April 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

DynoTech : Month of April

punching in info from annual Disneyworld trip, mistake this time doing it during Easter recess. Long lines and blisters, but Eight year old son Marty is having a great time.
Last Friday before we left we redyno tested Don Malcom's HTG Storm 1000 stroker engine, now with stock motor mounts, fuel flow was perfect, a troublesome trail sled has been rectified. Details after I get back this weekend.
New SkiDoo 800revXP prototype coming from Canada next week, will do a baseline dyno evaluation and see if the Bikeman 800R single will fit the new chassis. Stay tuned. dyno test done, will post this week with comparison with Rev800 DPM...

4/16 monday Glenn Hall's coming to attempt to take away Greg Bennett's twin cylinder turbo sled engine record. Glenn is bringing a Firecat w/ F1000/1200 D&D nitrous engine (moderate timing and compression) twin pipes with megaload of N2O via Boondocker. Needs to tune it here to dial in Boondocker, and see what RPM the HP peaks at with cold and hot pipes. I told Greg Bennett that his record may fall Monday, and Greg said to tell Glenn that his turbo sled will be in the dyno parking lot staging lane on monday PM with the boost controller hose yanked off just in case. Boondocker N2O is delivering max 180lb/hr with injectors wide open, very lean off the trailer with the twin N2O system glen had installed with drilled out nozzles, so we installed an upgrade fuel pump flowed easy 210 lb/hr then we were able to tune to 363hp with safe fuel flow. Will put details on website.

4/20 AM Dead 1 Dave Craiglow coming with Rob Schooping to test new HTG F1000 big bore (1180 I think) lake race/ asphalt engine. this is 14/1 100 octane engine, made 141 plus at 160++lb/ft, close to rev limiter (HPpeak at 8000) even with max offset key. Had Carl McQuillen EDM a 5 degree advanced keyway 185 degrees from stock, engine wouldn't fire --ignition pickups are different from side to side, unlike F7 carb flywheels that are ambidextrous. So D1Dave filed down his 4 degree offset key even more, but ran out of his original sunoco race gas, added 4 gallons of someone else's race gas maybe left over from last year's oval track racing season? Spit and sputter, not tunable, no more useful data with added timing to get revs down to 78-7900, my opinion is this gas is dead, Dave will be back again next week or so with FRESH 110 octane gas and try again.

4/21 AM 80cc Yamaha flat track mod two stroke on SuperFlow eddy current bike dyno 23rwhp, after jetting and rolling ignition timing.

4/24 pm Tony Buczak w/ our original DTR F7carbed sled with all that extra timing (7 degrees added right now), now HTG ported, extra compression, D&D lite pipe. added compression seemingly bit us in the butt, lost hp and lost rpm, but mag carb is running dark plug insulator now, need to autopsy carb rack and come back with EGTs in Ypipe to see if we can find the gremlin.
late PM  Tripod Dan and  Dan Forte with either  Denny Richards' XCR1200 or  a  ported/ Dynoport pipe Yamaha Banshee (I have custom splined dyno shaft adaptors to connect to bike/ 4 wheeler output shafts). Dyno tuned Denny's HTG XCR1200, cured a troublesome lectron carb by swapping mag and center carbs, began with 280hp got fuel flow equal on all three cylinders, rolled timing to optimum, wound up with 301.4 plus measuring center section temp have HP peak RPM nailed perfectly for clutching from 400 degrees to 900 degrees F (500 rpm swing).
4/25 am Jeff Sherlock with two sleds--stroker F7/9 WITH 100HP load on N2O and a MachZ. Jeff and new engine owner Tony arrived with the same F9 stroker (860cc) we dynod here earlier, with timing backed to stock and boondocker enrichened the 193hp engine made about 172 ultra safe and ready for N2O. Tony had installed a nice working "wet" system with separate fuel pump for N2O, and we tweaked and tuned his fuel and N2O jets to 245hp but still safe and fat .80 lb/hphr. Next we increased N2O nozzles to use the 180 lb/hr fuel flow  and proceeded to  explode the left combustion chamber out of  the head. Just like John Force might do on a 325 mph pass. Those of you watching on dynocam saw the dynoroom camera lens fog up with water/steam when the head disintegrated. I'll windex that lens tomorrow. The stock cast head was machined wider and deeper to accept the larger bore and longer stroke, and we surely found the  limit of this compromised head casting--180 lb/ft torque. Next will be a billet (hopefully not bathtub) style head machined to match compression, they are promising to be back to try for 300, incredible from a "small block"  Cat.
 4/26 10am Buffalo Bob Blizniak, Bender 830 big bore triple for fine tuning carbs and to see where the HP peak is.This SRX big bore trail mod made 186hp at 8500 on pump gas, winter jets, easily could have jetted for conditions and made 190, but fat and safe made well over 180 for 500rpm. Still a popular mod now done by DynoPort/ Bender in Colden NY.

4/30 PM or tuesday PM, stock Suzuki Hayabusa 1300 to baseline bone stock then add Yoshomura bolton mufflers and tune in a Power Commander 3. Now that bike season is here, I'll tweak the angle of the dyno room camera to catch the fun on my SuperFlow eddy current bike roller dyno. The motorcycle aftermarket is like any other aftermarket--sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you don't--these mufflers plus power commander ($700 plus $100 dyno tune) netted about one rear wheel HP not the 7 RWHP promised, even maxing HP by dialing in poer commander. Stock 160.6 with Yosh carbon fiber mufflers 161.8.