F7 150hp stocker

Paul and Dan Cross came today, dyno'd Pauls newly acquired 04 F7 EFI with reprogrammed ECU supposedly to 05 specs. This one made 144 w/ 94-95 lb/hr no key. Made 150 w/ newest Bikeman F7 modified single I have hanging on my pipe rack. D&D Y added a horse and a half to the stock pipe (145.2) and 2 lb/ft torque. Then the D&D Y added a couple of HP to the Bikeman  mod stock single, to 152 and change at higher revs 8100+ where fuel flow was dropping to 13/1 A/F.  It was still OK for 20 seconds WOT  93 octane, but Paul is going to play it safe, get onother stock pipe to have modified for dragracing  at 152 HP, keep his stock pipe for trailriding at 145 HP. No Boondocker was needed and NO FUEL CHOKE ALLOWED. I never thought to try the ethanol mode to see if we could have dropped the Bikeman/ D&D Y setup into the 12/1 range and 150 HP which could have been Paul's trail combo. 

Tomorrow, Scott Lyons is coming in the afternoon with a more modded F7 with more stuff including Speedwerx single/ D&D Y.

Wednesday late afternoon, Sean Ray is bringing in a stock 04 F6  carbed, we may have a new  F6 pipe from D&D by then that is supposed to be good for some extra HP.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

DynoTech : Saturday results, thumbnail sketch

I didn't realize Chris has a Boondocker N2O system on his ported F7 sled. With just gasoline and a new F7Monster single (different from F8F9 Monster single), we made 161-165 depending on A/F ratio. The juice added a solid 40 HP, Dale Roes was the button pusher (I alsways make someone else turn on/off the N2O). I will post Chris' numbers later, I think he's going to post them on Hardcoresledder.

The big HTG triple cancelled.

I got a call yesterday from a local guy with an RX1/ centrifugal supercharger (Mountain Max?) to dyno tune on low boost pump gas and big boost race gas in late November.

Friday, November 04, 2005

DynoTech : Saturday/ Monday dyno sessions

Sat AM- Chris Squires & Dead1 Dave, Chris has DD trail port, a couple of DD singles and a Boondocker to dial in. Dales Roes is coming to help.

Sat PM- a Polaris HTG pump gas 1280cc triple if we have time.

Mon AM Paul and Dan Cross, dialing in Paul's newly acquired 04F7 with box reprogrammed to some sort of 05 spec.

Also anyone who called or emailed in the past week looking for password, and haven't gotten a response please call my cel phone any time until 9pm, or leave detailed message, plus I need middle initial. I have some sort of worm on my office computer that seems to be swallowing emails, halve with good addresses get kicked back 1/4  seem to get where they atre supposed to go, 1/4 seem to disappear.

Sean finished up on that ProX800 stocker with Sean's low compression tight squish head and newest SLP twins, made around 170hp on pump gas, will post his numbers when I get time.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

DynoTech : Sean Ray dyno tuning tonight

As of 6pm EST Sean is on the dynocams tuning a proX800 with his lower compression  head, timing, reeds and newest SLP twin pipes.