December 2011

Sunday, December 04, 2011

DynoTech : Winter dyno schedule

11/4 Dead one Dave tuning his new stock engine 2012 Procross 800 for max power for hilldrags.

11/7 WakPak Joe tuning a 1000 twin for hilldrags.

11/11 Sean Weir with a SnowCross 600 mod SkiDoo. Also Tom Bachly with a new 2012 bone stock SkiDoo 600RS, tuned for max HP dyno test and tuning info posted on members' section now.

11/12 Bill Gregory, SkiDoo 800 triple mod, dialed in a dandy timing curve on his MSD.

11/19 Don Zuzze PCV tuning two seemingly identical F6's (required totally different maps) and one F1000.

11/20 Rob Lathrop fine tuning for max HP on a full mod SkiDoo Trigstad 600 twin. Also Dave Lathrop with an improved stock SkiDoo 800 twin also getting ready for hilldrags. our new data acquisition system gives us a "Density Altitude" reading while we test. DA is a combination of baro pressure, temperature, and humidity (water grains per pound of air). With max power carb dyno jetting created here at a given DA, we can then use a Kestrel 4500 Racing Weather Station wherever you're racing to get accurate DA. Then using just the altitude half of a Mikuni Pocket Tune sliderule, perfect jetting can be maintained. Pro racers tune at DTR then with this system perfect max HP jetting can be maintained froom sea level subzero to mountain racing out west.

11/21 D&D Dale & Glenn tuning for high safe pump gas HP with production F1100T. Muffler testing, HiJacker testing, all with stock turbo outlet pipe.

11/26 anonymous tuner, top secret today.

11/27 Mark Fisher getting ready to hilldrag with a Sherlock Crossfire 800/ Jaws race pipes.

11/28 TurboDynamics Ben with his production F1100T, testing his various ECU tunes all with high flow turbine outlet pipe and stainless steel fairly quiet muffler. to be posted soon

11/29 greedy Bill Swoyer looking for even more HP out of his CrankShop 1500 hilldragsled. Larry-this sled needs to run in the AmSnow Adirondack Shootout on 12/9! We have an all-motor class in the Lakeracer division!

11/29 WakPak Joe with his 1000 twin again, looking for more HP.

11/30 Vintage oval racers Brandon Hadley and Al Young tuning two race sleds--a SkiDoo 340RV and a Polaris TX440 for Eagle River.

12/1 Mad Canadian Gerry Prosser (Bender Canada) PCV tuning an EXUP Apex with Yamacharger, and trying out stock vs MBRP vs Bender vs D&D mufflers. this data may be posted on members' pages in later December. 

12/1 D&D Dale testing stock 2012 Apex then upgrading HP with PCV, D&D Stainless muffler, and high flow airbox cover and high RPM carb inlet boots. will post this after the 12/9 Adirondack Shootout  

12/1 PM Dale demonstrating big HP on their trail ported/ single pipe 2012 ProCross 800. will post this after the 12/9 Adirondack Shootout

12/4 Gary Foster tuning his 07 crossfire 800 with D&D shim kit and porting by Dale Fredericks. the dyno cold intake air refrigeration was necessary to get accurate winter tune today. outside air was 55 deg F, so intake air was chilled to 25 degrees.

12/4 through 12/7 certification dyno testing all of the Adirondack Shootout stockers--new Polaris dealer this year Bill Lutz of Fun Unlimited in Gouvernor NY. Also Tuesday we're doing all the Cats, plus hilldrag sleds the Michael Koz and Jeff Cerio need to sneak in for a quick tune.

