October 2009

Sunday, October 04, 2009

DynoTech : October/ November dyno schedule &tc

10/2 Justin Full Power pump gas testing 4tec st1 & 2 turbo w/ low compression forged pistons. Finishing session from 9/30.

10/2-10/31 Pro snoX engine testing, cams off. Yes one month except for the day we had to test Casey's 2010 spec Dragon 800 (see subscriber pages for those 15 pages of tech assessment/ dyno tests)

11/1 PM 11/2 AM Bill Swoyer,  two HillDrag sleds

11/4 5 PM Jim Cooper tuning MSD for cat triple dragracer.

11/5 Casey Mulkins 2010 rush, more D8 testing cancelled, Vforce reeds did not come in.

11/6 Dale Roes, 2010 production F8 stock, leaned out, Ypipe, tuned pipe

11/11 Crankshop bringing a trail mod pump gas XP800, with single pipe/ twin pipes

11/13 Josh Shalone, Engine tech F9 tuneup

11/14 10AM Brett Smith CS1140 twin, with NANO nitrous oxide for hilldrags.

11/19 9am Dale Roes dyno testing a 2010 Xfire 800 stock and w/ Ypipe and pipe.

11/24 Annual physical exam for JC, including the dreaded prostate check.

11/25 billy howard, 4tech header/ muffler shootout. I need to replace my broken db meter before then.

11/27 Justin Durand big Vmax 4 turbo coming back for 550+ HP...

11/28 dave McNeely tuning Speedwerx 600 Cat snoX mod.

11/30 Bill Swoyer more hilldrag engine testing