March 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

DynoTech : week of 3/26

Only dyno scheduled this week is Thursday 3/30 10 AM, ProX800 ported with SLP twin pipes, XC600/660 big bore I think SLP ported, 3 sets of twin pipes to test, several CDIs.Finished both sleds in five hours, 800 made about 170 HP, 660 close to 150 but the 660 pipe comparison was much different from what we saw on John T's 600 with same pipes. I may post results, showing generic changes in HP/ power curve with different pipes/ CDIs.

Internet/ cable/ phone guys are madly thrashing to get us a better line for dynocams. Hoping to have that done by Thursday, please email/ phone me after that if picture speed is noticably improved.Internet guys are still struggling, I'm contracted to have 1 meg whatver that means but I only have less than half of that, they are hooking me to new equipment this week, hoping dynocams will be smoother by week's end.

Also beginning April our webguy will have reprogrammed the webpage for subscribers to allow only original computer used for subscription to use user ID/ password. If another computer uses the same login info, the subscrition will be reduced by some length of time (maybe one month). So if 13 people share a new single password in a week, it will expire the first week. Many unhappy subscribers report that they log on with several in-house and at-work computers, don't want to be penalized because we're trying to thwart large scale sharing of DTR ID/ PW's. Still working on a compromise solution.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DynoTech : week of 3/19

Thursday 3/23 3:00 pm, dyno tuning a troublesome XC700 stocker w/ SLP pipes Internet connection disabled by lightning, cameras should be running again tomorrow. XC700 was dialed in, jetted timed perfectly, plus took off loud can put on stock muffler added 3hp.
Friday 3/24 AM (tentative) dyno tuning Vince Logan's trail mod MachZ,  Jimmy Cooper coming to tweak and maximize ignition timing.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

DynoTech : weeks of 3/5 and 3/12

Monday 3/6 AM more testing on yamaha motoctross bike w/ aftermarket silencer.

Mon 3/13 nothing scheduled from here on out. Jimmy Cooper planning to stage tune a sdi600 this time with lower compression and added timimg plus we can dial in the Skidoo sdi600 shootout sled box.

Monday 3/13 dyno tuned F7 and F6--extensive tweaking multiple keys multiple heads multiple ECUs  fine tuning fuel flow  with restrictors. Cameras off  because  1) sled owner didn't want his competitors watching. and 2) something's amiss with building phone/ internet service. Sleds were from the twin city area of Minnesota.

Wednesday 3/15 9am a Big Moose lakeracer coming down for late season tuning, no cameras again (option of dyno customer). got this one dialed in, fixed an awful lean midrange, fattened a lean overrev A/F ratio, determined HP peak at 3, 6 and 12 seconds to enable proper clutching for the lake Saturday. 11am hoping cameras are fixed by then, Greg Bennett back with his turbo Polaris twin lakeracer, model 66 Aerodyne turbo with very custom mountain motor cast cylinders from HTG (Rob Schooping created a gonzo HP low port XLT 10 years ago, applying that experience to these 990cc cylinders). 116 octane gas, unlimited boost pressure. My armpits are beginning to moisten. rightfully so, nearly 200 lb/ft torque on my standard 1.25" OD driveshaft (my more correct large shaft would not fit bellypan) 296 CHP but EGTs are moon-high with safe mixture, indicating this engine may need more advanced timing, left it on the dyno, THURSDAY AM try an ECU with added advance, must have 300+ to try to keep up with the Big Moose Lake madmen this Saturday, hoping to have morning 300 champagne.

Thursday cameras will be rolling again, expecting something to observe soon.Thurs AM my armpits are still wet, 1.25" tube shaft held 204.7 lb/ft of torque EGTs are comfortably low thanks to custom Wahl Bros ECU for turbo, will try to post dyno numbers this weekend.