October 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

DynoTech : Month of November Schedule etcc

 10/29 10am I'm at home in my underwear trying to finish some dyno stuff to post here, phone rings, some fellow named Joe on his way back to CT from Tillbury, wonders if he can get a quick dyno test on a PS800 SkiDoo.  Then he asks me if my dyno is "as good as Freddy Klies'" that he tests there sometimes and now I'm on the spot..."well it's different, I'll meet you at the dyno in 30 min, if you don't like it you can drive away"...then he handed his cel phone to Chuch Hamara who just wanted to bust my chops. We had a good two sled session, these guys should have come here before Tillbury, or better yet before the grass season began. They will be back again.
11/1 Jake Jenkins w/ BMP ported F1000, BMP Ypipe BMP single that made 240 strange HP heare last time with stock cylinders. will begin at 10am w/ stock Ypipe stock single pipe, then D&D Ypipe D&D single pipe, then finally that strangely amazing single that made so much hp before. This would be perhaps the worst day of my dyno testing/ tuning career. I'm surmising that my dyno was for the first time in 20 years "happy" the day this same sled made 240 here but please read on...today Jake Jenkins arrived with the same sled and everything else that made 240 last time with stock cylinders, but this time with BMP ported cylinders, greedily hoping for more. Jake arrived with ported engine, and with BMP Ypipe and single pipe so instead of working our way "up" we were starting at the "top". But today HP would  prove to be very normal, very good in a normal sense. With ported cylinders Jakes sled made nearly 210 HP with broad flat HP curve we expect from this engine.  We jacked fuel up and down, nothing more was to be had. But 210 is geat HP from a single pipe F1000  but what happened to the 240  that caused all the furor? Now I've talked to another tuner who has tested this same BMP combo on track dyno with similar A to B results, but was their dyno data influenced by mine?
As all who follow my ongoing diatribe know I have been concerned with the bizarre  initial test results of BMP Erich's and  WNY Jake's  M1000/ Crossfire, same pipe similar gonzo HP. My DTR tuner pal PTM Stan called it the "G Spot pipe".
But I was so leery of the first BMP dyno session, I thought my dyno might be  goofed up, we yanked it off and the Dragon he brought for testing stock vs pipe mod was perfect (posted on subsriber's pages)! Then we put the strangely over HP'd M1000 back on the dyno and 240 again. That final test resulted in my posting on my site/ other websites of this strange very high HP that bewildered me, BMP, D&D, Kevin Cameron and many others. When Kevin Cameron told me he was bewildered I knew we might have an issue here.
So I've dynod a dozen sleds since the last over HP'd Crossfire. Everything has been dandy but I've had a couple of strange torque spikes in otherwise normal HP runs. These strange torque spikes have manifested themselves as unicorn-like spikes adding 30 hp in a 50 rpm increment then back to normal!
Jimmy Cooper was here recently with his PS1000 that he's added 5 lb of steel to his carb rack to rid himself of poor fuel flow issues. But occasionally his engine would spike from 260 to 300 and back to 265 in 100 revs. We blew that extra HP spike off as an anomaly, but I thought about the BMP M1000 single and it made my stomach turn. Next Jim and I dyno tuned a SkiDoo Mach Z twin piper to assess the value of Boyeson Rage reeds vs stock. Once again we had a spike where this 200 HP engine made 260 for a few hundred revs then back to normal. My armpits became even more wet thinking about the BMP M1000 issue. Computer guru Jim Cooper looked at the backside of my dyno control console and found the cooling fan  filter for the power supply plugged solid with 20 years of dyno dirt perhaps causing computer temp to soar.
A call to SuperFlow tech confirmed our findings--overheated power supply temps can cause strangely high spikes in torque readings!
Meanwhile Jim Cooper was blowing out the fan filter/ power supply with compressed air, resulting in a plume of dirt in the air of the control room.
The clean filter, and ostensibly cooler power supply resulted in smooth HP curves as we've had for 20 years, and the 200 HP Mach Z was once again 200 HP smooth as silk.
So after renewing cooling airflow to the power supply, everything was smooth and normal for the next few dyno sessions, and Jake's Crossfire 1000 was coming back again for BMP testing with ported cylinders.  And it appears to me now that somehow PROBABLY the original BMP  M1000 test and the subsequent BMP Crossfire test was skewed by SuperFlow power supply temps. So now Jake's 209-210 HP is what we might expect from an excellently trail ported F1000 with Ypipe/ aftermarket single pipe.
So I have deleted the dyno test results of the BMP M1000  single pipe tests from this website until further testing can be done.
This being the case, I apologize to BMP for what appears to be temporarily overstated and spiked dyno data that may have skewed your marketing efforts, and I apologize to D&D, Speedwerx and others whose business may have been affected by this apparent goofup. And anyone who has subscribed to DTR website can receive an immediate refund by emailing me and subscription will be cancelled. Mia F'ing Culpa.

