September 2002

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

DynoTech : Adirondack Shootout 2008

We're contemplating changes for this December.

This is Shootout #19. Amazing, since it seems like yesterday that Jerry  Bassett and I created this concept of me dyno certifying stock sleds then us doing some sort of field shootout with guaranteed stock sleds. Shootout #1 was held in a farmer's field in central NY, Tim Bender was the shootout test driver, handheld stopwatches and a radar gun provided data. Tim caught our first cheater that year, noting that the carbureted 650 Indy accelerated like a dragster, impossible to be box stock! Turns out somone had compromised the sled hood seals and installed dragrace clutches. Jerry Bassett deleted that sled's data from Shootout #1.

Eighteen years and a few caught cheaters later, here were are again.

But this past few years with SnowGoer awarding a Shootout Trophy for "most improved" performance for stockers out-of-the-crate to "dealer prep", there seems to be some finger pointing about detuning box