June 2005

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

DynoTech : Summer happenings---

Slow season is here--waiting for new models to be shipped. We were scheduled to test a new 600 Fusion in June, but Rich Daly from DynoPort snatched it first, ostensibly to create better exhaust etc before it comes to DynoTech (now July).

I dyno tune maybe one asphalt sled a week now, and maybe one bike on our CycleDyn eddy current chassis dyno. So Sean Ray and I have taken  this slow time to upgrade both the CycleDyn and the SF901 sled dyno to the newest Windyne doftware. There are many advantages to the new software, but primarily that accomodates O2 sensors in exhaust to give us A/F ratio, and with the new software continuing to use our accurate Airflow meters, we get airflow CFM, fuel flow lb/hr and BSFC lb/ hp /hr. We'll aslo be able to map EFI, measuring TPS, baro sensors (both one and two bar).

While I'm waiting for the new SuperFlow software and comuter upgrade, Carl McQuillen shamed me into finding places for miscellaneous but important stuff that only  rests as piles of clutter on  the two dyno tables. So I have installed many new Home Depot cupboards in the control room and dyno room to hold and hide everythng relating to hooking up whatever, to our two dynos.

Next I'm having installed dirt/ grease colored ceramic tiles in the control room to replace the impossible-to-keep-clean asphalt tiles.

Finally, I'm in the midst of engineering snowmobile dyno drive shafts for his new breed of too powerful hand built multis. The last straw is a guy who wants to bring a Union Bay 16xx triple that might break my 1.25 standard rubber dampened drive shaft. When shafts break, violence occurs and I was wise to have oriented the sled engine table 90 degrees from the viewing window--hence during a dozen shaft explosions nothing has pierced the walls protecting the operator and spectators. It's comforting to know that I have bulletproof glass in front of my face, but disconcerting knowing that testicles are protected by two sheets of 1/2" drywall.

Now that people regularly want to tune 300+ HP gonzo torque mountain motors and turbos I am in the process of designing an 1.75" diameter, fully torsionally dampened dyno drive shaft. I'll have that done by the time my new software packages are installed. Bring 'em on!