11/2 Matt ProX800/ HTG 990 with twin pipes, dyno on my motor plate.water leak in mag cylinder, testing terminated
11/3 Jacobey's drag race beckons, no dyno today.This was all fun, no arguing just people lining up and whoever won a particular race got his hand shook or shaked.  Jacoby's RX1 turbo with the draw thru Mikuni HS45 ran like a rocket with no misfire, thanks to Joe DiSpirito-designed needle jet hood that Sage and I tested here.
11/5 SkiDoo 600 RS SnoX sled wow better than the average 600 twin
11/6 cancelled -11/7-11/8 more pro snoX race engine testing cams off. That's Sean Ray's head in the engine room cam just as he shut it off.
11/9 Friday more SnoX testing by  Sean Ray, Jeff Sherlock slid back a few days.
11/10 bad running Fusion 975 HTG , troubleshooting? low HP brought sled to HTG for troubleshooting Sat PM Sean back on dyno cams off.
11/12 Jeff Sherlock bringing 07 Stage 2 Ported F1000,07 Stage 1 Ported F1000 and 860 Stoker on NOS 04 F7 Trying for 300hp on this one trail mod Arctic Cats OK this turned into a mad 12 hour thrash..Bonestock F1000 w/ D&D Twins and Boondocker N2O quit at 250, then a "supposedly" stock (according to the owner) F1000 with Vforce reeds D&D twins made 219, Then Sherlock St 2 ported F1000 with D&D twins with low compression .010 off sealing surface, stock reeds made 218. So we had to yank the VForce3 reeds out of the stocker and install them in Sherlock's St 2, now made 223 HP with 152 lb/ft, now planning to bump compression to race gas spec...will be back...Finally that same F7/860 stroker with N2O that we broke the head off last time, now with BMP stronger billet head, tweaked up to 198 lb/ft torque 290  HP the orings blew out. No deto, no damage, no problem, will be back again with strength added to seal amazingly high small bore  BMEP.
11/13 Aaron Excell, Allen Ulmer testing n/a Nytro stuff, exhaust, timing, fuel etc...(Allen's flying from S Dakota this time using Aaron's sled) this one stock made more HP than Justin Fuller's posted here, wonder if Justin's is preproduction?
11/14am available
11/15am Greg Bennett trying an experimental single on his 300hp turbo pol twin. detonated on first run, I absolutely goofed watching BSFC instead of realtime graph, hp was dropping as engine deto'd but BSFC was in the OK zone...will be back  Noon Dave Peralta, MachZ CS pipes for dyno tuning. I think we Boondockered out a nasty spot just as valves open, causing a midrange bog on the trail last year, will wait to find out if the bog is gone..
11/15 3pm Deeder's HTG triple for fine tuning, came off the trailer with a measly 290hp, equalized fuel fow on all three carbs, rolled timing about wound up with 304 and broad top end HP curve, over 300 for several hundered revs--I told Deeder I can clutch it for him.
