August 2009

Monday, August 03, 2009

DynoTech : August, September dyno schedule &tc

wide open now.

8/7 Justin Full Power tuning on an Apex of some sort. 9am.

8/10 taking advantage of the Dyno Dog Days heading out with family to one of my favorite places Tobermory Ontario for a few days then taking the ferry north to drive west around to Michigan. Will try to see the Nationwide race on Sat if we can find a hotel around there for Friday night

8/18 Yamaha 450 flattrack bike

8/25-31 pro snoX engine testing cams off.

9/1 another Yam 450 flatrack bike

9/2 HTG Robbie Schooping w/ quad wheeler dragracer fitted with HTG XCR1200 triple dial in timing/ carbs

9/3 Dan Schuler PS800

9/11 Tripod Dan IS1000 still trying to make the big carbs he got from Rich Daly work.
9/11 pm Greg Y D&D mod Rev 800 dragracer

9/12 & 13 violent Stage II Velocity Racing Turbo Huyabusa, on Cycledyn eddy current roller dyno trying to tune out a lean bog.

Sept 17, 8 AM Glenn Hall back again w/ large turbo Z1Race this time with higher capacity fuel pump

Sept 18, 8am Justin Durand VMax 4 monster turbo, maybe a new overall HP record based upon track dyno results at Glenn Hall's

Sept 23 asphalt racer private test, cams off

Sept 24 Glenn Hall F1200 turbo tuning for Goldenchild Nats

Sept 30 Mark/ CJ Motorsports testing reeds/ pipes on XP800, PM Justin Fuller testing 4tek turbo on pummp gas w/ lower compression forged pistons...