August 2005

Saturday, August 27, 2005

DynoTech : More dyno maintenance and DTR/SW update

Last week we blew out an aluminum water feed line in the dyno water tank--16 years of corrosive action from our city water ate the aluminum into white powder. After several days of replacing white dust with solid brass pipes/ pipe fittings we're about ready to go again.

I'm still waiting for a new gonzo-volume water valve--to control water into the dyno very much like a toilet refills the resevoir  behind the bowl. It should be here thisweek, and we'll be "cackling" again.

On Sunday I'm, driving  my favorite bike, a 99 Aerochargerd Triumph Tiger, 125 rwHP to Old Forge NY for a pre-05 DTR/ Snoweek shootout meeting with George taylaor and the Old Forge area dealers who have been partners in the Shootout..We're planning a conference call with Tim Erickson and John Prusak  to finalize details of this year's DynotechResearch/ Snoweek Adirondack Shootout.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

DynoTech : Tuning today

Today we're dyno tuning a couple of SkiDoos--one MXZ800 trail mod big bore 827, and one 670HO. Starting at 9am. Jimmy Cooper is coming over with his computer to roll the timing on the MXZ to see where it is happiest with.

Friday, August 19, 2005

DynoTech : F7 carbed update

I'll be posting this stuff soon, but our carbed F7 tested earlier--now with 020 cut on head and Bikeman pipe mod and D&D Ypipe is well over 150 hp with max HP jetting. The D&D Y pipe was good for 3-4 HP extra with the Bikeman stock pipe, less on the stock pipe since the combo of 9 degrees added timing and added compression was trying to shove the HP peak lower than where the stock pipe was happy at. Remember this F7 carbed stocker began life at about 122 hp on the dyno last year and look where we are now! Watch for detailed dyno results of this sled.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

DynoTech : new DTR HP record

Chuck Hamrah/ Frank Jarocki's  Bender Stage3 turbo  was tuned yesterday to 415 HP. My armpits are just now drying out.  If you look at the  webcam in the dyno control room, we have the corrected HP  digital readout filling the screen so you can clearly see the HP numbers, with real time replay of the last dyno run. That is programmed to replay over and over until I switch it off. That's an excellent "screen saver". I'll post the actual dyno sheet later.

Wednesday we're doing some more stuff on an 04 carbureted F7 including Bikeman modded stock pipe, I'm going to try to get a D&D Ypipe by then to test as well.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

DynoTech : Brute HP shootout

During our brute HP tuneup Saturday the sled lost fuel pressure (fuel leak at electric pump) and detonated the turbo Price 1000cc Mach Z triple, but before we stopped we made 308 HP at less than 10 psi boost. He will be back with freshened up engine, looking for 350+ HP. Interesting note--the engine had Swaintech coated pistons, we ate three sparkplugs but the engine showed no signs of seizure--no  scratches on cylinder walls. But to play it safe, turbo and engine will be examined and freshened up if necessary and then back later to finish dyno tuning.

Monday 8/15 Bender Racing is bringing a new RX1 turbo drag sled to dyno tune for Chuck Hamrah. Expecting 350+HP maybe 400? The sled is coming at 8:30AM EST it will take about one hour to set up for dyno tuning. Dyno runs should begin at about 9:30 or so, watch your dynocams to see if DTR HP record is broken.

Friday, August 12, 2005

DynoTech : DynoUpdate

Last Sunday Sean Ray completed the updates on our SuperFlow Cycledyn roller inertia/ eddy current motorcycle dyno. Now we read A/F ratio with up to two O2 sensors. And if we fit our original airflow meter to the engine, the computer can then give us fuel flow lb/hr and BSFC. One new feature of the new software is it gives you SAE corrected HP and also something called DJ Corrected HP. That is the HP a DynoJet dyno would give you which is typically 10% happy compared to SF numbers. That was my suggestion to them 10 years ago when they developed the Cycledyn and found their numbers accurate but 10% lower than DynoJet. Since there are 1000's of excellent DynoJet dynos out there, why not make comparable numbers possible? Now we have that option.

At 8:30 AM we'll begin our first dyno session with John DiAngelo's 1000cc MachZ triple mod drag sled w/ model 66000 Aerocharger turbo. He'll surely be looking for 300++++ I haven't heard from Bender's Terry Paine yet today but he was hoping that I could dyno the RX1 turbo drag sled they built for Chuck Hamrah. Chuck will surely be shooting for 400. It might be fun viewing on the dynocams.