11/16 Mark Ervin and Tony Esposito w/ Tony's F9 for Boondockering and his Hooper 1400 lake racer for fun. 18 years ago Tony Esposito was the first guy to whip my butt with info he got from my DTR then-printed newsletter! Back then I began sending out printed dyno test results of various things to a few hundred technogeeks like Tony who desired independent dyno information from someone who didn't gaf. Back then if you look back in the DTR archives [so very important because everything we know today began with those early test sessions] I had great fun showing how factory's peak HP RPM was totally goofed up. They dyno tested for minutes, I dyno tested for ten seconds and the peak RPM HP was different. My method appeared better than theirs for the majority of sledders who ran WOT for less than a minute. I had no idea why they were so screwed up on where their sleds HP peak occured until. AC's Donn Eide smartened me up, explained about pipe temp/ speed of sound relationship But for sure in the field in 10 seconds the then new Wildcat 700 made max HP at 7500-7750 not 8500 as I think the owners manual suggested (where in 10 seconds it was down 50 hp). So my favorite pastime in 1990 was blasting around the frozen lakes with the buckboard-riding Phazer tuned to nearly 90 HP, but spot on at 10 seconds. I loved to hunt down big SkiDoo, polaris and Cat sleds who clutched according to the owner's manuals, overreving hopelessly in the real world to where a properly clutched Phazer with a lowly 90 hp would blow on by. I had DynoTech decals all over, hoping to attract new dyno customers/ subscribers, but most people were just bewildered and drove home.
Then one Saturday in Jan 1990 I was on 4th Lake in the Adirondacks with my 90 HP Phazer and I saw a Wildcat 700 out on a strip someone had plowed.  Now any butthole like me who would line up with a modern musclesled with an old fancooled Phazer would often be dismissed as being an annoying woodchuck--that was part of the fun. But this guy on the Wildcat 700 seemed anxious to line up and touch one off with me.
So I lined up with the Wildcat, someone waved us off and this  sled put , literally a "boxcar" on me in 1000ft. I had never been whipped up on so bad.
So  back to where it began this guy with the Wildcat 700 drove up to my decal'd sled, grinning like a Cheshire cat. This was  Tony Esposito, he laughingly told me he had received his DynoTech newsletter showing max HP at 7500, added a pile of weight or whatever to his clutches, and my normally triumphant 90 hp ass was his.
At first I was miffed, but then I realized that this was what I needed to do--help people who looked at my  dyno stuff to make their sleds run better.  The fact that Tony Esposito handed me my butt 18 years ago has surely helped me mold DTR into what it is now.
This will be an excellent reunion for me, after getting whupped by Tony's DTR tuned  120hp Wildcat in 1990 seeing his 1400 lakeracer make two or three times more than that, 18 years later.
Boondocker tuned Tony's HTG F9 to very good HP, then he tuned his Hooper 1400 to 300 plus at high revs, then installed Steve Cory's Hooper 1400 pipes and picked up 15 more HP at much lower revs.
11/17 Trevor Bovard and pals, with a couple of fast Firecats and maybe a HTG ProX 900 twin. Trevor had bad luck,  the Speedwerx  F7 twins were way too tight for his F8 trail mod.  Will be back again, next time with Fatazz single and a reasonably load of N2O.

