December 2004

Sunday, December 26, 2004

DynoTech : SuperFlow Windyne software, SFD files

Sorry about confusing new subscribers with these quick-for-me-to-upload SFD files.

Go to, click on free windyne software download, then you're all set to view SFD files on DTR.

Open articles w/ SFD files, click on one SFD file, it opens automatically as a graph that you can edit as desired. To view numeric data, X out graph and the graph closes, and is automatically replaced with OBSERVED NUMERIC DATA FROM THAT RUN. To see corrected data, click on number 2 box above observed data, and you then see STANDARD CORRECTED DATA (corrected to 60 degree F dry air, sea level 29.92 in hg baro).

Then to save this test for later  viewing or  comparing with other tests, click on FILE. Then  click "save as" and save the SFD file to your computer with the same numbering as I use. Also under FILE you can click TEST DESCRIPTION to see what we did/ changed for this test. Also you can click PREFERENCES and then click CHANNEL ORDER to see any desired test information (ie: Baro pressure, air temp, TimeS[seconds of dyno run time], fuel pressure, water temp,etc). BMEP numbers are available, but won't be exactly be accurate unless exact bore/stroke/displacement has been entered prior to test session. I will try to remember to accurately enter that info into the database prior to testing so BMEP numbers and Volumetric Efficiency % will be perfect.

Now open another SFD test file, and if you leave graph open you can click OVERLAY then click SAVED TESTS below to open and graphically compare any other tests you've saved yourself.

Dyno tuners here can get their own dyno runs downloaded onto a  3.5" disc for their own comparison of  DTR posted SFD files.

When I do other testing I will continue to attempt to make time to include printed test data (from excell files) in the articles.



We lucked out today, checked compression it was fine, the same on each cylinder. So we popped the flywheel off, and found the .020 offset key in backwards, effectively retarding the timing @5 or 6 degrees from where it was supposed to be.

So reinstalling the key properly, we had time to make one pull before leaving for xmas shopping,  11.5/1 A/F now gets 107 LB/FT and 159 HP! That's 11 LB/FT and 18 HP added with 5 or 6 degrees of timing.

I'm sure the guy who installed the F8 kit on Gary's sled feels bad, but it's surely an easy mistake to make! He did a beautiful job fitting up all the F8 components including equalizer etc. For years all we did to bump timing was loosen the stator plate and crank it counterclockwise X number of degrees. Now the stators are fixed, and popping in an offset key it's easy to understand how we can get that backwards; get that flywheel to move clockwise to hit the pickups sooner.

So we'll be back MONDAY 12:30 PM to fine tune fuel flow w/ stock pipe, try a Speedwerx single, then go back to the new style D&D twins to dial them in w/ fuel pressure, PAC , equalizer.

Friday, December 24, 2004

DynoTech : Back to the dyno this AM

Gary's brand new 05 F7/ F8 EFI is way low on torque/ HP. With new DD twins it pretty much maxed out at 109 LB/FT and 166 HP at 12/1 A/F ratio. Aiflow CFM is fine, crank has not twisted out of phase. Thinking maybe the pipes were off the mark we installed Gary's stock pipe/ muffler, at about 11/1 A/F ratio it makes 96 LB/FT and 141 HP.

This AM, we're checking compression to make sure they didn't goof and put F10 conbustion chambers on it, then if that's OK we're hoping that the 3 degree keyway is installed backwards.

If we find the missing 10 LB/Ft of torque, we'll tune the sled with the stock pipe, then maybe rerun the twin pipes on Monday.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

DynoTech : 2005 DynoTechResearch $ cost to tune

Weekdays $125/ hr from overhead door opening to overhead door closing.
Saturday/ Sunday add $25/hr.

Setup time on F7s is usually 30-45 minutes if sled arrives w/o clutches and w/o hood, breakdown is 15 minutes. Max setup/ breakdown is one hour (in case I'm fumbling for wires, bolts, etc).

