August 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

DynoTech : Hardcoresledder-no more for me

I've gotten inquiries from DTR subscribers about my absence from Hardcore Sledder. For a few years I was a banner advertiser on HCS, and the last time it expired I was a few weeks late with my check, no arguments there but instead of calling me (my phone number is on my website) to remind me my check was due, the woodchuck who operates the HCS website simply locked me out completely, deleted my banner ad, canceled my posting priviledges, then to rub salt posted a "LOL" post about me on HCS. I can envision this butthole Laughing Out Loud about turning off my posting priviledges. So I'm done with that website out of principal.

I have a good relationship with ODS Dan (who operates through Looneytoon Bill DiFranco, so any internet reading/ posting I do on Cat stuff will be on and/ or and/or SnowWest and when SnowWeek gets their website going correctly I'll surely be involved with that, since they're my (our) partner in the Old Forge Shootout.



Sunday, August 06, 2006

DynoTech : Month of August

STOCKERS WE SHOULD HAVE WITHIN 30 DAYS: Fusion EFI, Phazer, Cat 1000 2 stroke.

8/7 Monday 10 AM  Derek LaPorte Boondocker tuning an F7 Improved Stock. I love to tune Boondockers--Derek's homebrew 700 Improver took about three hours to hook up all flowmeters/ dyno connections then run ten dyno pulls to go from blubbering 150 HP to nearly ideal A/F ratio from 7000-9500 finally hit 180.2 or thereabouts on run ten, fairly flat A/F all the way. Boondocker settings varied from -40 to +25 depending on area in the powerband.

8/9 Wednesday PM Jim and Lynn Cooper coming back agian with their HTG MachZ triple 1000 PS to see if they have cured erratic fuel flow on big CS carbs with their solid mount engine. Wed PM still struggling--now fuel flow is too high because of oversize Needle & Seats (won't control mechanical pump pressure), ordered one size smaller will try again Friday, hoping to find the sweet spot on these carbs where fuel flow will be flat and predictable.

8/10 Friday PM, Looneytoon Bill with ODS' Cutler F10, trying high compression heads, looking to see how power and RPM peak is changed before Friday night 1/8th mile Lancaster drags. Bill's sort of on standby if we get done with Coopers' sled in time. Coopers gave up on solid mount stroker 1000/ CS 54mm carbs, back to Megatron 48s that gave much better fuel flow control, off to NYIRP to try to dial in. LT Bill was next, higher compression domes plus  removing the restrictive carb airbox (EFI is much better) got him over 200 HP, dropped his peak HP RPM by a couple of hundred revs. I need to post this  engine's results.

8/16 PM Sean Ray using the DTR CycleDyne eddy current roller dyno, mapping his Delphi EFI Softail Custom Twin Cam88 with Garrett ball bearing turbo. Shooting for 180lb/ft and 150 rwhp on his bone stock but boosted bike, pump gas.Sean couldn't get his laptop computer to communicate w/ his bike's ECU, will be back after he figures out software/ hardware glitch.

8/17 Thursday PM, Mark Cross' (Tripod Dan's brother) Yamaha Banshee quad, hooked to our SF901 via drive shaft from engine output shaft (don't call it countershaft) to dyno. Has nipped head, DynoPort twin pipes. Will dial in carburetion to perfection.I forgot how nice it is to dyno bike engines on our SF901 engine dyno. We have various splined adaptors to match drive sprocked splines, install a light driveshaft, punch the final drive ratio into the dyno computer and we get engine speed data. We picked up a solid 10% HP by simply tweaking A/F ratio to 13/1 (drag setup), rolling the ignition timing to max, and messing with the"boost bottle" connecting the two carb boots.

Maybe later Thurs PM, Dave Sanford w/ new HTG XCR 1000 triple improved stock. We were late getting started on Mark's Banshee, so we'll try to fit Daves mod in next week.
8/19 Saturday AM we have an anonymous 518er initials T.L. coming again with a MachZ twin, CS twins, Boondocker N2O hoping to match Billy Howard's 1250cc MachZ 300 HP with less motor and more juice.Tapped out at 280 today, while doing so I think we banged the reeds hard against the 8400 rpm rev limiter, maybe popped a few because we added more n2o, lost HP and struggled after that. Motor only was down 20hp after that rev limiter pop. TL will surely be back again. I must set dyno rev limit at 8350 just below stock ignition rev limit.

