February 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

DynoTech : February 09 dyno schedule

2/3 HTG 4cyl Scott Turner tuning for 400 tweaked fuel/ timing to 376 HP then twin MSD ignitions (necessary to fire quad at 90 degrees) pickup failed causing misfire then we had to stop because no spare pickups were available..
2/4 private test 9-12 Intimidator Jim Gonyea has upgraded his bone stock 155hp F7 to Jason Owens' modified engine, F8 w/ D&D Monster twins Boondocker tuned to 187 HP  PM Jeff Weigand tuning D&D F8 single pipe Trooper Jeff had been struggling with his Boondockered F8/ monster single but I immediately discovered the boondocker was all zero's, not loaded with any sort of enrichment! So after six dyno runs we tweaked mid/ top end fuel to perfection 165 HP at .65 perfect for his riding style of short blasts just to get ahead of his wife.
2/5 Ryan Valin and Dan Jalbert, two Yam triple mods, Ryan's 700/780 SRX trail engine w/ Bender triples tuned to 178hp at .64, Dan's 600 SRX mod mystery motor maxed out at 155 and hit a wall at 9500rpm (turned out to excessive 18/1 comp ratio) so Dan is dropping compression ratio on this radar runner to 14/1 an will try again! PM H Kirsch Cat F12 with a huge pile of N2O looking for 300 hp---bring an electric hot air gun, no 3000 degree F torches allowed in the dyno room. confidential 
2/6 Justin Fuller two Yam turbo lakeracers getting ready for the Old Forge trail ride/ race cancelled
2/9 Justin Bass w/ Polaris watercraft bottom end w/ three XC800 cylinders. Also an edge HTG 1000 for tuning. Justin's 1200 custom mystery triple was bought on EBay, made dandy pump gas safe 225 HP with stock cylinders (several hundred revs lower than prdicted by engine builder), Then brother Art's HTG XCR 1080 high compression engine made 248 even though the guy he bought it from said it made 277 here (never happen w/ stock stroke 1080) proving that people will sometimes fib for a sale...but still 248 all motor is dandy for a lakeracer (wait till he comes back to hit it with N2O)...fellow lakeracer Rick Rachon had a HTG 1000 trail engine just like mine that we tuned to 220 HP easily on pump gas with less timing/ compression than mide has..
2/10 F7/Engine tech 900 boondocker tune
2/11-2/12 NY Speed F12 firecat, private test
2/13 One Stop Performance Jim big dyno driveshaft Yamaha turbo tuneup off the trailer w/ boost reduced to 30 psi 500 plus HP, then tweaked up gradually to 527 HP before headgasket began weeping coolant before race boost level were achieved...the result of deto from less than optimal octane?

2/14-15 closed for the Farmington NY Pro snoX races
2/16 AM Jim Arzie F7 with 2 deg key and BMP pipe mod that is strangely lacking the HP to run with bone stockers. Jim has the world's fattest F7 ECU--even with lower than normal fuel pressure we needed to go negative 25 at 7800 on his boondocker to create 154hp at .65 lb/hphr! PM Tom Anthony PCIII tuning HTG 600EFI big bore stroker with HTG twin pipes (ran at the 08 Adirondack Shootout) three hours to PCIII tune from scratch, added 20 HP at peak revs since the standard reprogrammed ECU was over fat...
2/17 closed
2/18 closed
2/20 HTG Rob tuning 4cyl for Oneida KOT race added nearly 100 HP with fuel/ timing bumps, maxed out at 390 with moderate 14/1 compression ratio...
pm Tripod Dan tuning XCR800 trail sled bone stock with cut heads and HTG/ DynoPort triple pipes 183 HP not bad for a $1400 sled...those old obsolete triples still make easy HP..
2/21-2/25 HTG Rob's monster quad began to slip the GMN $500 dyno starter sprag clutch, Tripod finished it off in the PM. So parts are on order, new pieces being machined to allow us to continue to start dyno tune engines remotely from the control room.
2/26 if weather cooperates we'll test D8 reflash and other stuff. 45 degrees F we must wait for cold weather to be sure our PCIII tuning is a perfect as it is for the original flash...also have a bunch of BMP hotrod stuff to test, maybe next thursday?
2/27 315er madman Rich Meyer coming to tune again. Renegade Racing Rich was insulted that I mistakenly referred to him as a 315er instead of the 518er that he really is (area code of some of the most mentally ill lakeracer madmen). We isolated an issue that was creating deto on his N2O Mach Z will be back with more fuel flow capacity and one new injector to replace one that was randomly misfiring but even with pump-limited 154 lb/hr it still made 294 CHP with a nasty cackle of deto on top end (heard coming off the copper tubing by everyone in the control room) that will surely go away with a larger capacity fuel pump...then his XP800 lakeracer buzzed well over 170hp with good tuning and timing tweaks from our local DTR Skidoo Buds tuner Jimmy Cooper...ask Rich, Tom and Jason about the value of the copper tube deto sensor in the DTR dyno room!
2/28 Fusion 975 Boondocker tuning Kelly Curran has one of those good deal low buck cheap to buy 05 fusions w/ HTG big bore/  HTG/ DynoPort single pipe...a stock ECU with Boondocker enabled us to tune this one to nearly 170 CHP on 91 octane with legal quiet stock muffler---30 HP more than a bone stock Dragon 800 for half the price!
2/29 F7 trail mod Boondocker tuning Brad Linsay w/ JanCen ported F7, porting and a tick more compression added 7 HP from last dyno session as a stocker (now 161 HP)...