Minimum cost per sled  $250 weekdays $300 Sat/ Sun.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

DynoTech : back from the Adirondack shootout

We lucked out on the weather, could have been monsoon rain but it turned out to be very light mist so we had a good crowd of observers.

The SnowWeek guys were great to work with, they are pleased to be partnered with DTR and the Adirondack sled dealers. They'll have a full stock Adirondack Shootout issue in your mailbox in two weeks, including dyno certification test data. Trail mods to follow in the next issue.

Tomorrow we're dyno tuning Jarred's stock F7 from about 10AM to noon or so, webcams running. Expecting to tune another one into the mid 140's.

Monday is SkiDoo day, in AM a Bondi trail port 800 twin, then in PM an 830 big bore twin. Tune in to the live streaming audio/ video for all of that.

Also for new subscribers, to read the SFD (SuperFlowData) files, you must download free Windyne software at  I think it's easiest if you first open  the DTR article, right click on each SFD file (one at a time) left click "copy" then  "paste" each test on your own  computer (I use a 3 1/2 inch floppy for that). Then open Windyne, go to "file" "open saved test" from your floppy, then have at it. Remember the data opens up as the OBSERVED HP in the dyno cell that day, then to see corrected numbers click on "2" above the test data. Then if you click around, you can operate the software, do comparison graphs, etc.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

DynoTech : Off to SnowWeek.DTR Adirondack Shootout

We finished the Shootout dyno cert yesterday, everything came in within reasonable expectations. SnowWeek is publishing the "official" dyno numbers in about two weeks. In deference to SW we won't post numbers. It would help promote the continuation of the SW/DTR Adirondack Shootout if we all subscribe to SnowWeek!

 Erich Long from Bikeman Performance is supposed to drive all night from W WI to the dyno Thurs AM, to final tune an F8 for the Shootout Trail Mod. If he makes it, he will be on the webcam in the AM. Maybe he will be cutting some Z's while I dyno. I have to leave for Old Forge midday.

Then back on Sunday AM, beginning at 10 AM dyno tuning another F7.

Monday dyno testing two SkiDoo twins--one Bondi mod 800, then in the PM an 830 big bore.

Tuesday possibly another DD F8 (if his twin pipes show up), or another F7 on standby.

Wed is officiall colonoscopy day, goofed on schedule-- today was pre-scope physical, bought home some nasty lime flavored stuff to mix with beer on Tues night. Whoosh.

Thursday another F7 tuneup.

Friday two '05 F7's for tuneups.

Saturday two 04 F7's for tuneup.

Sunday one F8 and one ZR900.

Start over again on Monday.

I am collaborating with webmaster to see if dyno computer screen can be connected to website.
For those dyno tuners who wish to remain anonymous, DynoCams can be turned off during test if desired.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

DynoTech : SnowWeekShootoutCertificationDone!

We started out "freeview" testing our live streaming audio/video Sunday while testing consumer MachZ. By mid test the website suffered from viewer overload, and it shut itself down.

Then Monday, when we were dyno certifying the Doos and Pols the same thing happened. So to reduce viewer load,  our webguy shifted the DynoCams to subscriber only access. So as I understand everyone had uninterupted viewing of the certification today. As viewer load increases the webpeople will upgrade equipment to provide uninterrupted viewing.

SnowWeek has requested exclusive use of certification dyno test numbers for their publication. Since we have partnered with them for the Adirondack Shootout we will wait until they publish the dyno numbers in SW later this month before we put those numbers online here.

I've got some very tentative dyno tuning scheduled for Thursday AM, some aftermarket Trail Mod guys may tune here before SnowWeek Shootout at Woodgate, NY on Friday.

After that I'll be dyno tuning an F7 Sunday 12/12 beginning 10 AM, the F7 owner may not know he will be on dynocam but we will be there, everyone can see his tuneup. If he doesn't want his pals to know what he's up to, we won't mention his name, and he may have to wear an Al Qaeda-like scarf on his head.

Before I leave for Shootout, I will try to post some meaningful recent dyno stuff.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

DynoTech : First crack at live streaming video.......

