September 2005

Monday, September 26, 2005

DynoTech : Cameras shut off for a week

Sorry about lack of audio/ visual webcam info for the past week. Those of you who emailed me complaining of blackout have to understand the Tim Bender/ Sean Ray/ Team Industries/ Polaris snoX dyno session has to be private, cameras turned off.  Tim Bender has blacked out the webcams for a week, ending last Sunday PM. The cameras are back on again, today was Paul Cross, who repainted my 16 year old dyno last month in exchange for a dyno tuning session--, a PSI Genesis 800 Polaris triple, we tweeked and tuned to 182hp using a set of SLP 707 pipes I was ready to put in the dumpster. John T Cowie was helping today, he suggested a 1/2" head pipe cut, that took HP peak to 9300 and added 6 HP. Paul Cross is grinning today.

Tuesday I'm dyno tuning another F7, and you can watch that live on our webcams.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

DynoTech : Dynotuning F7 and Fusion 600 tomorrow

Scott Norine predator711 is bringing a like-new  04 F7 EFI stocker to tune tomorrow 8:00 AM, if he can get Bill DiFranco looneytune up that early (Scott's staying at Bill's house tonight). We have a good pile of new stuff to try, we'll be on webcam.

In PM, Sean Ray is bringing in his dad Rex' new Fusion600. We'll have baseline numbers Thurs PM or Fri AM. Again we'll be on the webcam so you should be able to see/ hear the numbers we come up with. We're planning to leave the Fusion on the dyno for a few days while we try to find some early relase aftermarket stuff. Also Sean will be installing the latest Windyne software which will allow us to use wide band O2 sensor to measure A/F ratio on EFI sleds. Sleds like EFI Fusion 900 require a plumbers nightmare of hoses/ connectors to measure fuel flow--fuel goes from sled fuel pump to dyno flowmeter A then back to the rail, then bypassed fuel has to be plumbed back to the dyno's fuel flowmeter B, then back to the sled fuel tank. the dyno computer computes Fuel A - Fuel B to give net flow lb/hr. The new system will allow us to use O2 sensor to get A/F ratio, then with our Superflow Airflowmeter fitted, we get accurate CFM, then computer uses the known pounds of air/hr per hour at each step to figure lb/hr of fuel and BSFC without requiring us to get gasoline on our hands.

We have that same new software on the Cycledyn eddy current roller dyno and it workds dandily.

Those of you who registered complaints about seeing Tim Bender in the dynocams last Sunday AM setting up an engine on our motor plate with Sean Ray, then cameras going blank, that is the option of the dyno tuner whether cameras are on or off.