January 2007

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

DynoTech : Month of February

2/1 Trevor Bovard w/ two mod F8 Firecats, one Rev 830 big bore.First F8 was a clone of the sled Trevor brought earlier, this one was a bit higher in midrange tq and hp, a bit less top end hp, needed totally different Boondecoker settings. Second F8 gave us fits, huge fuel flow from 7200 on up, even -99 at 7200 couldnt cure it, ECU from first sled and Boondocker from first sled didnt help so quit this one [turns out the sled owner had EGV cables installed backwards so the ecu went into trouble mode]. The 830 has been very fast in the field, but dyno airflow cfm and hp numbers were low, not much better than stock. Going back to autopsy [maybe bad reeds, mousenest in muffler, etc?], will be back after issues dealt with. Also had a HTG proX 900 twin, 180hp but weeping coolant into mag combustion chamber, Dan and Dan are rectifying at their shop near the dyno.
2/2 Pete Nixon, F7.cancelled
2/5 Chris taking another crack at his Cudney 830.cancelled
2/6 Justin Fuller (took over Bender turbo business as Full Power Performance) with ABay/ Goose Bay madman Stanley Parker's RX1 with new bigger turbo shooting for 400? 410 with only 19psi boost thanks to Justin's cylinder head tweaks... PM tentative Dan and Dan with their formerly vibrating Storm Stroker 1000 improver.cancelled
2/7 Jeff Sherlock Firecat F9 stroker.864cc, made 182 HP with single pipe and stock muffler, 193 HP with D&D monster twins.
2/8 Aaron Luczak F1000 all D&D stuff, tuning Boondocker in AM stock head, trailport easy tune to 200hp, tweaked midrange to get rid of bog? no lean midrange on this one.
early pm, two 518ers with lake racer MachZ's microphones off HP secret, second MachZ had Boondocker troubles with N2O system, will be back again maybe with 4 injector Boondocker? Late PM Mike Gross one more time with 1107 cat, this time with shortened Jaws pipes to reduce torque but revs higher, HP higher than before. Heading for Lanzis.
2/9 am F7 trail sled for fuel pressure tuning (early ECU with key and BMP mod stock pipe).  trail porting, 03ecu only needed fuel pressure restrictor to drop fuel flow from 110 lb/hr to 98 lb/hr to make 155hp on pump gas.
2/12 nothing scheduled this week. Time to post some more info.
2/13 early PM, Trevor Bovard with the troblesome F8 once more, plus an XC800 w/ SLP head and twin pipes. Late PM Dan and Dan with the 1000 storm stroker. Trevor had trouble again--this time flatlined at 165ish hp, then hp dropped, leakdown high on both cylinders, coolant getting into engine will be back one more time...but the SLP twin pipes and head on Rick Ws stock XC800 made 160+ HP...
2/15 Boyeson Reeds another test with stock MachZ to test reed cages/ wings once more, a new sled Joe bought has broken in now, stock for sure. Jim Cooper coming to fine tune and monitor/ control engine.cancelled
2/17 am Glenn Hall w/ D&D F1000 w/ 1200 big bore for a DTR tune/ number--this one ripped the connector bolts out of D&D's dyno driveshaft yesterday, so they want to finish tuneup here Sat AM (and try to rip my connector bolts out).160 lb.ft with single pipe and twin pipes,  226 and  235hp respectively and the molecules in my grade 8 bolts are still holding hands. Will post these dyno sheets this week.
2/20 Justin's and Jonas' F7 and MXZ800 trial stockers Justin's F757 w/ BMP mod stock single with no tuning made 160 (very lean 04 ecu) added wet N2O tuned N2O jets to add 40hp...Jonas' MXZ800 made 138 stock added 4 hp to 142 with Dynoport single then added 32 hp with a safely tuned wet N2O system. In PM Greedy twins Tripod Dan and Danno with their IS1000 Storm, looking for consistant fuel flow and more HP.went back to stock motor mounts, removed reed spacers so filters weren't hitting frame, fuel flow was 50% better, but pto 48 megatron had egt temp way off from the other two,  200 degrees higher stayed that way even with powerjets cranked wide open the other two at 1/2 turn...danno switched pro and middle carb to see if hot egt follows the carb and now with all powerjets at 1/2 turn egts are identical and HP is higher...needed to jockey the dial indicated needles to create identical EGTs with identical  powerjet settings now perfect,  tried  tighter stingers not happy, cranked another 2 degrees of timing added two more HP now solid 256-257hp quite good for an old Storm  1000.
2/21 Schools closed, will have my 8 yr old son to watch over. I'll take him to lunch at McDonalds, probably the only father and son there that get a senior coffee and a happy meal.
2/22 Scott coming from MI to dial in a SLP ported Fusion w/ Boondocker, has SLP single and a set of CS twins to test, wants to compare with HTG big bore Fusion tested here considering the value of HP added by bigbore for possible summer project. Then Scott will squirt some N2O into the engine w/ Boondocker N2O system.with SLP single and reflashed ecu with all zeros on Boondocker made 115 lbft and 160hp at 7300,  added  28 hp with two five hole  N2O nozzles  HP slid up a few hundred revs which will make for easy clutching.

