June 2011

Sunday, June 05, 2011

DynoTech : Spring- summer 2011 schedule etc

4/20 Chukaroo Hamrah/ Steve Petshke very powerful PS1000 asphalt drag engine.

4/21 PAer Marty Walborn, full mod Banshee drag quad w/ billet 850cc engine.

4/21 pm Dave Weisner/ Steve Mazolla 936cc Storm asphalt drag engine

4/22 Ron Cooper SkiDoo 600 mod water racer

4/22pm Ryan Muehlig Polaris 600 mod water racer

5/7 TR McGinnis Yamaha YFZ450 making more power with Wood drag exhaust. Photo shows how we dyno tune quads, with measured fuel flow gravity fed from a Holley float bowl to the carbs.


5/16 anonymous racer tuning a crankshop SkiDoo 800 twin full mod

5/25 Gene Hurin w/ HTG 1000 triple improver, testing the new Lectron 50 mm carbs. Gene was the victim of stale C14--the worst of the worst when it comes to losing it's light ends--he bought it from a supplier in Albany NY out of a re-sealed 50 gallon drum, came here and on the first pass four-corner seized it at a "safe" 12/1 and 80 degree F coolant. So now we know that it was net lean-to-death 16/1 in the combustion chamber, then the globules of unvaporized fuel were vaporized by heat and burned in the pipes, fooling the wideband measuring A/F ratio at the pipe outlet. So piston was fixed, and Sunoco Maximal from a full new drum was used, no change in carb settings, ran 20 passes with even leaner power jet settings down to 13/1 and no problem. I like those new 50mm carbs too!

5/27 Chad Andolina w/ SkiDoo 800 triple asphalt sled

6/3 Mark Cross Banshee 350 mod field drag quad, added 12 hp with maxed out jetting/ timing!

6/3pm Tripod Dan Cross dyno tuning his HTG1250 triple--added 20 hp by removing bad race pipes and installing pipes from his PS1000 engine.

6/4 Dave Waters, KTM950 flat tracker w/ intake restrictors, featured in last month's Cycle World

6/6 Matt Wise, Yamaha SRX600 imp stock

6/7 Kevin Hazel Harley XR750 flat tracker w/ intake restrictors

6/12 Ken Coolbeth (AMA #2) from CT, 2011 Kaw KXF450 flat track modified engine--were slower on the track than the 57hp dyno sheet the engine builder gave him, made 50 HP here, local bike engine modifier is redoing the engine, expect 60 real HP next time.

6/13-16 Glenn Hall w/ D&D Z1 Magic Turbo system, turbo engine testing different tubochargers and throttle bodies. 506 HP at 41-42psi boost--will post the actual dyno test results...

6/17 Frankie Amalfie Vmax SX 700 stock engine w/ Hauck Husher pipes

6/17 Jim Chittenden ZRT600 light mod asphalt racer w/ Aaen pipes

6/18 Chad Andolina back again with new Jaws race pipes for his SkiDoo 800 triple mod asphalt racer

6/24 anonymous racer with Crankshop 800 twin race engine

6/25 John Dandrea w/ D&D SS 900 Firecat, winter tune with cold dry air system 80 degrees and humid today, used cold air system to feed 30 degree dry air to the intake, Boondocker "internet map" was too safe 171hp at .75 lb/hphr, we tuned John's F9 EFI to pump gas safe 174hp at .70 and also a lakerace map 179hp at .60

6/26 Alex Izzo with Triumph Daytona 675 w/ home-built Rotrex supercharger system--tuned PCV to 155 RWHP at 11.8/1 (took about three hours to create a boost-friendly map).

6/27 Jesse Calvert F7 stock dragracer

7/5-8 gone fishing with my 12 yr old son Marty.

7/10-7/13 AMA #2 Ken Coolbeth Kawasaki 450 flattrack racer Ken had this engine modified, got a 57hp dyno sheet from the builder, bike was slow at the track, brought it here with local bike engine modifier Ron Jewell (RLJ Racing), dyno tested here at 49hp (less hp than stock)...Ron tweaked the ports, lowered compression, modified the exhaust and on 7/13 made 59hp. Now the bike is fast.