I'm only listening to the webguys, but our local server may be overwhelmed with overwhelming simultaneous viewing. On Sat everyone was OK initially where we looked like Max Headroom. But as more people logged on, the time delay increased to the point that it finally locked up.
Just finished a too-full Sunday on the dyno. It appears as though the same thing happened today--first sound went away, then video. If those porn guys can keep up, we must be able to do the same. I'm glad this was freeview so no one can complain.

Most importantly, I just posted the MachZ SFD files on our website, not much explaination but there they are. I'll  try to elaborate tonight.

 The  05 F7 we were testing yesterday and today, absolutlely bone stock made 141 stock with leaner than normal 96 lb/hr fuel flow. We added a bunch of timing, then dropped fuel flow to make 150+ HP. Since some of you were watching those tests, I will try to post the test data tonight.

In between, you may have seen us dyno tuning an XCR 800 asphalt dragracer, those numbers won't be posted.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

DynoTech : Live Streaming Video Update

We blasted away at another 05 F7 today, with cameras lit up. This one was excellently lean, 42 psi idle fuel pressure, 96 lb/hr at peak, 141+ HP with stock timing! No need for fuel choke here. The cameras worked for an hour, then locked up due to a fried junction box. The webguys came right over and rectified that with a new box. Meanwhile, we were fitting a 2 degree key to the lean F7 to try to bump that up to 145 with stock fuel flow, discovered they had F7 Carb keys (too small) so as  I type this John T and Dave the sled owner are at Loonetune Bill's picking up the correcy key(s).

We'll be back at it tomorrow at 8 AM, fit the new key and go for 145. Great pump gas HP for a 700 twin.

Then we have Joe T's XCR800 asphalt sled coing to dyno tune (heads/ pipes/ fuel) until noon.

Finally our first MachZ will arrive at noon-1pm, with enough time on it to eliminate the soft breakin ECU program. We'll probably spend all afternoon, we'll try to hook up fuel flow meters to get us good stock tuning data.

Then Monday/ Tuesday we'll be doing dyno certification of the Adirondack/ Snowweek/ DTR shootout sleds. If LSR equipment holds up, you can watch that live. In deference to our SnowWeek partners, we will only report that each sled "passes" (or "fails") the bone stock dyno test. SnowWeek wants to be first to ress with Shootout sled dyno numbers, and we will accomodate their request.

Wednesday I'm doing the colonoscopy thing that all of us old guys should get occasionally, looking forward to that great stuff they pump into the IV, but not looking forward to the "prep" the night before.

Thursday AM, Bikeman is scheduled to bring two F8s to dyno tune (one single, one twin pipe) on his way to the Shootout.

Thusday PM off to Old Forge, Shootout on Friday. we're looking forward to good and timely Shootout coverage (in your mailbox December) by SnowWeek magazine.

Friday, December 03, 2004

DynoTech : Cameras rolling,, F7 TPS testers

We're online now with DynoCams, complete with high buck sound. Take a look on the free side of our website. We'll leave it on free view this weekend,  everone gets to see dyno hookup of an 05 F7, then tuning to max HP. This will be either Sat 1 PM EST or Sunday 9 AM EST. Then on Sunday 11 AM we will dyno tune Joe T's XCR800 asphalt dragger, with two sets of heads and two sets of pipes. I haven't heard yet from the DTR subscriber who's supposed to take delivery of MachZ today, hoping he will bring it here on Sunday PM.

Then Monday we will switch to subscriber-only access, when the fleet of SnowWeek/DTR shootout sleds arrive for certification. This cert will be done on Monday, Tuesday. Then Wednesday I go for routine colonoscopy (I couldn't talk the Dr into performing that on the dynotech table), then Thursday AM Bikeman is going to dyno two F8's on his way to Shootout (you will see that) .

Shootout is at Woodgate NY on Friday 12/10.