11/18 Sunday noon Erich Bikeman Long, Pol Dragon 700 trailport w/ pipemod, also a Firecat mod of some sort. watch this on your webcams this will be more enjoyable than Ernest Angely on Sunday AM. Erich's ported Dragon was off the mark, mid 150's not near the expected 160 but pipe mod on the sled was suspect (too small stinger?), will revise and come back in December.
11/19 Chris Preston, new D&D F7/8 twin pipes, N2O.had an early Boondocker with not enough steps, couldnt tune it properly (too rich at 7300 too lean at 7700 then way too rich at 8000) will get Boondocker reprogrammed with more steps, then come back again PM Jake Jenkins F1000 mod with correct HP. cancelled
11/20 Don and Curtis Emery, trail mod 08 SkiDoo 800R. DNE ported cylinders only, stock head, stock exhaust, retarded breaking timing. compared to the stocker of Jim coopers this appeared to make 5% more airflow but  little more top end HP,  BSFC maxed at .70 meaning good stuff was not being packed back into cylinders by stock pipe, perhaps a pipe mod/ better single for mod cylinders will help. Jim Cooper came to add timing, maxed out adding 3 degrees with BRP computer program added 3 HP and 3 lb/ft but we maybe needed more, will be back after enough hours on CDI to rid itself of that awful breakin mode, and by then maybe w'll have aftermarket Ypipes/ singles to test with.
11/23 AM Randy Latona MZ1100 home-built, Boondocker tuning w/ CStwinpipes safe tuning with Boondocker = 196hp but a broad HP curve with nearly 140 lb/ft of torque. Light deto possibly due to substandard pump gas caused all to be righfully cautious, stay pat at .68.
PM Jeff Sherlock Boondocker tuning F1000 Boondocker turbo system, looking for big HP with Maximal gas. Will use the big driveshaft for this one. Glen Hall helped with initial setup, eased into the tuneup at 11 psi, with safe safe 11.5/1 A/F ratio made 333 HP over 200 lb/ft then bumping boost up to 13 psi got sputter that we fought for an hour until I asked them to check plug gaps (were stock then they closed them to a turbo-friendly .018) after gaps addressed the engine ran clean then began misfire indicating a popped reed (likely cause extended operation during misfire). Left the sled on the dyno, Tony "Charlie M" Koslowski and pals will be back Sat AM with new reeds. I'm expecting if ignition cooperates and fuel system is adequate we'll approach 400 CHP w/o the bottle Tony has strapped to the belly pan.
11/24 am available
11/25 F1000 single pipe/ Ypipe shootout with D&D, Speedwerx, BMP. Stock reeds first, then Vforce, then 2 deg key, then all three pipes with identical water temp, A/F ratio. Just finished deciphering details, try to post all data and graphs Tues PM or Wed POSTED WED PM
11/26 Ross Reynolds tuning an F7 and a big bore F8 Ross and his Dad Ross Sr had two good  single pipe BMP Firecats, both tuned quickly with Boondockers, 160plus and 170plus resectively, they came ready to test and both sleds done in 3 hours.
 11/27 AM Damien Andre, MZ twin pipes with N2O shooting for 300, will use the big shaft. AJ Andre, RX1 w/ CPR turbo will use the big shaft again Damien's MZ was off the mark baseline was down on HP from last year, Jim Cooper figures belt-dust-clogged reeds. Big Thunder N2O added 70ish HP no problem. AJs CPR turbo worked well, 270 hp at 12 psi I will post his numbers/ graphs compare low boost pump gas setting to good gas setting.
11/28 Justin Fuller FPP new Nytro turbo cancelled until Sat so I could finish the F1000 pipe shootout.
