January 2006

Saturday, January 21, 2006

DynoTech : Weeks of 1/22 and 1/29

Monday, Kevin Freeman driving in from The Sled Shop in Presque Isle ME. Mach Z trail ported. CS twin pipes, Boondocker to dial in. Boondockered this Sled Shop trail sled to a safe 192 CHP at close to .70 lb/hphr, 125 lb/hr fuel flow on top end. also Boondockered out a vicious midrange .45-.47 lean spot at 50-70mph cruise. now it's dandily safe everywhere.

Tuesday Randy Haulman back again with revised nitrous oxide plumbing on his SkiDoo, new plumbing = good HP easily made 200 plus before cylinder ran low of liquid in his Boss Noss setup-- and that F7/F8 should be here for tuning this time this F8 was done by Racin Station and has excellent airflow and HP, picked up 8 HP with Bikeman pipe mod to boot. Also in PM a Canadian lakeracer F7 for tuning Craig's F7 trail port was done by Iantamassi (sorry about spelling) made dandy CFM and HP, also picked up 8 HP with Bikeman pipe mod, could have used Boondocker but we were able to get by with tweaking fuel pressure.

Wedneday Tim Ellis with a lake racer mod 1000cc TCat.150 psi compression, 44megatrons, D&D trail pipes = 218 CHP, Tim had a dynosheet on this engine from Anoka-Ramsey's SF901 dyno 220 CHP close enough.

Thurs-Tues off on ill-timed vacation to FL.

Wednesday 2/1 am Bikeman trail port single pipe F7.SnapOn Dick's F7 was surely one of the best, with BM pipe mod DDY and BM trail port, Boondockered on pump gas three Horsepower settings 161, 157, 154 (the last = Canadian trail setting .70+ lb/hphr)

Thursday 2/2 9am a stock Mach Z and CS pipes to be Boondocker tuned Mike's bone stocker w/ 05 map, CS domes wound up with three Boondocker HP settings, 192, 188, and 185. 11am a MXZ700 w/ mcDizzy ultra midrange package. we jetted, tweaked different reeds/ boost bottle combos made nearly 140hp, about 20 more than stock. 2PM a Union Bay Polaris 900  billet cylinder twin with SLP twin pipes, plan on testing pump gas and race gas domes (tentative--confirm on Wed) Rescheduled for Sat AM 2/ 4/06... dyno'd Sat AM, on race gas 182 HP with timing and jetting optimized, pump gas made 178 HP, Friday 2/3 AM Jeff J's homebrew trailport F7, 010" off head, 2.5 deg key, Boondocker, new Bikeman stamped pipe (clone of modded stock pipe?).Jeff's was another good one, but it took our BM mod stock single to reach potential of 158 HP,  154HP and 151HP (three Boondocker pump gas settings). Jeff's first Bikeman stamped clone pipe split the difference between bone stock single and BM mod single. Also a new DDYpipe added zero to this particular combo.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

DynoTech : Week of 1/16

This week will post dyno results Fusion 900 w/ SLP airbox/ ECU program, SLP single SLP can vs stock muffler, Dynoport Ypipe, Dynoport single, Dynoport can.

Monday AM Rob Schooping HTG Fusion (not sure if stock or otherwise) Boondocker N2O system tunup, if we have time a dyno pull on Rob's 1200 pump gas triple (as run at Shootout).  975 cc HTG Fusion with and w/o N2O will be posted this week with other Fusion dyno dumbers, also  will post HTG 1200cc pump gas triple.   Early PM dyno tune the same Bender RX1 turbo that made 400+ HP here, with some sort of tuning modifications spent 8 hours w/ Ted Jannetty and Casey Mulkin tweaking and tuning (394 HP), finished too late for Sean to dyno.  Late PM, Sean Ray's Dad's Fusion 600 (now big bore), hoping Rob Schooping brings a set of HTG twins to test on this engine will dyno Tues after F7 imp stock.

Tuesday AM, trail port MachZ w/ Crankshop twins still lacking parts, will reschedule. Tues PM an F7 Imp Stock from Maine, Jaws pipes Severely Boondockered the imp stock ECU, made 178 HP at 9500 RPM.

