November 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

DynoTech : December doings

12/1 Casey Mulkins new Rush 600, then his own ported D8 with pipes and stuff:

12/2 Boyd with a Mach Z mod

12/3 Sled Shop Joe Parfitt, cams maybe off

12/4 Canadian madman James with his new F8 tuning with PCV

12/7 Shootout sleds today the Polaris Rush and D8, SkiDoo Etec and XP800, maybe a 4tek
12/8 Shootout sleds from cat- F6, F8, XFire 1000, Z1
12/9 Shootout sleds from Yamaha,

12/11 Amsnow/ DTR Adirondack Shootout in Woodgate, NY

12/13 Joe WhackPack Racing Hilldrag 800 twin mod, microphones off
12/14 Al Sled Polaris 800 twin trail mod

12/15 Rich Hoag/ John Wilbur Firecat w/ F1000 mod engine for NANO N2O tuning cancelled

12/16 Brian Babineau F7 ET900 boondocker tune

12/17 Don Pitoniak F1000 w/ pipe PCV tuning

12/18 Frank Kronkite F7 D&D900 boondocker tune

12/19 AM Nelson is bringing in big radar run cat to tune, cams off.  PM John Schwartz

12/20 AM Rich Hoag & John Wilbur rescheduled from 12/15---PM Pat Murray Sled Head 860 SkiDoo 

12/21 Polaris 4 stroke turbo tuning, big intercooler, high flow muffler

12/22 Joe Shear NY Speed lakeracer tune

12/23 Chad Bowerson PCV tune on XF1000 with D&D exhaust

12/26 Rich Hoag one more time with fixed wiring issues

12/27 NH Ross three Cats on Sunday

12/28 AM Neil Casa Dragon 800 in IQ race sled, PM Travis Beverlin

12/29 Boyesen renting the facility for private test session stock Dragon 800 and IQ600 racer

12/30 Chris Preston and pals, two Cats for tuning.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

DynoTech : '10 sled testing, and Power Commander V

Scheduled this week--Thursday AM Casey Mulkins is bringing a new 2010 Polaris Rush 600 for stock evaluation with temps in the 30's F. If it's rich as we expect we will lean out mixture with a new power Commander V Autotune. Then we'll have Casey's own D8, upgraded with lots of stuff.

Friday AM, our first production 2010 Arctic Cat F8. Let's see how the production sled compares with the preproduction 800 we tested last February. 160? If not, we have our new PCVs for the Cats to get the fuel flow back where it was with the prepro 800.

We've got Power Commander Vs for all makes now--Yamaha, Skidoo 4 tek, Dragon 6,7,8 and just received the first Cat 800/1000 boxes that can be Autotuned. $369 free shipping. Autotune unit for self tuning $249 free shipping. PCV maps will be posted on this website as acquired. Canadian sledders contact Sledwerx in Ontario because I just shipped him a batch of PCVs to have in stock. So get it quickly from Spenc and save the weeks of customs delays.