7/16 Sean Ray new FatBoy 96" getting normally aspirated baseline fuel numbers on his new stock H-D Fatboy 96 cu in engine with much larger Delphi injectors. This was to prepare for installing one of his Garrett ball bearing turbo systems with new Power Commander V with new boost/ intake temp sensor. Planning to display the bike at Sturgis w/ DynoJet. Expecting 200 RWHP with 96 cubic inches, hence the need for larger injectors.

7/16 Make Hatcher RLJ Honda CRF250

7/19 James Ristoli/ engine builder/ tuner Floridian Ryan Kelly two Suzuki 600 roadrace bikes, tuning for max power with Yoshimura EFI ECU/ software.

7/30 Tripod Dan testing an unhappy PS1000 engine

8/5 Sean Ray using CycleDyn to Power Commander/ power Vison tune his new all black FatBoy stock 96" engine (turbo cams and heads) with an all-black turbosystem he manufactures (SeanRayTurbosystems). He was planning to display/ demo the bike with the DynoJet guys at Sturgis, took him 30 minutes to create a perfect tune, made well over 200hp here, then 214hp out at Sturgis without breaking a sweat. fatboy ran 10.4 and 132mph at NYIRP

8/9 Brad Crocker tuning Pol 600 twin Flannery mod, DynoPort pipes

8/10 Justin FPP tuning on an Etec 800 turbo

8/18 Sean Ray tweaking on a PS800 polaris twin, cams off.

8/25 Billy Howard's bad-ass 2012 Cat ProCross 800 (incredible results posted now)

8/28 Sean Ray tweaking more on the PS800 polaris

8/29 John Diangelo dialing in a new MSD/ new bigger FPP turbo on his SkiDoo 1000 triple

8/31 Barry Taggart, PS1000 Yamaha triple FPP

8/31 Barry Taggart IS700 Yamaha triple FPP

8/31 Jim Chittenden Cat ZRT600 mod





Friday, June 03, 2011

DynoTech : Equipment upgrades!

Here's the aforementioned dyno starter drive sysem! Now we can remotely start engines from either driveshaft. That's a Polaris sled ring gear bolted to a custom fabbed aluminum flywheel. Gone is the $550 German overrunning sprag clutch (that needed relacing every few year$) that used to belt-drive the right hand shaft from the original Cummins diesel starter seen mounted below.

Now I've converted the original big starter motor to being a "booster" to help small, or poorly carbureted race engines spin the shafts/ dyno absorber up to whatever RPM they begin making power at! Those who have tuned small engines on big dynamometers know how critical part throttle tuning is to get the engines to spin themselves along with the drag/ weight of a big absorber. And some 340/440 race engines might not even "come on the pipe" until 7-8000 RPM. Sometimes, out of desperation, we would squirt N2O into small race engines to get them to rev up from idle on the dyno. But now, I have mounted a small 5-rib Whipple supercharger pulley onto the main dyno driveshaft (seen close to the guard near the absorber). That pulley is driven by a serpentine belt/ belt tensioner and larger 6" diameter ribbed pulley mounted on ball bearings below. That large ribbed pulley is driven by the big original starter vis a small driveshaft, and is engaged with a magnetic clutch. Now, when the big starter button is pushed, it will overdrive the dyno absorber and shafts up to 9500RPM. Bring on those little vintage race engines!

Also note the slick machine-lettered aluminum plate fitted with Jiffy-Tite fuel quick-couplers, showing fuel in and out of each flowmeter (meters won't read if plumbed backwards!), organizing that awful rats-nest of hoses, making EFI hookup to sleds with bypass (requiring subtracting bypassed fuel from gross flow) easier than ever.


Here are the three walkin freezer compressor units that are thermostatically operated from the dyno control room. Below is a photo from inside the cold room, showing the three condenser units--each connected to one of the compressors outside the left wall. Just visible behind the condenser stack is a 10" diameter air intake pipe that draws "makeup" air from the roof of the building. As the engines consume air (via an insulated duct from the opposite wall to the engine's airbox inlet), replacement air is drawn in to the area directly behind the condensors. Note the PVC pipes from each condenser which carry away the water that condenses as humid air is cooled.