October 2005

Friday, October 28, 2005

DynoTech : upcoming dyno stuff

The SnoX session lasted longer than planned, no finished, Sean Ray is planing to bring the ProX800 (notXC) this weekend to dial in with the latest SLP  twin pipes. Hoping we have time to install new SuperFlow Windyne software. Sean also has an 04 F6 carbed, when we have time we will dyno stock, with improved airbox carb boots, jetting, key, D&D Ypipe, Bikeman mod single, and Supreme tool mechanical exhaust valves.
Monday AM Chuck Hammrah (sorry about your last name spelling Chuck, you should have a last name as easy as mine) and Casey Mulkin are bringing in an 05 MachZ trail ported by Chuck, with twin Crankshop pipes for dyno tuning. Chuck told me he's done a bunch of these, run good enough on pump gas that he's contemlating bringing one to this year's SW/DTR Adirondack Shootout. We'll find out Monday how the dyno numbers look. Tune in.

Friday, October 21, 2005

DynoTech : D&D/ Glenn Hall test session

Glenn Hall was coming by Batavia on his way back to WI from a long stint at D&D's dyno, and he did a driveby yesterday afternoon to dyno here the production Monster single and Y pipe and Boondocker on the same pump gas F9ss sled dyno'd earlier with hand built pipe. Also Glenn dyno'd his very amazing race gas only "lake" racer, with Monster single and Boondocker. Bill LT DiFranco helped out as usual, and was planning to provide lodging for Glenn last night after the dyno session. What Glenn didn't realize was that LT was also providing for a vacationing neighbor, temporary lodging for four cats and two dogs who were also staying in the same bed in the guest room. Glenn can use this blog to explain to his wife the presence of curly, multi-colored hairs on his Hanes shorts.

D&D will likely post their latest DynoTech numbers, and I will also do that next week after I post Bikemans similarly interesting dyno results.

Saturday, we're doing a camera-off tuneup for a factory sno-x racer, then Sunday Sean Ray is bringing in a trailmod Polaris XC800 with twin pipes. With the XC800 on the dyno, we'll tune first, then switch to the latest Windyne software, then make sure the new software delivers identical data to the current software. The new software will allow us to use O2 sensors and wide band A/F ratio meters to  measure A/F.  This will eliminate the need to run all those hoses back and forth to mechanical meters while tuning EFI sleds. And, if we fit our airflow meter to a sled, the dyno will compute for us fuel flow lb/hr and BSFC. And I'm hoping that, on mod airbox-less race engines, if we use O2 sensors to measure A/F ratio, and mechanicallly measure fuel flow by mechanical meter, the dyno will compute airflow CFM without an airflow meter.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

DynoTech : Bikeman F7 test session

We spent all day today dynoing F7 EFI stuff-- just received my pile of D&D production Y pipes. Erich Bikeman flew in yesterday from MN, stayed overnight w/ bill DiFranco arrived here fashionably late after sled was set up on the dyno.
Bikeman stock pipe mod was good.
D&D Y pipe was good.
Bikeman stock pipe mod plus D&D Ypipe was even better.
Bikeman stock pipe mod plus D&D Y pipe plus Bikeman ported F7 cylinders = 160 HP plus, 16 seconds at WOT on 93 octane gas.
Dyno tests will be posted here within a few days.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

DynoTech : Just finshed session with Excell Motorsports

Aaron Excell (Excell Mororsports) has come up with an extermely dandy replacement header for the Yamaha Vector--all stainless, with great airflow CFM increases from midrange to top end, and similar HP increases even with stock quiet muffler.  I will post the results this week. Also he had a new oval center outlet muffler for the Apex, we dyno'd stock and with his muffler, added  airflow CFM from midrange to top end with minimal dB increase.

Thursday Bikeman Erich is flying in to help dyno tune a local Bikeman customer with various Bikeman mods, watch your dynocams all day Thursday.

Monday, October 10, 2005

DynoTech : Disabling dyno room houseflies w/ Surefire Mapp Gas Torch

I've received several Emails from DynoCam watchers who were very intrigued about me using Yellow-bottled Mapp-Gas torches, instead of fly swatters to shoot flies off of the walls and various surfaces of the dyno room. The past two weeks have been hot and humid, perfect for those annoying houseflies that must enjoy snowmobile dyno tuning, and wish to join us in the air conditioned control room. Many years ago, I discovered that the Mapp Gas Surefire torches we sold at the welding supply next door were perfect for dispatching these annoying, germ covered pests. Surefire torches use trigger operated peizio ignitors to create an instant 2000+ degree F flame that is quite perfect for incinerating, or at least burning the wings off of  houseflies. After aiming carefully and closely at the offending insect, a deft click, on-off of the flame, regardless of the surface the fly is resting upon, results in at best a dead fly, or  a wounded wingless  pest that will walk around the control room floor untill someone steps on him or her. One subscriber noted that while he watched on the DynoCam, I blasted several annoying  houseflies off of the plexiglass covers on the four analogue gauges on the dyno console with the 2000degree Mapp gas flame. Dead flies, but perfectly fine plexiglass that will melt into a useless glob at 400 degrees F. Why would I fire, point blank,  a 2000 degree F  torch at a plastic gauge cover on a $50,000 dyno console just to dispatch a housefly? It's the confidence I've gained dynoing 1000's of engines, where I know 5000 degree F combustion chamber temp fails to melt aluminum pistons and combustion chambers that melt at 1200 degrees F! That same cooling boundary layer of air that insulates and protects the pistons/ combustion chambers also protects the equally expensive plexiglass guage covers on the dyno console guages.
Using Surefire torches to kill or wound flies in the dyno room is much more sanitary than squishing them with germ-covered fly swatters.
And the plexiglass covers on my SuperFlow analogue guages are like new, no heat induced distortion that might make  130 HP look like 180 HP.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

DynoTech : Cool weather is finally coming,,,

Now thy're beginning to line up It will be 60 towmorrow, 50's the next week or so. Team Industries is dynoing Sat/ Sun so cams will be turned off. Then Tuesday 10/11 Aaron Excell is coming with stock Apex to dyno with stock exhaust and then his slick looking Stainless replacemt exhaust. Also Aaron is binging a Vector to test stock and with his total replacement header/ muffler package.
Then Thursday 10/13 Erich Bikeman is coming to dyno tune an F7 stock w/ bikeman mod pipe, D&D Ypipe, maybe a D&D single with Boondocker, then ported F7 cylinders and whatever else he thinks might add HP.
YOU CAN WATCH ALL OF THIS LIVE ON OUR WEBCAMS . This will be much more fun than working--hopefully  your supervisors will think DynoTechResearch is a useful website for whatever technical work you're involved in.