October 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

DynoTech : Finally, cold air being pumped into the dyno room

The 1000 cubic ft cold room is insulated and the exterior drywall is finished. The first of the three compressor/ evaporator units is fired up, and for the first time I could feel cold air coming through the 8" diameter duct into the dyno room! Todd the HVAC guy is tweaking the first evaporator for max output (changing restrictors--tuning the evaporator like we used to do with EFI Firecats pre-Boondocker). Once that one is tuned for max temp drop, then Todd will use the same restrictor size in the other two units, perhaps finishing this weekend.

So by next week we should have the ability to have nearly 1000 cubic ft of cold dry winter air to feed the sleds' intakes.

First on the cold air list is Casey Mulkins with a new production 800 Rush, which we must test with 20 degree F dry air. Other are waiting patiently, hoping to beat the typical December/ January dyno madhouse. Also we have D8 twin pipes to test, along with the latest reflash that is being loaded into ECU's along with warranty repairs. Those with power Commanders need to see what the new flash means in terms of top end fuel flow/ HP. We will probably have to create revised PCV/ PC3 maps to accommodate those who have been forced to take the newest flash.

Also on Monday, Queenan Bros Racing is bringing their mad Huyabusa turbo powered asphalt racer to fine tune the EFI system. I'm hoping that the DynoCams will be operating with full sound, since the shriek of a Huyabusa turbo at 13000 rpm with 30 psi boost is wonderful thing to share!