11/29 AM Glenn Hall with F1000 turbo maybe for Shootout? nope this for was another lakes madman named Jason who commissioned D&D and Glenn to build an F1200 BD turbo. Glenn needed a dyno tune, since he and D&D are good customers I asked BMP Jake to hold off until 10 or 11 am and we'd tune his three sleds. We're all dyno pals so that would work for Jake. Glen and his friend Jim came to the dyno with this F1200 stock looking but with an air filter sticking out the right side. This should have been a quick tuning session with easy and excellent Boondocker boost referenced fuel mgt. Started the session with Glenn's 120 octane import gas, tweaked our way up to 330 before we switched to a new 5 gal pail of new race gas bought by Jason, and trouble began...surging, loss of HP scared us enough to attach Sean Ray's copper tubing deto sensor to the F1200 cylinder head. Glenn Hall wore Sean's headset, and heard the clank of detonation as the dyno loaded the engine and frantically waved off the test run...but the prior runs' quiet undetected detonation had lifted the head and blown an Oring. After Glenn's waved off test I noticed steam coming from the exhaust. Jake and his crew went off to lunch, thrasher Glenn installed a new Oring, drained out the suspect gas and poured in three gallons of his own. Deto gone, all was quiet with the properly octaned turbo engine, tweaked Boondocker fuel/ boost to 375 HP where Chicken Jim suggested they stop so Jake could get going, now 3:00. Moral: don't assume the race gas you buy even in 5 gallon pails is good. Sean's copper tube deto sensor is the best invention for max HP things on our dyno. Today besides doing Bender/ Hentges Racing Polaris SnoX stock/ mod engine design/ dyno tuning/ clutching Sean operates dyno cels at Delphi and that deto sensor setup was derived from his dyno experience at Delphi.      Jake Jenkins BMP east, M1000 port/ single pipe, F7/F10 big bore, and that same ported Dragon tested before, this time with revised pipe mod and muffler. Cams may be off at least part of the time.
11/30 Jeff Sherlock with some big cat stuff. Sherlock Shootout sled, had issues with 1200 pipes on 1000 engine, will come back early Sat 12/1 with 1000 pipes before Justin gets there with his 3 sleds...can't do another midnight deal because divorce court will cost way more than a 15 hour dyno day... 
12/1 Justin Fuller FPP Stage 3 turbo Apex and two other turbo sleds. thankfully Justin called me 8am, cant make the session, thought I'd wig out on him but he was relieved that I was happy to have a soft day--Jim Cooper  who helps me often tuning SkiDoos here, jockying maps/ timing with his doo laptop, was desperate for a MZ1000 twin pipe boondocker tune for a customer of his before the Shootout...Justin's cancellation offered Jim that opportunity. So Sat PM Jim shows up with a Mach bone stock with newest CS twins and BMP 44cc domes, boondockered fuel to 192-197CHP, took  an hour to do that, then Jim noticed the dyno readout showed only 30 psi fuel pressure!! So we left it on the table, Jim's coming back tomorrow am with a new fuel pump then we'll have to retune the boondocker again. All MZers should check fuel pressure since that makes two low pressure MZs in one week (Damien Andre's MZ had only 40 psi on Tuesday compared to the same sled 55 psi a year ago!! Good thing Damien came to blow a pile of N2O on his sled or he would never have noticed his fuel pressure going away. Either bad fuel pump getting worse or a bypass valve spring getting lazy--either option = certain death.    