2/24 going down to Loon Lake Sat AM for some hardpack lake running with my HTG1000. Red edge with chewed up mudflap (I have the old Firecat track off of HTG Rob's 1200 edge with skidframe extended by HTG Joe and those 2" long carbide picks ate my new mudflap) and goofy 600 decals that I just havent had time to replace yet. newsflash Dan and Dan had Tom Chapel of Visual Impact Graphics in Byron NY 585-545-7118 suprise me with blue/ white 1000 numbers that perfectly match shape/ design of the old ugly yellow 600 numbers, so I wont be accused of trying to have fun picking on  600 twin sleds. Now I can enter the three cylinder electric start reverse carbide pick class legally... Loon Lake is about an hour South of Rochester on rt 390.

2/25 Vince came from Albany area Sunday to find out what's wrong with his ProX 800/ 870 big bore, built by a well known sled engine modifier, no revswith normal clutch weights... with SLP twin pipes, made about 112hp at 6600 rpm, then hp dropped. Airflow CFM was low compared to other ProX800s. Tried different CDI, no change, good leakdown, crank indexing was fine, ex valves opening for sure...??..I convinced Vince to leave the sled on the dyno and come back Monday with a box of parts to swap on the sled; carbs, reeds, coils, stator, exhaust, came back monday spent most of the day changing everything on the outside of the engine, no difference in HP, final change was to take off the twin pipes and install stock single pipe, HP dropped to 94 and we were out of parts to try. Vince has the sled home, pulling the cylinders/ head/ pistons to have someone else examine to see why airflow is so low, and HP drops after 6600 (airflow flatlines from 6500 to 8000).

2/26 Full Power Justin Fuller with another RX1 stage 4, once again shooting for 400 plus. moved to 3/1 to allow me to create driveshaft guard for direct drive on dyno.

2/26 PM or 3/1 Tentative Joe From Boyeson wants to basline his own bone stock for sure MachZ then install Rad valves only to see airflow change, HP change over stock reeds. Need Jim Cooper here to do that correctly.
 no test scheduled--

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

DynoTech : Month of January

1/4 Had scheduled Glenn Sabatine to dyno his new MC Express turbo PZ, inctead he's going riding way up north to find some snow. So instead at 10am on standby Jimmy Cooper with his Mom's 600 SDI with some mods and three or more single pipes/ mufflers. Also Jim is bringing some race gas so we can test the SkiDoo hot CDI destined for the Old Forge SW DTR Shootout last lear (05).
PM we're doing Ray Stevens' bone stock 05 MachZ (good runner, no hiccups) Jimmy is going to install the 07 program and we'll get a good back to back comparison of fuel flow, timing and HP. We also have the exact DynoPort single pipe and can Rich ran at the Shootout (Best Bang for Buck), a BM modded ingle plus a set of BM domes just in case Ray gets greedy. we discovered Jim Cooper's SkiDoo laptop had the ability to load three 07 maps--sea level, med altitude and high altitude! Spend all our time with loading playing with the three factory maps, posted those results on subscriber pages.

1/5 Randy Callis testing to make sure his "upgraded" F7 will be safe for upnord riding without a boondocker. If not, I have Boondockers on the shelf. no boondocker needed--Randy had added a Bikeman mod stock pipe and D&D Ypipe to his stock 03, netted 151 HP at .65 on pump gas, needed his pac valve to do that. Had to drop fuel pressure on top end to drop from 110 lb/hr to 98 and was still dandily safe for his riding style.

1/6  (Sat?) Pioneer dynotech tuner Bob Calpeter with three Doos: The trail port CS pipes Mach Z Sherlock entrant at Shootout, will dyno before (as set at Shootout with deisel-like black smoke out the pipes) and after tuning. Hoping for 200+. Next we have a 800HO with some mods and I think DynoPort single with Joe DiSpirito's custom hooded needle jets. Finally a BigJohn 800/840HO, not sure what pipe, also with hooded needle jets, for carb tuning and determining cool and hot pipe HP peak. MachZ didn't come, was replaced by Jason Owens' F6/F8 big bore single piper that we tuned to 175HP on pump gas by finding the best single on the dyno pipe rack, then Boondockering to perfection. John P's trailport 800HO made 160 with DynoPort single. Scott H made 165 with BJ840, with 112 lb/ft torque = huge midrange HP curve. All pump gas safe. I'll try to post some or all of these on the website.

