February 2006

Sunday, February 19, 2006

DynoTech : weeks of 2/19 and 2/26

I forgot to mention on 2/14 we spent four hours boondockering (and installing a key) with Sam from South of Detroit, a Bikeman F8 with BM single and stock muffler came up with four beautiful Boondocker fuel curves, HP from 155 to 161, posted power/ fuel curves on DTR.

Feb 20 HTG will be back again with ported MachZ with Boondocker and Crankshop twin pipes. Also blasting some N2O (don't call it noss) after NA tuning is done.boondockered from 192 to 197, stock compression (this included making a reed change and picking up 10 cfm and 4HP). Tuned conventional N2O kit to 268HP on good gas.

Feb 21 John Z bringing an 1100 big bore MachZ and a Cutler F10.F10 cancelled. John Z's 1100 easily made 200 on pump gas low .60's with 137 lb/ft NA, this time we got excellent HP out of  John's Boondocker EFI N2O which added 42 HP with two five hole foggers in the outer airbox...at only 500 psi cylinder pressure.

Feb 23,  JR  bringing troublesome F7  w/ SLP twins, modified to fit stock muffler, Boondocker to tune in. added a bunch of part throttle fuel, took away various amounts of top end fuel to try to obtain decent mileage and safe .70 lb/hphr WOT BSFC on JRs bone stock F7. These twins into the stock muffler were quiet but unruly at 7200 rpm valve opening I think because at about 6700 the HP begins to tail off as revs climb, then jumps about 30 HP as soon as valves open.  This would be less noticable in the field on 05 and 06 models since valves open in the field as soon as throttle is whacked. 2/27 update JRs dad called sled runs poorly in the field, plugs scary gray, I'm concerned since  we dialed in fuel flow at .70 then dropped numbers that should have created .65 and more HP on the dyno but it dropped HP. Was the stock muffler choking airflow CFM and creating deto? JR may come back in a week to try the real SLP can.

Feb 27, Intimidator Jim bringing his F7 stocker to try some fine tuning prior to going to Phatman  Shootout. Phatman Shootout cancelled, we learned a lot today about Intimidator's HP peak RPM depending on pipe temp. He and Fast Eddy will be at Big Moose this weekend with an all-new helix to match dyno RPM.

Feb 28 and/ or March 1, more CycleDyn (SuperFlow eddy current roller dyno) endurance testing on packing material on motocross race muffler. Also one or more of those days, a local performance company will be boosting performance of Cat 660 turbo.Today 2/28, local automotive performance shop savvy w/ car turbo/ supercharging came with bone stock T660 with  their own electronic upgrades (boost/ fuel/ timing/ parameter protection overrides), would you believe on their pump gas 165 CHP hot engine/ cool intercooler stab? Long pull hot intercooler still well over 150 on pump gas. They are planning to sell a plug-in deal that has these overrides.

March 1 PM going to Batavia Holiday Inn Yamaha show to look at the new Phazer. Will offer to barter coctails for use of a Phazer for a few hours on the dyno after show. No barter deal would work here, these truck guys just wanted to go down the road to next stop.

March 2 AM more dyno endurance testing of aftermarket motocross bike muffler packing. One muffler user is Ricky Carmichael who eats packing in one race, but last weekend was bounced for fuel violation after winning race.  Could nasty gas eat packing?

March 2 PM  three sleds to dyno: #1  a HO800 SkiDoo (dynod stock a few weeks ago) with  custom low dome pistons to alter port timing w/ custom head dropped into cylinder more on this situation later. #2  Dan Forte's XC700 stock cylinders w/ HTG twin pipes, cut head, timing cranked,  147 HP at .60 lb/hphr. #3 John T Cowie's XC600 looking for more HP on his twin pipe trail mod sled cut 1/2" from center section cut 1/2" from header pipe, should have gained a few hundred revs, and gained 5 or more HP? lost 10 HP.

