July 2008

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

DynoTech : July dyno schedule

7/1 Carl McQuillen's GS1100, nice red 81 classic [on the Cycledyn now] bought with stock engine and noisy header. Tested baseline with loud header, then trying to switch to a stock 4-2 exhaust I snapped off a grade 8 bolt in the aluminum head. Off came the head, over to Carl's now to get broken bolt EDM'd out, going oversize valves/ porting, will be back soon to finish.

7/10 Stan puddytatman, coming down from upnord to tune a Firecat asphalt sled w/ F1000 nitrous engine, tuning for big HP with deto-muffs listening. cancelled until next week?

7/11 5 PM Jim Cooper, PS1000 looking to cure a misfire prior to Sat MI asphalt race. misfire found, looks like base gasket h2o leaking into crankcase, going back home to ultra-gray the basegaskets, off to MI.

7/12 Justin Fuller Fullpower more 4tech this time NA tuned header, stage 1 turbo system with stock header and compare to tuned header. NA only today, tuned SS header worked well with stock muffler, even better with turbo muffler, but needed to have fuel flow bumped up to compensate for higher air flow. Justin will decide if results are public.

7/13 Glenn Hall bone stock Cat Z1 turbo, then w/ boost added and good gas. HillBilly Howard was there to help thrash and "'cipher" (hillbilly slang for decipher) amazing 184hp even in 80 degree f humid air (cheats the turbo EFI a bit due in part to the EFI not being able to adjust fuel for .70 inhg vapor pressure). Have posted now eight key dyno tests showing results of D&D turbo muffler, boost and fuel tweaks, higher octane, all the way in cheap steps to 258hp!
Meanwhile, JD Powersports continues development of their Jag Lakeracer monster turbo. Huge Garrett ball bearing turbo, water to air intercooler, custom fuel/ spark mgt, currently at 320hp, working their way up to hopefully big twin numbers.

7/15 AM Billy Howard more XP800 parts testing.
7/19 AM Sean Ray tuning on PS1000 twin
7/21 AM OneStopPerformance Jim McKeown RX1 turbo dragster w/ standalone EFI cancelled. left for home yesterday after rainout@ Syracuse drags PM Yamaha 425 quad/ big bore/ cams tuning w/ shaft on 901 dyno, 3pm
7/22 AM Justin Full Power 4tech st2 larger turbo looking for more HP 

7/22 AM/PM John Weiss, Sudbury, Three Canadian Skidoo triple race engines. had to cancel
7/22 HTG1200 triple asphalt sled, tuning for next weekend 5pm
7/23 and 7/24 D&D F1200 monster turbo, tuning for HayDays (live on dynocams). Need two days because on 7/23 on its first pass sucked the 4" dia round aluminum honeycomb air straightener off the bottom of the airflow meter which was eaten by the turbo, which wrecked the turbo compressor wheel! That's a first in 22 years. But even with the snaggletoothed compressor beating the air it managed 299 lb/ft and 454hp. Look for more on 7/24. 22 years ago we celebrated the first 100 plus HP on the dyno. Today we had a similarly joyous celebration after we made 537 HP and 355 lb/ft...
7/25 Yamaha quad 425 4-stroke big bore/ cams carb tuning on 901 dyno with driveshaft on output shaft.had to create new splined adaptor w/ small u-joint to clear the new style frame on quads and motoX bikes, dialed in needle and main jet added 5% HP, BSFC .45 
7/26 Jesse Pych trying to tune up his PS1000 price engine.was too slow, found out that he was off 60hp by overreving, tuned carbs leaner, now just needs to add weight and pull revs down 400rpm from where he was told to shift...PM and 7/27 AM Justin Fuller/ CJ Powersports' 4TEK w/ turbo stage II, made 340 hp through the stock muffler
7/29-31 private session cams off
Kevin Cameron is impressed y the 537 out of the boosted "air compressor" (his description of a big low RPM twin), but said that this years fastest 125cc single GP bikes are making over 60HP which about equals this monster turbo hp/cc. "Are there any secrets left?"