September 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DynoTech : Fall dyno schedule etc.

9/6 Charlie Bush, Polaris 700 triple HTG mod maxing out HP with fuel and timing tweaks

9/8 Adam Schmitt, Polaris 1000 triple HTG mod, maxing out HP with fuel and timing tweaks

9/9 Pete Nixon, AC800 twin, tuning for max winter HP in 28 degree F refrigerated air.

9/15 Nick Sampo, SkiDoo 800 triple grass drag sled, fuel and timing, pipe center section temp vs. max HP RPM.

9/22 Tim & Brian Tyler, Polaris PS800 twin

9/23 Dead One Dave, F7 stock hilldragger (new style Boondocker with % adjustments instead of milliseconds) winter air tune (28 degrees F)

9/23 Michael Koz, F6 stock hilldragger winter air tune (28F)

9/26 Wayne Yeardon XCR800 (shimmed w/ HTG pipes) asphalt drag ET sled

10/3-4 FPP Justin tuning a new Improved Stock SkiDoo 1000 triple

10/16-17-18 Etec800 stocker testing new production Boyesen Rad Valves and adding fuel with prototype Power Commander ..test results are posted

 10/19 FPP Justin back again with the Imp Stock SkiDoo 1000 triple

10/24 Jack Lloyd (Fourth Lake Performance) from Eagle Bay tuning Polaris 500 twin stock oval racer

10/27 Brent Brickler Boondocker tuning a Cat F1000 D&D ported and twin pipes, pump gas

10/28 Peter Nixon, private test session

11/1 Tripod Dan Cross testing & tuning John T Cowie's HTG1080 Polaris triple, now stroked to 1180 or something like that, just to run at Jiacobbe's Outlaw Shootout

11/2 Phil Perry, tuning a Polaris 700 twin hilldrag sled, full SLP mod engine with SLP twin pipes

11/2 Barry Taggart and Justin Fuller re-dyno testing a formerly fast Yam 700 drag engine but troublesome for the past two years--bad fuel flow once again rears its' ugly head. Solid mount engines must be balanced lke sewing machines if we expect high RVP race gas to stay liquid in the float bowls--this one was smooth and dandy first time at the dyno but something has changed the crank balance, and now the fuel turns to foam and engine runs lean...

11/7 Jack Lloyd with another Polaris 500 circle tracker owned by Dom Antonucci one of the Jack Lloyd built 500s won Eagle River last year..

 11/7 Jim Bristol boondocker tuning an Engine Tech F7/900 big bore...had trouble with Boodocker, left the sled on the dyno came back 11/8 with a good boondocker and got a good tune, albeit with a little less HP than hoped for--these big bore engine come in varying compression ratio and this one was surely on the low side but probably good for the notoriously poor gas we get on the trails in NY

11/10 Randy Calus, tuning an 09 Crossfire 800 with D&D shim kit

11/19 ProR 800 brought to the dyno by Casey Mulkins for Boyesen Rad Valve airflow and HP assessment, along with a coolant flow test comparing stock water pump impeller to a tall Boyesen billet aluminum impeller interesting results to be posted soon

11/21 Kyle Howard, SkiDoo 600 hilldrag sled, tuning for max power

11/24 Carl Theriault two Cat Turbos--one hot trail sled and one large turbo lakeracer cancelled due to coolant bubbles in the lakeracers--will be coming later

11/25 Jeff Sherlock tuning on a ProCross800 trail mod

11/26 Greg "Jaws"  Balchin coming back after his last dyno session here 22 years ago, demonstrating his new single pipe on a stock ProCross 800

11/30 Heath Link dialing in a little N2O on his polaris 800 triple, along with his pal Randy who'll be dialing in a LOT of N2O on his 1200 twin last time Heath was here with his Polaris 1000 triple trail sled, he was delighted with the work Californian Nate McCoy ( did for him, including a custom timing map for his Polaris ECU that complimented the Jaws triple quiet pipes creating a flat easy to clutch HP curve...

12/3 HELL WEEK..Tom Smith is bringing a huge trailer-full of stockers to dyno certify for the AmSnow DTR Adirondack Shootout. Tom is going gung-ho to keep the stockers stock, maintaining possession of all the stock sleds from setup at the dealers until they're unloaded at White Otter Fish and Game club in Woodgate,NY on Friday 12/7...


Thursday, September 06, 2012

DynoTech : AmSnow/DTR Shootout at Woodgate NY



This is an invitation for all Arctic Cat Turbo commercial tuners/ modifiers/ manufacturers of mufflers, intercoolers, etc to bring a true trailable turbo Cat to this year’s AmSnow/DynoTech Research Shootout at Woodgate. AmSnow editors Mark Boncher and Mark Savage are working with us to make this possibly the most entertaining Shootout in 22 years. Or is it 23 years? I’ve lost track!


The plan is to offer FREE ENTRY to any company that wants to show off the performance capability of their Cat Turbo tuning and parts. For the “TURBO TIME SHOOTOUT”, the participating company is only required to be a minor advertiser in AmSnow (such as a website banner advertiser) instead of the display ad requirement! Thanks to AmSnow for cutting some slack this year to make this a no-brainer for any company that deals with Cat turbo stuff!


The concept is to have equal weight stock chassis sleds with STOCK TURBO, stock OEM track with trail carbide studs, some acceptable minimum weight, a real muffler of some sort, and anything else should be OK. No other power adders, lowered 2” maximum from stock at each end.  Anything else?


We’re looking for feedback from interested aftermarket companies. So far I’ve communicated with D&D, JD Powersports, and Arctic Adventures (new U.S. distributors for Canada’s Turbo Dynamics) and all are committing to participate.


There will be LARGE separate trophies for FASTEST M.P.H. and for QUICKEST E.T. in 660 FT.


Also, any aftermarket company wanting to showcase higher power (ie: large turbo) sleds can run them in the lakeracer class, where anything goes.  And, we’ll still be running true pump gas trail mod sleds as we’ve done for many years. Those sleds cost $500 each to demonstrate, with awards for many "classes" given out at the Shootout banquet.

Interested companies can call me at 585-993-2777 or email me at

On a sad note, our Shootout partner (since Shootout #1) and good pal George Taylor died of heart failure last week. George's long time friend Tom Smith is going to handle George's Shootout work this year.