March 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

DynoTech : March/ April schedule &tc

3/3/2010 518ers Todd and Mark troubleshooting a troublesome XP800R stock hilldragger

3/4 518ers Richie and Tom tuning on their Crankshop twin piped XP800R mod racer

3/5 315er Pat Herbert dialing carbs/ timing on Crankshop Polaris 990 mod hilldrag sled

3/9 Full Power Justin dyno testing his Nytro trail mod on pump gas, plus dialing in his gonzo-injector gonzo boosted Stage 4 4tek.

3/11 greedy 518ers Todd and Tommy back again w/ CS piped XP800R testing engine changes hoping for more HP.

3/12 Dead one Dave boondocker tuning his D&D XF901 twin pipe trail mod for this weekend's HillDrags

3/12 PAer Bill Swoyer back again to fine tune Cutler carbs on his Crankshop 990 ProMod Hilldragger

3/19 Jesse Meuller, Crankshop XP800 mod HillDragger

3/23 Mike Koz, XF800 twin pipe HillDrag imp stocker, Boondocker tune to perfection (as always).

3/26 Billy Howard & Bobby Donnatelle testing the new Hindle header on the 4tek (results on DTR members pages)

3/30 home made turbo system for D&D F9 SS engine w/ boondocker turbo controller

4/8 Jim Cooper testing new longer pistons for his PS1000 SkiDoo triple asphalt sled

4/15 Casel Mulkins testing preproduction Rush 800 (results on DTR members pages)

4/17 4 Tek w/ Bondi porting and Hindle exhaust, RB3 tuning

4/21-4/23 Testing military spy drone engine, cams off

4/24 Adam Schmitt tuning revised XCR800 asphalt racer, reduced compression and lowered ports

4/27-5/2 new Yamaha 450 4stroke motocross bike, testing all available GYTR parts including CNC ported head/ cams. Testing is being done on the SF901 sled driveshaft dyno connected to the output shaft of the YZ450 trans.