1/7 availaable
1/8 AM available
1/9 all day available
1/10 AM available

1/11 Boyeson Engineering renting DTR for all day to assess here their new reeds/ cages/ air dividers for the MachZ and 600SDI. Chuckaroo and Casey are coming with Casey's MZ1000 CS pipes, one bone stock MachZ, and a bone stock SDI600 for before and after airflow CFM, A/F ratio, BSFC and HP comparison with stock and Boyeson reeds. Chuck's still under the weather, rescheduled once more to Tuesday  1/16. Instead Billy Lutz and Rob Schooping are coming on 1/11 to baseline dyno a new  Polaris 700 EFI then tune it with Boondocker and  several single pipes, also HTG trail ported cylinders.... All done, results posted on the website already!

1/12 AM Scott Trapp's dad Gary had JanCen trail port his F7 with great results. So Gary followed suit, will dial in his carbed F7 single pipe in the AM. LooneyToon Bill late AM trying to ensure his F1000 is safe to trail ride Scott can't make it so we're just going to tune LT Bill's F1000 to .65 or .70 lb/hphr so he can ride without fear. Dialed in Bill's F1000 to a level of safety that he was happy with, plus found a nasty lean spot at part throttle that we Boondockered out. Next stocker I get here I'll try to see if that lean spot exists on cool stock pipe like it did on Bill's cool Speedwerx pipe (technical details in DTR archives "EFI and pipe temperature").

1/13 AM Fusion 975 HTG to dial in Boondocker N2O. This one baselined 25 HP shy of expected HP. Boondocker N2O added another 40 HP on pump gas. Rob Scooping came in, figured the problem, will rectify next Wed.  PM Rob Schooping using a Boondocker to make a stock ECU work on the big bore. need timing key to optimize w/ stock ECU and Boondocker, Rob had prototype shorter single pipe, made 187hp on pump gas. Late PM a Cudney 830 twin for dialing in. This one couldn't match the HP or torque of the other HO800 big bores tuned here, will revise and be back again.

1/14 AM Scott Nixon from NH with a prostock 800 doo triple, having deto issues on the track, will try to find the cause(s) and eliminate them. Came to dyno with richer lectron needles, fresh C14plus, made 216-218hp for 10 seconds fine smooth fuel flow even with solid mounts. No deto no problem.

1/15 Mark Stevenson, Fireball Coatings in CA dialing in a SkiDoo DNE trail mod. 218 on pump gas, safe BSFC at full and part throttle.

1/16 Boyeson stock/ trail mod Mach Z/ 600SDI reed analysis. DynoCams on. 11 hour gruelling session, three sleds, needed to call in Jim Cooper to tweak timing/ fuel maps, maybe 50 dyno runs with stock reeds/ rad valves/ wings, need to review carefully before posting on my website.

1/17 Bill Logan, trail mod MachZ. Todd Hogan trail mod mach Z with N2O. Both 518ers, had dyno mikes turned off, results private.

1/18 Jeff Sherlock dialing in the trail mod Mach Z he had at shootout, also testing a Firecat stroker. Came off the trailer with 44cc domes and 199 HP, lean and clean, at Shootout was blowing deisel-like black smoke for 1000 ft, Jeff figures it was poor battery connection and/ or low voltage Popped in a set of 41cc CS domes, after more Boondockering made 207 with 137.5 lb/ft.
Later in PM greedy Tony Buczek (our original carbed F7 that now makes big HP) to test his newly HTG ported cylinders with BM mod stock pipe, Speedwerx and D&D twins. didn't have D&D twins but this combo with seven degrees added timing made best HP with new D&D stamped F7 single pipe, 158HP at 8100. Tony is going to add two more degrees to nine added again, maybe another nip on the head to shove HP peak back a hundred or two hundred revs, should get 160 on pump gas.