Friday, October 12, 2007

DynoTech : BMP M1000 single pipe field testing by Dakota Performance

IN RETROSPECT THERE IS SOMETHING AMISS HERE SINCE I'VE DISCOVERED THE GLITCH IN MY DYNO NUMBERS...HERE'S MY POST BEFORE I FIGURED IT OUT... Just got another call from Jeff at Dakota Performance. Last week he track dyno tested his stock M1000 with new BMP single and ypipe, said he made 32 track HP more than same sled with Speedwerx Y and single. That equates to 40-50 HP at the engine. He was amazed as I was at bizarre HP.

Jeff had taken the clutches off of his turbo M1000 with four 82 gram weights, and the stock M1000 w/ BMP pipe pulled the weight on the dyno, then in the field accelerated like the turbo sled from a dead stop. But from a steady 40 mph cruise, valves closed, whacking the throttle resulted in poor response. So today he locked the ex valves open, tweaked his fuel controller to compensate and now his M1000 is a rocket on-off throttle like his turbo sled.

I still don't get it.

Next wednesday HTG is coming to DTR with a lakeracer F1000 with a single pipe from BMP made with same dimensions as the single on the M1000. wrong, F7 chassis w/ F1000 engine, BMP pipe is same style used on M1000, but with outlet pipe rewelded to fit F7 chassis, cancelled test wed, reschedule for Fri or Sat.

After discovering the false high torque glitch in my prior testing, I'm bewildered by Dakota's track dyno test that showed similar results.

Carl McQuillen Racing Engines in LeRoy, NY has remanufactured two circa 1906 Curtiss OXX6 V8 airplane engines which are scheduled on 9/13/08 to lift off Keuka Lake in Hammondsport, N.Y. in a replicated Curtiss America 1913 seaplane. www.seaplanehomecoming.org is where you can see this amazing thing. Carl is an aviation aficionado and somehow the Curtiss Museum found him and his capabilities. They had two right hand rotation surplus OXX6 V8 engines that needed to be rebuilt, with one converted to left hand rotation to drive the other propeller. Instead of simply rebuilding, Carl redesigned the nearly century old engine with some modern technology (pistons, camshafts, valves, magnetos, etc) and instead of 90 HP as dyno tested in 1906 (and in 2006 on Carl's dyno) the rejuvinated OXX6 engines now make 140 HP, both right and left hand rotation! It was delightful to watch this project unfold, using modern-looking but century-old cast aluminum engine blocks and billet crankshafts machined in 1906 on manual lathes driven by flapping leather belts.

22 years ago, then young Carl McQuillen accompanied me to SuperFlow headquarters in CO Springs to help me assess this new computerized dyno testing equipment I saw in some Hot Rod magazine. Carl was just then beginning his engine building business, had his own dyno, and did performance stuff for street/ strip dragracers. He convinced me it was wise to borrow $50,000 for this then-new dynamometer technology "if I wanted to do it right" so I could spend another $50,000 adapting it, and creating this test cell to dyno test snowmobile and motorcycle engines. As young people are apt to type, online, "WTF?". But here we are.

Carl was helpful to me while I created this fixture/ facility for testing and tuning. When I began testing things an learning, Carl was one of many who helped me understand what was happening that had bewildered me. If you look back in the DTR archives--Volume 1 #4 Carl McQuillen explained for us, Align Justifyin understandable terms, why the "Extrudehoned" 650 Wildcat engine failed to make added HP even though airflow CFM was marginally higher.

Since then Carl McQuillen Racing Engines has invested in millions of bucks worth of equipment including CNC machining and EDM equipment, several new fully instrumented dyno cels, and is capable of creating intricate, useful things out of huge hunks of metal. This OXX6 engine project is a great example of that capability. Tomorrow will be a good day, watching the America Seaplane lift off from Keuka Lake in Hammondsport, N.Y. and fly through the air. I'll be watching with Carl, and my armpits will surely be drier than his.

Monday, October 01, 2007

DynoTech : Dyno schedule month of Oct 07 and other drivel

Sept 28-Oct 1 pro racer dyno testing dyno cams off.
Oct 2 Jim sitting at dyno console punching in data for Full Power stage 4 RX1 and stock Nytro to be posted on DTR website 10/2.got the Nytro done, maybe stage 4 RX1 by Friday...
Oct 3 Justin Full Power taking another crack at 300 plus with Apex stage 3. Justin was hurting for fuel flow last session on Apex St3 turbo, back again this time his st3 Apex easily provided enough fuel for 350 plus hp, but was limited to slightly less due to turbo sizing/ camshaft timing.
Oct 4, aftermarket company experimental testing, dynocams off. Another 1000 Cat stocker from BMP, this one Jake Jenkins' new Crossfire w/ reeds, head, key, single pipe/ Ypipe made 240 plus on Jim Cooper's race gas. Still trying to figure this situation, waiting for field testing this week. Jim Cooper was next one more time with his troublesome PS1000 SkiDoo. This time his lectron carbs were tied together with 5 lb of steel brackets. Now fuel flow appears perfect, 140 lb/hr smooth top end fuel to support Jim's 275 CHP. Maybe he can make it down the track next weekend.
Oct 8 two F7 trail mods for Boondocker tuning record 85 degree made winter tuning less than optimal, cancelled until 10/11 cooler weather...
Oct 9 Sherlock ported Mach Z, Boondocker tuning for trail/ lakeracing, testing latest Boyeson reeds.
Will try to post results next week.

