May 2006

Saturday, May 06, 2006

DynoTech : Month of May updated

5/4 Thursday, Erich Long Bikeman dyno testing 06 Rev800 stock and with Bikeman single pipe stock muffler, fit under stock heat shields. Also Bikeman trail port 06 Rev800 with Bikeman pipe. Tonight 5/8 I'm baching with my seven year old son Marty while his mom goes to knitting club meeting. While Marty is watching his fifth TiVo of the sat Ricmond Nextel Cup race, I will try to post Bikeman single pipe results, then if I have time the gonzo HP Boondocker turbo  Apex will be next.

5/6 Sat AM Sean Ray dynotuning Aerodyne turbocharged Evo 80" Harley. PM dyno tuning Sean's Dad Rex' Fusion 660  this time with  SLP single and DynoPort Single, waiting for a new Bikeman single  arriving early next week.

5/17 Rex' Fusion 660 is still on the table, got the Bikeman single last week, got a Bikeman can this week, Sean came up with a set of twin pipes, hope to finish that Thursday 5/18. Next we have Shylock44 Dave's  stock Fusion 600 to try these  pipes/ mufflers and also some reeds and maybe one of Sean's low compression tight squish heads.  Then this weekend I'll do my best to post these results plus the  results of the Boondocker gonzo HP turbo Apex (I'll do the Apex first).Shylock's Fusion600 numbers will be posted tomorrow, then try to get Rex' 660 numbers on Thursday.

5/17 Eric Johncox of Sunnyside Cycle Sales in alexander NY will dyno tune his son's flattrack bikes--a Yam 450 four cycle single and a 125 two cycle single.