1/19 AM F1000 with home made porting, stock compression, 2 deg key, stock pipe. while warming up at moderate load, found that same .46 lb/hphr BSFC between 6-6500 RPM we found on LooneyToon Bill's trailmod F1000. Boondockered that lean spot out after dialing in for good safe WOT HP with only a D&D Ypipe made between 180- 190 HP depending on Boondocker setting (Canada safe-drag safe on pump gas).
1/20 finally getting to tune my own trailsled, 02 Edge, swapped my 800 HTG triple and some $ and dyno time to Rob at HTG for one of his 1000 pump gas triples. I'll be bummed if it doesn't come close to Mark Stevenson's 1000 DNE triple. If not, will try added timing and/ or a bit more compression than the 11.8/1 it pours right now. Also have digatron setup to measure three EGTs and center section temp, will determine location of HP peak at various pipe center section Ex Gas temps. Being helped by Tripod Dan and his partner Dan Forte who have set the sled up for me. Off the trailer it made 209. Not bad but Mark Stevenson's 218 was bugging me. So I cancelled a Sunday appointment, installed digatron EGTs and cranked the stator another three degrees. Discovered one cold cylinder, turns out one choke plunger had swelled and was hanging open. Fixed that, then made 140 lb/ft 220 HP 8500 rpm on cold run. Should have been happy with that but my pal Tripod Dan bugged me into nipping the heads from 11.8 to 12.4-1 and tightening up squish. I zinged off .015 on my lathe and touched the squish a bit. Mon AM made 142 lb/ft 223. I  used Digatron to perfectly synch lectron 44s, had to raise two needles, one more than the other, the third had to be dropped. Now EGTs are even, power jet settings are perfect that allowed max cold HP to rise to 225 and I quit there. With hot coolant temps and safer fuel flow it's still above 220 HP so that's enough for now. Maybe for UpNord riding it will take more fuel to deal with low octane and piston alley, probably two-teens? That extra HP the dyno found me will make up for some of the weight I added by having Dan and Dan begrudgingly add reverse and electric start to the Edge. This weekend they're going to play with clutching with the digatron on the sled--from this dyno session we know what RPM the engine makes peak HP at and should shift at for pipe center section temps from 400 to 800. The Digatron records all of that and replays, so it should be easy to ensure that revs are always where they should be on that 4th EGT (center section gas temp) readout.
1/25 noon Mike Gross with one 1103 Cat triple
1/26 Jake Jenkins with another tweak on his Bikeman F1000 Shootout sled, and an F7 with new Bikeman pipe.
1/27-1/28 trying to go sledding
1/29 I'm Mr Mom all day, Marty the eight year old has no school. Mom works that day. Glad she's got a W2 better than mine.
1/30 AM Two Firecats.Anthony Kozlowski called 730 am to tell me he's on his way from Syracuse, needed directions, never saw him today, Tway accident? No phone number, concerned about lack of communication. PM Tripod Dan and Dan Forte trying to tweak a few more HP out of their HTG sort of obsolete but still competitive HTG 1000 Storm stroker Improver. This one was strange--had dyno tuned last summer to 252, needed 1/2 turn at 80 degrees F then for max HP with smooth fuel flow from 6500 to 9500. This time Dan and Dan wanted to test tighter chambers/ squish, some stinger inserts and have Digatron to measure individual EGTs and center section temp. Today, fuel flow was all over the place, pto cylinder was 10% hotter than the middle, 15% hotter than mag, could not cure the troublesome 48 Lectron...when we opened the power jet it got hotter, meaning the flow bowl was running dry...tie wrapped a 24oz breaker bar to all three carbs, it got worse. Loosened the three engine stops, 50% better but maxing out at 250 with the hot cylinder still causing grief. Then Driver Dan (Forte) noticed that the new 1/8th inch thick reed spacers were causing the pto and center K&N filters to push against the frame of the sled, and found float bowl and slide screws vibrating loose...removed the filters and fuel flow smoothed out, HP climbed with no other changes to 253 at .60 then we ran out of fuel and time. That buzzing stroker emits some evil vibes that the carbs can handle on the stock boots, but apparently foamed wickedly when the filters were jammed against the frame. Will be back again next week sans reed spacers and lots more fuel for testing, will dial in carbs to max HP and then roll timing to max HP, determine HP peak at various pipe center section gas temps.
1/31 AM Stan aka PTM aka Spike dialing in MachZ stocker with latest Boondocker N2O kit w/ regulated N2O pressure. Bill looneytoon is trying to get work caught up so he can come to assist. LT had to work, Jim Cooper helped out with computer monitor, PTM Stan used all of his EFI injector capacity to make good HP on upnord Canadian [hopefully] 91 octane gas. Regulated N2O outlet pressure worked well, looks like a good setup for making consistant added HP without worrying about N2O cylinder pressure. Stan is probably just getting over the dyno N2O button wet armpit syndrome most of us experience when trying for max pump gas HP (the sled owner always runs the juice button in the control room--instructions are to  release button the instant HP drops on the real-time HP curve on the computer screen, or when I yank back on the dyno throttle... whichever comes first).