Oct 11 George Pointer solo Boondocker tuning firecat trail mod. F7 big bore cat piston F8, Fatazz pipe D&DYpipe, stock cut head, made 170 plus with 1000 ft boondocker setting, 165 plus with upnord boondocker setting at close to .70 chicken safe.

Oct 13 more pro racer dyno testing, cams off.

Oct 14-15 Sean Ray dyno testing new PS1000 Pol twin for Tim and Brian Tyler, engine on dyno motor plate, not sure if dynocams on or off.

Oct 16-19 more pro racer dyno testing cams still off. These greedy tuners want all the HP for all their sleds. Seemingly identical hand-ground mod engines/ sets of pipes all need to be dyno tested/ tuned. Guessing does not cut it anymore.
Oct 20 Sat AM? HTG Rob cant make it with F1000 lakeracer engine in Firecat chassis, Chris Squires/ Jake Jenkins plan to tune this engine with D&D Ypipe and single, Boondocker to get F7 wiring/ ignition to work with lakeracer F1000 w/ big injectors. Then Sun AM or Mon AM test prototype BMP Gspot (named by PTM) single/ BMP ypipe after HTG Rob gets here. Chris and Jake still struggling to get firecat ignition to be happy on F1000 engine. Maybe Monday? Nope I went for a fall motorcycle ride, probably the last 80 degree day of the season, so put the dyno session off until Thursday/Friday--still had issues with the electronics--ex valves refused to open. Tried Supereme Tool electronic valve fooler, locked valves open and the ECU didnt seem happy with that. Possibly the F7 stator/ F1000 flywheel combo was a mismatch? Struggled for 5-6 hours thursday then pulled the sled off to be rectified at home. Chris and Jake will use degree wheel to compare spark timing on F7 to what we have on this hermaphrodite, get initial spark timing correct, make sure valves open on the jackstand, then come back again for another attempt.

Oct xx Justin Full Power back again with st3 Apex turbo, last session has a missing temp sensor that may have retarded timing, looking for 400 this time.

Oct 23 Pete Nixon with ported MachZ and 4-injector Boondocker N2O system looking for 300 plus.
Boondocker system had issues with connectors etc, but when we got things working we made 240 plus but fuel pressure had dropped to 29 psi and we had to quit. This means fuel pump is defective, since we've seen here 240-300 hp on MachZ juiced engines with nearly full fuel pressure, injectors wide open. Jimmy Cooper was here to help tune (with his BRP computer absolutely a must for max HPing any late model SkiDoo)....Doo dealer Jim will have a new fuel pump installed this week, if we get done with the F1000 BMP pipe deal thursday, we will retest this BD N2O system for Pete on Fri AM.  If the  N2O hoses/ nozzles have the capacity, 350 is surely within reach. Watch the DynoCams Friday. Cant make it Friday, will try again in a week or so.
Oct 27 Sat Tom Mango and pals with three trail mod sleds for dyno tuning.Two Toms make it easy to remember names at the dyno, Mango and Leonard one ZR900 carb trail mod, one stock F7 with BMP pipe mod. Incredible HP on both, this F7 was one of maybe two that made 152 plus w/ BMP pipe mod, key and a touch of fuel pressure drop. Tom M's ZR900 was a very nice conglomeration of stuff that made 180 HP on pump gas. I must post the details inside.

Oct 29 11 am Chuck Hammara and pals stopping in from Shootout with a PS800 SkiDoo dragsled, quick dyno squirt.