F7 TPS assessment-- the goofy numbers Looneytune and I have been getting apparently are the result of us getting the wrong AC TPS checkers, designed for ZR EFI's which have different wiring. So the jury is still out on how those few F7 hotrods are creating wickedly low fuel flow lb/hr and wickedly advanced timing.


Thursday, December 02, 2004

DynoTech : more F7s, streaming video etc

We dialed in another 05 F7 today, had 2 degree key and a D&D PAC. For a 500 ft drag spec Chris made 150.5 HP at 40 PSI on his PAC gauge (= 38 psi on my dyno gauge). Dropping pressure lower than that ran too lean-- dropped HP. These all really need to be dyno'd somewhere to be sure if you want to tune fuel pressure to max HP. I will try to post some of the incredible lean fuel bone stock hotrod results this weekend.

We're dialing in two more F7s tomorrow from  north of Albany NY, at the same time our webguys are coming to install cameras in the dyno--one in the control room, and one in the dyno room, both with audio pickups. So if all goes as planned, you will be able to observe the goings in both rooms while we hookup sleds on my dyno hydraulic lift. Then you can see/ hear the howling of the engines while the SuperFlow dyno accelerates the engines through the powerband and records the data posted on DTR. I'm hoping that we can connect the Superflow computer screen to the webpage so you can see, immediately the results of each dyno run. We'll know more about the ultimte capabilities of the live streaming video by Sunday.

Now on Sunday we're hoping to have our first consumer MachZ on the dyno. It would be good to have that data before Monday when the SkiDoo and Polaris SnowWeek/ DTR shootout sleds arrive for certification.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

DynoTech : Late developments before Shootout.......

Today I just dyno tuned another couple of very hot F7s from MA/ NH. One had too much HP, 93 lb/hr fuel flow (compared to 110-115 expected at this temp here). The other has almost as too much HP, 96 lb/hr. I will try to post some of these hotrods this weekend.

I have purchased an Arctic Cat TPS tester, and it appears that after using the Cat tester there is something wrong with the TPS' on these sleds (and the one we tested Wednesday).

Regardles of what the Cat manual suggests, normal TPS' idle at @ 2.8vdc and at WOT are 0 vdc.

The last three gonzo hotrod stock F7s appear to idle at correct voltage, but at WOT they are MORE THAN 0 VDC. I won't say what voltage they show, but these anomalies appear to have correct voltage at idle, 1/4,1/2,3/4 but then instead of dropping to zero volts they seem to hold 3/4 throttle voltage to WOT!  This could explain the wicked lean fuel flow of the hotrod F7s, combined what appears like advanced iginition timing! I want one of those for myself.

I believe this is a glitch in these particular TPS', not adjustment! The last two hotrods (brought here by custom tuner Mike Chudzik  of  Gill MA) had apparently perfect TPS voltage from idle to 3/4 but mysteriously that voltage locked there from 3/4 to WOT instead of dropping to 0! So at WOT the ECU probably thinks the throttle is at 3/ us crisply lean fuel and advanced timing that explains the 148 + HP we recorded on these bone stock sleds!

But remember before you roll back your TPS to similarly fool your ECU-- if you do that , then when you roll back to a true 3/4 throttle after a long lake blast the ECU wil think you're at 1/2 and you will  likely be toast. Normal TPSers are way better off with timing keys and PAC-like restrictors. But if you have one of the strange but too often recurring hotrods, beware of adding timing or dropping fuel pressure!

Committed Trail Mods are coming from Bender, D&D, Crankshop, Hooper, HTG, DynoPort, Bikeman and hopefull more will drizzle in..

The two cameras have arrived, and if my tech support people do their jobs you wil be able to watch the Dynotech certification live on the internet Monday, Tuesday, [I'm going for a colonoscopy on wednesday]. We're planning to have one camera/ sound in the control room, one camera/ sound in the dyno room so you can watch either or both? Then the Bikeman is hoping to dyno tune his two F8s live on Thursday AM before we head up to Old Forge on Thursday for the Shootout on Fri AM.