November 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

DynoTech : December Schedule, Shootout XXI &tc

12/1 518er Craig Horn, F12 trail mod for PCV tuning

12/2 Tom Anthony tuning an IQ600 mod from HTG

12/3 Koz bros PCV tuning two Cat 800 hilldraggers--one stocker on imp stock? cancelled

12/4 three new stock 800s Etec, ProR, and F8 for comparison w/ zero miles

12/5 Koz bros again with the two 800 cats, plus Glenn Hall tuning on Koz' new Xfire901 turbo

12/6-7-8 Dyno certification of the AmSnow DTR Adirondack Shootout sleds 12/7 tested SkiDoos and Polaris' then 12/9 will test Yamaha and Cats...12/8 doing minor dyno maintenance

12/9-10 off to the shootout

12/11 PM OSP Jim and crew dyno testing their turbo Nytro Lakeracer Shootout sled

12/12 AM OSP Jim and crew trying to break my dyno with their Apex drag sled

12/14 Bob Quigley dyno tuning a Z1 Lakeracer

12/15 jeff griswold htg d8 trailmod, PCV tune 

12/16 Chicken DT Jim back up to Hamilton Ontario Canada for a followup visit. anyone who hates dentist's needles, scalpels, scrapers, and sadistic dental hygenists as much as I do needs to visit Dr. Gabor Filo in Hamilton who (1) specializes in dealing with paranoia like mine (2) has the most pleasant and compassionate dental hygenist Jill and (3) has a $150,000 laser system that can painlessly remove not only cavities but also subgingival calculus! In the U.S. the FDA has not yet approved this dandy equipment which is also used in Europe and Asia, so if you must get your teeth cleaned beneath your gums in th U.S. you must put up with torture--or just drive to Canada and get it done properly and [nearly] painlessly.

12/17 Tom Anthony trying for big power on IQR600 mod, engine plate

12/18 Long Islander tommy santorufo tuning an F7 trail mod 

12/20 SLED Shop Inc, Presque Isle ME turbo SkiDoo 4tek tuning w/ FPP Justin Fuller

12/21 Nathan Ackland, Ontario Engine Tech 900 for Boondocker tune

Monday, November 01, 2010

DynoTech : November schedule &tc

Cold dry air is here, no matter what the outside temp is-- so we can tune EFI for winter use!

11/6 & 7 Jim Burlow & Torrey from Salt Lake City with their own EFI controller, testing on boosted and NA M1000 sleds.

11/8 Casey Mulkins w/ new ProRide 800 production sled

11/9 Tim Bounds Dragon 800 Boondocker N2O tune

11/10 Bill Capizzi two hill drag sleds

11/11 going to Hamilton Ontario to get my teeth cleaned of subgingival calculus with Lazer technology not approved in U.S. thanks to DDS lobby money. Thanks to Yamaha radar run madman Dan Jalbert for turning me on to this [supposedly] painless dentistry (Dan sells this equipment).

11/14 Dead 1 Dave Craiglow, new Stock Arctic Cat Crossfire/ M800 Single  PIPE SHOOTOUT

stock vs D&D, SLP, BMP, Speedwerx

11/16 Dick Ritter, Kennedy RV Powersports XF1000 BMP trail mod for Adirondack Shootout 

11/17 Don Pitoniak trying big throttle bodies on a XF800 trail mod

11/18 John Swan F7 big bore for Boondocker tuning

11/19 Gino 09 F8 Power Commander tune

11/20 tentative Casey Mulkins with the 2011 ProRide 800, custom cylinder shim kit/ custom Sean Ray stock head to match, expecting big HP to match the other 800s rescheduled to 11/29pm or 11/30pm

 11/23 Jamie Loson from Don's Polaris in Old Forge, testing the newest D8 flash with stock and with CPR twin pipes. wot fuel flow and ignition timing was no different than the earlier flashes, and could not see much midrange those who have the april flash should just stay with the PCV map you are using...and if Polaris has indeed added sorely needed midrange fuel you might note some midrange rich burble or laziness--then you can just reduce the midrange adder by 2-3% at a time until it's riding crisply. And as I predicted, those CPI twin pipes need CPR...results posted next... 

11/26 Rob Weiss RK Tech F8 for boondocker tuning, PM Justin Megliore D&D ported F7, single pipe and PCV tuning

11/28 Dead 1 Dave back again to test a new BMP Ypipe and SLP ex system on his XF800 stocker, plus some center section exhaust temp experimentation for stock dragracing. 

11/29 Bill Swoyer more hilldrag tuning

11/30 Joe McCarrow XP800 tune--PM Casey Mulkins with shimmed cylinders on the ProR800