May 2008

Thursday, May 01, 2008

DynoTech : May dyno schedule and observations

I will be posting latest Dragon 800 results on 5/1 or 5/2. I used airflow meter this time to compare aiflow with stock, BMP mod and SLP pipe.
5/1 Thursday all day private session, cameras off cancelled and that gave me some time to finish up on the Dragon 800 test session with the production 2009 ECU calibration, finished and posted at 2am. Thank you Bill Davis at Xtreme Performance Dyno who got us onto the stuff that works on this engine.
5/2 Friday Sunnyside Cycle with two Yam 425ish flattrack bikes port job on the head and some aftermarket cams = only 2 more HP over the same bike bone stock. Going for more compression and bigger cams, will try again 5/13

5/7 Wed Chuckaroo with two 1000ps sled engines Chuck's own PS1000 was over 280 HP with broad HP that I could clutch, second one was  273ish but  more torque .
5/8 Thurs Crankshop Larry Audette tuning a 1000 mod and a 1500 mod. Todd DiMarinas sitting in for Larry, Todd's 1000 open mod made 270 but with better torque and midrange HP than Chuck's higher revving engines. The CS1500 was Larry's lakeracer, early pipes that he's been running for years made 207 lb/ft and 321 HP, then Todd installed the latest CS1500 pipes torque jumped to 223 and HP jumped to 342. Also I was amazed that all four of these Crankshop cranks were smooth as silk even with solid  mounted engines...we often have vibration induced fuel flow issues, but Chuck's and Larry's engines delivered fuel to the engines as smoothly as any stock stroke rubber mount engine.

5/13 11AM Robert Murray asphalt Firecat with N2O
PM Sunnyside with revised 425

5/20 Tues 1:00pm Mike Luczak 85cc flattrack bike
3:00 PM Kevin Hazel two 750 Harley flattrack bikes

5/22 thursday PM Rob Brandall once more with F7/F8 asphalt sled, for added porting by HTG. late PM Sunnyside once more with YZ425 different exhaust cam, Bob Mezler with his son's YZ80 flatracker.
5/26 PM Tripod Dan Cross went to solid mounts on his HTG1200 asHphalt (there's actually only one H in asphalt) so we are hoping that fuel flow is acceptable...cancelled not finished
5/27 Sean Ray dyno tuning a ps1000 twin stock polaris ignition misfires, need to upgrade and try again
5/28 AM Looney Toon Bill DiFranco Speedwerx F1000 boondocker tuning for asphalt cancelled because Sean still had Pol PS 1000 twin on dyno
5/29 9AM Bob & Brent Antkowiak SkiDoo 800R stock grasracer Jimmy Cooper tweaking timing, watching for deto.
Noon bone stock 2008 Cat F8 testing for Arctic Cat...2pm Tripod Dan
5/30 Fri AM Looney Toon Bill then 11AM Guy Houston Honda 450 flatracker

6/7 9AM Sat Scott Brownlee (2) F7 dragracers and (1) F1000 asphalt sled