April 2006

Friday, April 28, 2006

DynoTech : Stock sleds needed for drive belt testing

I'm in the process of putting together a dyno test program for aftermarket snowmobile drive belt performance comparison.

The concept is to take a stock sled, dyno at crankshaft like we usually do, then install drive clutch and driven clutch, slide the sled forward on my dyno table, connect dyno drive shaft to custom sled jackshaft that will allow jackshaft to drive SuperFlow dyno driveshaft instead of chain to driveaxle. This will allow us to measure horsepower delivered to jackshaft/ drive axle at various engine/ vehicle speed with various drive belts.

I need to "rent" stock engine sleds to do this testing if possible.

In exchange for one or two days of of drive belt/ clutch testing, the sled owner will get a day of whatever dyno testing he would like to do, value 8 hrs x $125 =  $1000. Or we can work out less dyno time and cash to boot. And there will be drive belts (the ones that work better than OEM) to go to the sled owner. Engine/ sled safety will be gauranteed by DTR/ belt manufacturer.

The first sled I need for this is a bone stock (other than timing/ fuel tuning that we can temporarily put back to stock) 03/ 04 Firecat F7. Then I need to line up a dozen other performance sleds for similar testing, I will post a detailed list next week. If you are nearby, have a F7 EFI stocker we can use, please Email me at info@dynotechresearch.com.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

DynoTech : Week of 4/9/06 and beyond

4/9 Sunday AM Jimmy and Lynn Cooper dyno tuning a HTG prostock 1000 That was John Cleveland's Price stock stroke 990ish XCR triple w/ Jaws pipes, those of you who watched saw a classic tuning session jockying MSD timing, Lectron jetting wound up with 253 HP.

4/11 Tuesday dyno tuning a Crankshop 1710 triple, owned by a W Virginia asphalt (not ashphalt please) dragracer, Jimmy Cooper is installing MSD ignition on Monday, dyno dialin on Tuesday. Jimmy Cooper installed a new MSD ignition on this formerly troublesome monster (used to pull like a monster to 1000 ft then spit and sputter and die). We spent 7 hours on the dyno getting the 52 CS carbs to flow enough fuel to feed the engine (solid mount engines like this often present challenges to create decent fuel flow into the carbs, but we usually can overcome that), plus optimizing timing curve/ retard now 210 lb/ft and 325 HP on six second cold run, and 205 lb/ft and 321 HP on 13 second hot run (needed  the longer run to ensure fuel flow to carbs was more than adequate for 1/4mile drags!)

4/22 AM Jeff and Dave from JD Powersports (who dyno tuned the big HP Cat 660 upgraded turbo) are bringing their new Arctic Cat 2007 four-cycle 1100cc Z1 big bore twin for baseline testing. This one stock is normally apsirated, JD is planning to develop a turbo kit to sell using the same ECU controller they used to make gonzo HP on the 660. Better-than-expected dyno numbers are posted on our website, JD Powersports turbo numbers should be coming this summer.

4/25 and 4/26 Glenn Hall and Jason Stoviac bringing Jason's Apex Boondocker turbo from Wisconsin to fine tune and to show off. Rocky and Dave from Boondocker are flying in for that session (I'm 30 miles from the Buffalo airport on the same road rt 33), Rocky will want to tune to the max on gas, then add a load of Boondocker nitrous oxide injection. Rocky will surely want to go for Bender's 415 HP record here, but Jason's butt is a bit puckered since he has forged turbo pistons but still has stock rods. Also Boondocker Dave took exception to the poor results we got on Ed's Garage's Carb Boondocker N2O systems. Ed sent me a nice used Extra12 suspension for my worn out stock 97 XLT 600, I owe him a dyno session for his new watercraft base big triple. Maybe I can get Ed to time it so he can bring his new triple plus one of his Boondocker N2O carb sleds again, maybe a day before the Boondocker guys arrive, to had Dave and Rocky show us how to get pressure into the floatbowls more quickly. I will call Dave to see if logistics can be worked out.Dave and Rocky won't have time to dial in Ed's N2O system, scheduling to do Apex is tight, maybe Ed could be on standby if we get done with Apex in a timely fashion. 

No time for Ed, but we dialed in Jason's Boondocker Apex boost-only to 360+ with hot intercooler, larger-than-stock injectors required some negative Boondocker numbers, but had the custom oversize injectors nearly maxed out. Boondocker EFI controller boxes have surely been my favorite for dyno-tuning dialing in fuel flow on big power EFI Firecats and Mach Z's and the turbo Apex using boost-referenced Boondocker box seems equally adept at providing good A/F ratio from idle to  max boost max RPM. I will try to post several Boondocker Apex dyno runs (varying boost levels, varying intercooler temps) this coming week.