Friday, February 03, 2006

DynoTech : weeks of 2/5 and 2/12

2/6 AM HTG trail port XCR800/ Edge 600 chassis The HTG pump gas XCR800 trail port with HTG pipes made 180 at .70 and 192 at .58 lb/hphr, HP peak from 8200 to 8500 depending on fuel flow.
2/7 AM Charlie Primmer with a troublesome Hooper 1365 triple.Charlie and I struggled with this, HP peak was  not smooth-- humps and valleys, while changing main jets noticed only a drizzle of gas in float bowls after 10 second dyno runs, found  1.5mm needle and seats fouled a bit with corrosion/ debris, switched to new 2.0mm n&s and  had to jet down to achieve same lb/hr fuel flow. No more humps and valleys, Charlie's radar run sled is still a bit low on HP with 270 (considering displacement) but should not surge and gurgle anymore like it did with undersize partially obstructed n&s's.
2/8 AM Larry Frasier ZR900 with full D&D trail package porting/ pipes/ Boondocker we tweaked Larry's sled to safety with 170HP, high .60s BSFC but the EVs opened way too early for twin pipes, early EV opening = airflow drop causing rich condition that we had to go negative with boondocker to partially correct
2/9 AM Vince and Bill Logan, 518ers (518 area code HP madmen) Vince' juiced/ piped Mach Z tickled 250 HP, Bill's all-motor MachZ out-HP'd Chuckaroo by a few tenths of a HP, will post Bill's dyno sheet.
2/10 a HTG ported CS twin pipe MachZ, also with juice to boot made 198 on mostly last season's pump gas left in tank, but never got chance to shoot N2O since we frosted a plug in midrange trying for 200--that makes two frosted MachZ 2-pipe plugs on two sleds (caught before seizure could occur) in midrange with seemingly safe A/F ratio and BSFC. Need to boondocker these twin pipers heavy in middle WOT to make them safe.
 2/11 AM thru 2/12 noon Marathon session, 5 [Massachusets] sleds to dyno tune (maybe we'll begin Friday PM).Ed Derby and pals; spent most time with a troublesome Pol 800 twin w/ billet 900 cylinders, made way less airflow CFM and HP than a different brand billet 900 Pol twin topend tuned here two weeks ago. Will investigate cause. Had better luck with same brand billet 860 cylinders. But that sled had boondocker carb N2O kit that was impossible to dynotune (as opposed to EFI boondocker N2O which are a delight to dyno). I don't think the boondocker system of pressurizing floatbowls to add fuel can possibly work reliably with any sort of HP--I will post those results. Anyone who is making good HP with that kit please email me.  Ed dyno tuned two Carl's Cycles built Polaris twins--a low comp 660 that made mid 140's and a 800 twin trailport that made 155 with a quiet single pipe (nearly as much CFM and HP as the troublesome billet 900 created with twin pipes).  Finally a previously often-seized F7 carb 780 big bore, now tuned to mid 150's HP at .70 lb/hphr and similar very safe BSFC in cruise mode at all midrange part throttle positions on the dyno. All tuning done with 120 degree F coolant temp. Sled is now fitted with coolant temp gauge.
2/14 late PM, Sam Verduce Boondocker tuning on  Bikeman F8 single pipe trail sled Sam's F8 dyno session was four hours, added 2.5 degrees of timing, dialed in  160+ Hp at .65 BSFC and a second boondocker map 157 HP at .70x lb/hphr BSFC from 7300 to 8000 RPM. one hour of the test session was devoted to creating optimum cruise A/F ratio to obtain safe fuel flow without drowning engine, expect now an extra 3 mpg?
2/16 AM a tweaked F7 non-Boondocker will dial in with fuel pressure if necessary Five Star Ken had 04 stocker with reprogrammed ECU, Bikeman mod stock pipe, 2.5deg key, only 98 lb/hr fuel flow at 44 psi gave him 154 HP @.low .60s lb/hphr NO FUEL CHOKE ALLOWED also tried his MBRP can, lost 5 HP you will see that on Ebay. PM John T Cowie's infamous Ultra now 1080cc HTG mod, now a bit more compression and stock can removed in favor of higher flowing individual silencers/ stingers.JohnT's HTG Ultra made 261 HP this time, with ice cold water in the engine like he does dragracing--with fresh fuel and good vaporizing carbs like Lectrons there are no cold seizures.