12/11 Gary Berwind testing his Z1 w/ large intercooler, water methanol inj, Turbo Dynamics 4 stage tune on real pump gas. results posted on members' pages

12/13 Michael Kozlowski getting ready for hilldrag season

12/16 Allen Young, tuning Polaris TX440 freeair vintage oval racer

12/18 FPP Justin testing a Yamaha RX1 with 44 Megatron carbs replacing the stock CV carbs. significant gains in airflow and HP

12/19 Tim Huber getting it spot-on with his Crossfire 1200, Boondocker N2O

12/19 Jake Lehnen using his gift certificate to test and tune his Crankshop 600 hilldrag mod sled

12/22 Dave Patrick dials in his BMP piped Crossfire 1000--one tune for Oneida lakeracing at .55 and another tune for trail riding with Tug Hill mystery gas at .60

12/26 Zach Brown getting the most tunable HP out of his Merc 440 SnoTwister vintage racer.

12/26 Steve Stasko with another vintage racer--Polaris TX440

12/27 Gus Bohne/ Steve Duetti/ DNE gonzo turbo tuning session with mega-boosted HTG 1080 triple, MachZ1000 twin, DNE1700 quad-- HP records are smashed today, then posted on the members' section of this website

12/31 AMA racer Kenny Coolbeth's 2012 Kaw 450 flatrack race bike, Ron Jewel (RLJ Racing) modified engine tuning for every tenth of a HP on our CycleDyn. Also Ron's brother Randy tuning his HO800 for max power on pump gas. "who'd a thunk" we would need to refrigerate outside air to properly tune a sled on 12/31! But decent air for tuning a race bike!

 1/2 Trevor Chadwick's SnoPro600/ SS900 big bore doesn't anyone make a 12 degree offset timing key? Carl McQuillen Race engines, LeRoy NY EDM's offset keyways in Cat flywheels, Trevor needed lots more timing to make max HP on the big bore--first 10 degree keyway they've done.

1/3 Jason Yandricha--SkiDoo 800 triple shoehorned into a rev 440 chassis with a dandy motor mount kit from Bondi. hit the rev limiter way before the HP peak was reached, needs to get ECU reprogrammed to take care of that.

1/3 Jeremy Rataczyk--another F9ss engine--this one in a 440 SnoPro chassis, complete with EFI.

1/5 JD Powersports, getting independent test results of their new F1100T with their 4 stage ECU tune. results will be posted 1/26

1/6 Justin Hulsizer PCV tuning his F6/ 800 Jeff Stinson Big Bore with D&D Monster Twin pipes.

1/11 JJ Elmer getting his stock Mach Z twin w/ CS quiet twin pipes ready for Onieda Lake (if it ever freezes!). needed to refrigerate and dry the dyno intake air on January 11 to get a good 20 degree F boondocker tune!

1/15 Jeff Sills 2009 Crossfire 1000 w/ D&D Ypipe and pipe, creating one good trail map and one lakerace map. finally--we have cold outside air for tuning.

1/18 Andy Stiles testing pipes, and fine tuning his Polaris 600 ex-Hentges Racing hilldrag mod

1/19 George Brown and Wayne Yeardon, back for even more HP with Zach's 440 SnoTwister

1/24 Jason Owens, trying for more HP with HJ Schroeder's Cat PS1000 twin.

1/25 518er Todd Hogan with some sort of HillDrag SkiDoo

1/27 Craig Gabel Cat 500/ 720 Big Bore

2/1 or therabouts turbo maven Gus Bohne with the boosted HTG 1080 triple, looking for lots of HP. 

2/4 Hank Yeomans, F7 HillDragger

2/14 Jake Lehnen SkiDoo 600rs improved stock Hilldrag sled

2/19 Dave Behuniak and Al Miller tuning Yamaha lakeracers with Justin Fuller

3/1 Jake Lehnen one more time

3/2 Todd Hogan SkiDoo 800 hilldrag sled

3/8 Matt Boardway Polaris ProR 800 hilldrag stocker

3/10 Tim Wood AC F7 hilldrag stocker

3/17 Heath Lynk HTG 1000 asphalt racer

3/17 Randy Crounse AC F12 with n2o

3/21 Jim Stanley/ Glenn Hall AC Z1 D&D big turbo lakeracer

3/24 Justin Fuller Yam SRX700 prostocker

3/30 Paul Cross Wildcat 700 mod