June 2006

Monday, June 05, 2006

DynoTech : Month of June updated

I'm planning Tuesday 6/6/06 to post lengthy dyno results from Shylock44's Fusion 600 with pipes/ airbox mod/ VForce 3 and four petal reeds, and a cut head. Also I have a session where Rich Daly from DynoPort, after he heard his Fusion 600 stampings were not so good, rented the dyno for a day, came with his hacksaw and torch set, modified his stampings, and made his pipe competetive with Bikeman and SLP.

Wed 6/7 Jimmy Cooper will come to dyno tune his new HTG MachZ triple 1000 prostock asphalt sled, comparing Lectron carbs to Crankshop carbs. 274 CHP, but solid mount triple w/ big carbs caused fuel flow anomoly, could cause leanout on topend from foaming bowls, next step custom needle and seats from Fox, maybe test week on 6/ 18

Sat 6/10  Yamaha factory roadracer Jason DiSalvo's (his Dad Jim is an old pal of mine)  YZ450  flat track racer, Wood mod engine tested with Wood "up" and "down" pipes. These results are contrary to what Wood suggests, Email me if you think I should add some bike stuff to DTR.