Wed AM nothing scheduled spent all day posting dyno numbers of stock Fusion with single pipes and HTG's 975 both n.a. and with Boondocker N2O. Wed PM Sean dyno'd his dad's 660 Fusion with stock pipe--Dynoport sent over one of their new Fusion 600 pipes to dyno with, but delivery person hid the pipe out back in a trailer and we never found it until we were done testing. I will try to post Sean's results this weekend.

Thursday three MachZ's, various trail mods including Bikeman big bore, CS twins, Bikeman mod single, etc. Jimmy Cooper is helping out with his computer to dial timing on each sled to max HP.
Two MachZ's now sheduled for Thurs, Bikeman big bore w/ Bikeman mod stock single, and stock bore Bikeman trail port w/ Bikeman mod stock single. Jimmy C will be there at 10 AM. Richard Lavanant's 05 MachZ was here recently bone stock except domes and pipe mod, this time he came back to dyno w/ trail porting and added about 20 CFM but only one HP, even with timing rolled around. Then we dyno'd Richard's dealer Russ Horn's big bore MachZ w/ quiet CS twin pipes, only 10 CFM more than Richard's single pipe 1000 and only about 10 HP more. Turns out we had 1000cc CS pipes on the big bore, need larger stingers, pipes are being updated by Crankshop. Should be back to redyno in a few weeks.

Friday Boondocker tuning an F9 with 50 HP Boondocker N2O.one of our 518 area code pals, this was a return trip (he discovered after first tuning session the his EGvalves had been in backwards). Boondocker seems to shut the engines off with a pop at about 40% fuel flow increase. The 50 HP nozzles were too much (required a total of 50% more fuel) so we welded four N2O nozzle holes shut with hot screwdriver, added nearly 25 HP to NA with no Boondocker shutoff.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

DynoTech : Friday 1/6 forward

.....Fri AM is reserved for an F9 twin piper that needs tuning if I can find a tech wrench to help out, I should know by wed results Bill LT helped dial this one in from 175 to 188 HP, adjusted carb vents and needle height to imrove mileage. Owner promises to install a H2O temp gauge to monitor.

Sat AM dyno'd Chris Nixon's  MachZ with Boondocker N2O, tweaked fuel numbers/ tweaked four N2O nozzles to add 80 HP on race gas. There had to be something partialy blocking N2O flow on prior MachZ Boondocker.

Sunday 1pm dyno tuning Greg Bennett's Polaris 780 twin with Aerocharger turbo. He will start with a model 53 then move up to a rare model 66 and add big boost.

Tuesday a new Apex with Hauck fuel control and maybe some mods, and one Fusion 900 to try some Fusion single pipes on!Did Ben's Fusion, tested w/ SLP pipe & can vs Stock muffler, then tried my DynoPort Ypipe, single and can. The Apex wasn't ready so we tweaked in a stock MachZ w/ Crankshop twins and Techlusion box (box was difficult to tune in).Tuesday PM hoping to have Sean Ray bring his dad's big bore Fusion 600 to try SLP single, DynoPort single, and maybe HTG can send us a set of their twins to try Still no pipes available for Sean to try. Rob Schooping had to cancel his Wed N2O session, rescheduled to Monday, he will try to bring a set of his twins for Sean to run.

Wed AM HTG's Rob Schooping is coming to dyno a Boondocker N2O equipped Fusion 900.cancelled until 1/17

Thursday two more MachZ's, some sort of secret test with one of the sleds said to need the big driveshaft. JIMMY COOPER WE NEED YOU HERE WITH YOUR COMPUTER TO ROLL TIMING ON BOTH SLEDS (he charges $50/hr to do that). Thurs PM a Firecat sort-of-stocker from WAY up north, begin thurs PM finish Friday AM. dialed in Boondockered CS trail port pump gas w/ CS twins 190+ very safe, struggled w/ Boss Noss on another Mach Z.

Saturday: 1) 830 SkiDoo twin, 2) ZR900 EFI, 3) M7 Racin Station F8 F8 couldn't make it, dialed in the same tweenerized 830 I posted on DTR a year ago (will try to repost new numbers w/ better head, tweeked timing, and dialed in Boss Noss N2O)

HOPE TO POST THIS WEEK SnowWeek/ DTR Shootout dyno certification results including SkiDoo hot box, some successful Nitrous numbers.