October 2012

Friday, October 05, 2012

DynoTech : 2012 info & updates

GEORGE TAYLOR--74 year old George Taylor has died of heart failure. He had been a partner with DynoTech and American Snowmobiler Magazine for 22 years helping organize and orchestrate the annual stock sled Shootout in the Adirondack Mountains. George owned Van Aukens Inne near Old Forge, NY which was Shootout Headquarters for many years until it was sold. But in his retirement George stayed on with me to help organize the dealers, shootout facility, promotion etc each year. This year, Tom Smith is helping out in George's absence. Long time Shootout attendies will surely remember Tom, former owner of Smith Marine SkiDoo. About 20 years ago at the Shootout (then at the Old Barn Restaurant in Eagle Bay) Tom goofed on his "dealer prep" setup and both his SkiDoo stockers (a 580 and a 670) seized at 1000ft. Annoyed by a large group of jeering hecklers in the crowd, Tom retaliated by dropping his pants and flashing a horrible-looking moon (complete with awful Brahma bull-like swinging testicles) to the 1000 or so grossed-out but pleased spectators. To those of you who are coming to the Shootout this December, please do not annoy Tom!   

NEW NEIGHBORS--Jeff and Dave from JD Powersports have moved their facility from Rochester, NY to the west end of my commercial building in Batavia. They've set up a showroom/ office and their production welding equipment (for tig welding Arctic Cat stainless steel turbo pipes and mufflers etc) and their own SuperFlow 902 dyno right next door to me. Now my one neighbor who sometimes expresses his displeasure over the noise coming from my dyno room can enjoy the sound of howling engines in stereo! JD has just finshed dyno testing their "anti-lag" mode that they program into the stock Cat ECU, and plan to bring a machine fitted with that to our "Turbo Time" shootout in December. 

GOOD NEWS FOR ETEC OWNERS--next week DynoJet is sending me a preproduction Power Commander V for the SkiDoo ETEC system. Finally, we should be able to properly add the fuel necessary to support added airflow from Boyesen Rad Valves, Ypipes, pipes, porting, big bores etc. I need someone with a stock Etec 800 to come for a free tuning session, to assess how much fuel we can really add in high density (high baro, low temp refrigerated air) with the new PCV. NEWS FLASH 1/28/13 JUST GOT THE FIRST SHIPMENT OF PRODUCTION ETEC PCV's $499 PREMAPPED FOR YOUR COMBINATION, INCL FREE SHIPPING/ INS + 3 YRS FREE ADDED MEMBERSHIP TO DTR.

NEW SNOCROSS STOCKERS NEEDED! Free dyno tunes are offered for new Polaris, Arctic Cat, and SkiDoo 600 sleds. Also if there is a hotrodded Yamaha Nytro SnoX machine that could qualify for a free tune. We need to know how the new stock 600 class engines compare. Remember this year the mod 600cc SnoX sleds must retain stock engines (?!) except for pipes, compression, and ignition timing curves, and we need to see how the factories have reacted to this seemingly strange new rulebook. Call Jim 585-993-2777