8/20 Sunday AM almost for sure 7 AM unlike my usual "crack of noon" starting time.  [make that 8 AM since Glenn got into town at 6:30 AM so he's napping until 8] Glenn Hall coming to dyno new F10 Cat. As of 8/16 Glenn was on his way to TRF to pick up some new F10s. His schedule looks like it will put him in Batavia late Sat PM, will try to crack one open and do a DynoTech breakin and get us some numbers, including seeing how closely they're tuned by Cat. Just got a call from Billy Howard who's planning to help out/ grab one of the sleds Glenn is bringing, so far it looks like a go for Sun AM, I think Glenn Hall will get to town late Sat so we can hit the dyno early Sunday. ****
Unbelievable, it was a hassle first time connecting F1K to dyno, new (better than hose clamped hoses) EFI connectors set us back but now we're ready to dyno tune F1Ks. If you watched on webcams you saw me struggle for contol at low revs just to pull the foreign load of the dyno from 1000 to 3000 rpm. I will try to post dyno results of out of the crate stocker, D&D airbox inlet mods (big) and D&D Ypipe (even bigger). I thought maybe glenn and Billy were goofing on me, tuning the torque knob when I was buying a new battery, but I checked torque again this is for real for sure. Won't need any fuel pressure dropping restrictor valves/ jets, maybe even a Boondockler to add fuel for the upnord multimile whackos.

just posted the Bikeman 1250 MachZ twin that Billy Howard dynod here recently, along with a full load of N2O.  Nick Piazza  helped me figure out how to put Jpeg files (graphs and photos) in my articles. What a genious. Thanks Bill D Looneytoon for helping me with that.

Thursday 8/24 HTG XCR800/1000 improved stock maybe PM.this was a struggle with this stroker small bore legal 1000--Tripod and Dan and Shane were strapped for time, bolted engine into chassis and brought it to dyno without firing it up first. The engine spit and sputtered refused to rev up, we found dyno cooling water in all three cylinders, popped the heads and discovered the wrong (too small diameter) Orings in the inner grooves. HTG fedexed the correct orings,  we installed them Friday let  silicone cure overnight (around studs). Then Sat AM  fired up and it refused to rev again, fiddled arounf for an hour or two, finally called  Jimmy Cooper who faxed a schematic we discovered the three coils were wired wrong, firing order was  all wrong.  Fixed that, braaap perfect made 266 on its first pull I told them to  go run it but greedy 'Pod wanted more, closed power jets 1/2 turn made 274 at 9600 (200 higher) but this was on the edge so he added 1/4 turn made 272 at 9500 that's the way they's run it. Note this engine had 48mm megatrons with air filters, ice cold water in engine 7 second pulls. Just the way they race it  in 500 ft (but hopefully less than 7 seconds). What should have been two hours on the dyno turned out to be eight hours. Moral of this story: make sure your engine runs clean and holds coolant before coming to dyno.

Next Mon/Tuesday Rob Schooping HTG with his Fusion 600 EFI ready to grassdrag, along with some helpers from Polaris Today John T Cowie was at HTG on business, picked up Rob's (I think they call it) IQ600, brought it to DTR now sitting on dyno table. Tomorrow I'm going to the auto parts store to get tools to disconnect fuel lines, then use automotive fuel line connectors to go from IQ600 fuel pump to dyno fuel flowmeter 1 then back to rail then another line from bypass regulator to dyno fuel flowmeter 2, then back to tank. Then the Superflow computer will compute fuel 1 minus fuel 2 to get us net fuel flow lb/hr. This is a bunch of work but necessary to see where we are with this new EFI sled.  I'm planning to do all connecting Tuesday, maybe get a baseline dyno run, then on Thursday Rob Schooping will come to dyno,  trying to get a production  DynoPort  single pipe to test by then.
8/30 Just posted stock numbers on DTR, cool pipe/ hot pipe including graph thanks to Nick. Hood closed same HP as hood open, waiting for Dynoport production single and a Bikeman mod stock pipe to try before we pull it off the dyno.