September 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DynoTech : Fall testing schedule

9/8 unnamed Cat F6 stock dragracer, PCV tuning for max HP

9/11 Frankie Amalphie Yam SX700 triple asphalt racer, PSI Modblasters

9/11 New Superflow coolant flowmeter arrived today!

9/12 Kevin and Nick Albright nostalgia sled tuning- two Merc 340 (one snowttwister, one trailtwister) needed the dyno booster starter moter to drive these hotrod piston port racers up to 7000 RPM on the dyno, where they could finally go to WOT, hold their own and be tested! Also a 20 year old Black Magic 800 triple (made out of three 500 twin cylinders on an old triple crankcase). Great fun for me since we haven't tuned any of these for many years!

9/19 H.Kirsch and T.Koz here w/ Glenn Hall tuning two D&D Cat 1200 twostroke Boondocker turbo systems. The smell of VP import 120 octane gas still permeates the dyno room 10 days later...

9/21 Full Power Justin dialing in a PS800 SkiDoo triple.

9/23 Great grampa 70+ Paul Cross (father of Tripod Dan) tuning his rat-rod Cat 6000/ Wildcat 700 mod. I first met Paul about 40 yrs ago when he came into my welding supply to see if he could borrow a small cylinder of oxygen. He wanted something small enough to hide beneath his snowmobile jacket, unzipped just enough to try to squirt some O2 into the single carb of his sled just to try to beat up on a snowmobiler pal of his. I can't recall the outcome of that adventure. But getting off the subject of dyno schedule, the first time I met Terry Paine (who would eventually marry DynoTech Debbie and later take over Bender Racing when Tim Bender decided to go NASCAR racing) maybe 30 years ago he, too, came to my welding supply to borrow a small 20 cu ft O2 cylinder and 10' of hose. His cousin had just bought a Dodge Superbee 383 magnum and Terry convinced him that they could really make tire smoke if they ducted O2 into the air cleaner! I fixed Terry up with a loaner bottle and hose--they ducted to hose into the air cleaner snorkel and drove off to enjoy the extra HP with Terry riding shotgun, grinning, with the O2 bottle in his lap. Five minutes later, the Superbee was back in my parking lot--idling on maybe seven cylinders and with the hood buckled from the exploded air cleaner. True story, with no embelishment needed!

9/24 Brad Linsey trying to figure out why his Hooper 1108 triple asphalt sled would lay down after half track. Once again, vibrating carbs were the culprit, causing foaming race gas and float bowls going dry. We fixed this today by strapping 5 lb of weight to the carbs.

9/27 Tim Huber, Cat 1200 twin trying to tune for max power for outlaw drags. So electronic gremlin is haunting this machine, and as happens occasionally the gremlin could not be found. 

9/29 Canadian Dave Hutchinson coming to see why he keeps detonating pistons on his HTG 1000 triple. once again, vibration was the culprit...causing poor fuel delivery into the carbs...we tied my 6lb pinch bar to the carbs, and fuel flow returned to normal. Beware stiff motor mounts, and imbalanced or out of true crankshafts!

10/3 Bob Brown trying to eliminate deto on a custom SkiDoo trail hotrod. jetting was the culprit on this one--.52 won't cut it on pump gas on these engines

10/10 Greg Van Heulen CFR1000 tune

10/19 D&D Dale & Glenn dialing in Kevin Hunter's Crossfire 1200 turbo--over 415hp with no clicks of deto. Also doing their own muffler testing on a prepro XF1100 turbo...

10/22 Dave Peterson's FPP Nytro turbo bone stock engine with boost = 325hp, also Jack Lloyd tuning a Yamaha FPP modified GPX433 free air vintage racer 

10/24 Boondocker tuning a Cat 2012 procross 800 w/ RKTek 925 big bore. Hope the DynoCams will be running! good power, dyno/tuning data is posted on members' section.

11/4 Dead one Dave tuning his new stock engine 2012 Procross 800 for max power for hilldrags.

11/7 WakPak Joe tuning a 1000 twin for hilldrags.

11/11 Sean Weir with a SnowCross 600 mod SkiDoo. Also Tom Bachly with a new 2012 bone stock SkiDoo 600RS, tuned for max HP dyno test and tuning info posted on members' section now.

11/12 Bill Gregory, SkiDoo 800 triple mod, dialed in a dandy timing curve on his MSD.

11/19 Don Zuzze PCV tuning two seemingly identical F6's (required totally different maps) and one F1000.

11/20 Rob Lathrop fine tuning for max HP on a full mod SkiDoo Trigstad 600 twin. Also Dave Lathrop with an improved stock SkiDoo 800 twin also getting ready for hilldrags. our new data acquisition system gives us a "Density Altitude" reading while we test. DA is a combination of baro pressure, temperature, and humidity (water grains per pound of air). With max power carb dyno jetting created here at a given DA, we can then use a Kestrel 4500 Racing Weather Station wherever you're racing to get accurate DA. Then using just the altitude half of a Mikuni Pocket Tune sliderule, perfect jetting can be maintained. Pro racers tune at DTR then with this system perfect max HP jetting can be maintained froom sea level subzero to mountain racing out west.

11/21 D&D Dale & Glenn tuning for high safe pump gas HP with production F1100T. Muffler testing, HiJacker testing, all with stock turbo outlet pipe.

11/26 anonymous tuner, top secret today.

11/27 Mark Fisher getting ready to hilldrag with a Sherlock Crossfire 800/ Jaws race pipes.

11/28 TurboDynamics Ben with his production F1100T, testing his various ECU tunes all with high flow turbine outlet pipe and stainless steel fairly quiet muffler. to be posted soon

11/29 greedy Bill Swoyer looking for even more HP out of his CrankShop 1500 hilldragsled. Larry-this sled needs to run in the AmSnow Adirondack Shootout on 12/9! We have an all-motor class in the Lakeracer division!

11/29 WakPak Joe with his 1000 twin again, looking for more HP.

11/30 Vintage oval racers Brandon Hadley and Al Young tuning two race sleds--a SkiDoo 340RV and a Polaris TX440 for Eagle River.

12/1 Mad Canadian Gerry Prosser (Bender Canada) PCV tuning an EXUP Apex with Yamacharger, and trying out stock vs MBRP vs Bender vs D&D mufflers. this data may be posted on members' pages in later December. 

12/1 D&D Dale testing stock 2012 Apex then upgrading HP with PCV, D&D Stainless muffler, and high flow airbox cover and high RPM carb inlet boots. will post this after the 12/9 Adirondack Shootout  

12/1 PM Dale demonstrating big HP on their trail ported/ single pipe 2012 ProCross 800. will post this after the 12/9 Adirondack Shootout

12/4 Gary Foster tuning his 07 crossfire 800 with D&D shim kit and porting by Dale Fredericks. the dyno cold intake air refrigeration was necessary to get accurate winter tune today. outside air was 55 deg F, so intake air was chilled to 25 degrees.