December 2007

Monday, December 31, 2007

DynoTech : January 2008 dyno schedule &tc

Wed 1/2 mr mom
Thursday 1/3 AM HTG Rob's dyno is acting up, bringing a customer's 700 triple drag engine to test on motor plate.this surprised Rob, possibly the highest BMEP NA engine here, 205 HP at 9500 = 210 psi BMEP, cold motor cold shot HP like dragracers was great air--high baro, low CAT (carb air temp) 205 CHP = 210 actual HP. PM Tripod Dan Cross adding Jim Cooper's MSD ignition to his XCR1200 HTG stroker Jim Cooper is a master at installing and dialing in MSDs on dragsleds. Stutter box will help Dan heat the big volume pipes without heating the engine.
1/4Fri AM Vince Pagliano XC800 (the one who came here with a 440 flywheel and zero HP) Vince had purchased this trailport engine complete from PSI never ran good, last season dyno'd like it ran, Vince discovered it had been shipped to him with a 440 flywheel, bought and installed an 800 flywheel, now with SLP twins made 172 HP lean and 168 HP safe for 15 seconds on pump gas, the light SLP springs he had were opening way too early, stretching them 1/4 " made huge midrange improvement.
1/5Sat AM available
1/6Sun AM available
1/7Mon AM Justin Full power Apex turbo maybe one more before I have to pick up son Marty at 3:00 Justin came at 4:30, this was Mark Tangus' Apex Stage 3 with fuel management upgrades, began with 300 off the trailer and quit at 365 or thereabouts perfect for blasting 1/4 milers on the frozen Adirondack lakes.
1/8 Tues AM Joe Shear, F1200 Xfire with D&D and Cutler twin pipes,cancelled due to warm 64 deg air bad for Boondocker winter tuning, rescheduled for Sun AM planning to squirt some n2o.
PM available
1/9 Wed AM Nick Jagow, HTG 990 Twin, N2O all motor made 175 with platter-flat hp durve from 8000-9000, jacked timing to the stops made 193 with a nice pile, still broad hp curve. Boss Noss added more HP, Nick doesn't want his pals to know how many extra his button gives him.
1/10 AM John Misensik and Bob Calpeter Rev 860 big bore, this time with  revised porting  (weren't happy last time)
1/10 PM DynoTech frequent flier Tony Koz this time with na Hooper ZR1200 twin lakeracer. made 230 not quite the HP they were hoping for but still great HP for a low revving twin.
1/11  AM Richard Lavanant bone stock, broken in XP800R stage tuning, Bondi Box, MBRP can, BMP Y pipe, BMP head, Boyeson Rad Valves and wings, Jimmy Cooper using his doo laptop to monitor deto and jack timing about.all this stuff and tweaking of jetting and timing by JCooper  increased HP from 150.5 stock to 159.9 with all these parts and leaned to max HP, detailed results will follow...
1/12 Justin Rock 08 F1000 w/ Y and single pipe, Boondocker tuning, also a BMP MZ 1250 CS twins and N2O Justin's F1000 is 08, and all 08s so far have made  somewhat less HP than 07s with similar mods and A/F ratio indicating maybe less ECU timing? Jason's  1250 was low on HP na but made up for it with Boondocker 4 injector N2O. Fuel pump capacity limits this engine to 270 safe, adding pump capacity will make 300 plus easy.
1/13 Joe Shear, F1200 twin/ single pipe plus n2o. NY Speed Joe and Paul made extremely good all motor HP with cutler twins on the 1200 Crossfire, and even more with the Boondocker N2O on the EFI engine. Pauls Cutler F10 carbed made 190 plus with no key, and the Boondocker carb N2O system added a bunch more, way more than previous Boondocker carb N2O systems tested here..
1/14 Scott Pickwick two sleds, one very high HP 800 twin with n2o, one HTG 1000 triple also with n2o, should be a fun day. Scott is a Cooperstown NY Doo Dealer, loves to lakerace with his pals who work with him, the HTG trailport Rev 800 made 170 at .60 then added about 60 with wet N2O. Scott's pal Heath pissed me off because his HTG XCR1000 pump gas engine made three HP more than mine makes. Just kidding... Then to add insult Heath added another 100hp with the excellent wet N2O system. Long day of tuning but great fun.
1/15 AM mailing out Adirondack Trail Mod awards, doing paperwork.
1/15 PM Kev Oleksiw BMP 1100 Mach Z with Big Thunder N2O Jimmy Cooper will come to help tune timing and watch for deto real time with that excellent SkiDoo laptop. we had great fun with Kevin tuning this radar runner, having Jim Cooper monitor even light deto with his doo laptop is excellent for dyno tuning gonzo n2o skidoos.
1/16 Steve Catone, Rev 800 BMP single for carb tuning with just the pipe, vforce reeds, and  billet head  made as much hp as stock XP800R.
1/17 Justin Full Power two turbo sleds, one stage 4 (400 plus?) and another lesser stage. Justin arrived unfashionably late, 7pm only had time to tweak John Davy's RX1 especially since this sled came off the trailer with 420plus with fat safe A/F ratio no sounds of deto from earphones....
1/18 Jake Jenkins BMP East tuning Mach Z.
1/19 Cam Simpson Firecat F7 tuning. needed only a Pac valve to lean out trail port F7 ultra fat one, with BMP mod stock single dropped pressure to 37psi for .70 and 150 plus.
1/19pm Pete Nixon SkiDoo 600RS, Scutti Williams Polaris 600 IQ, snoX race sleds good stock SnoX dyno numbers will post this week if time permits. Both should have been at the Adirondack Shootout

1/21 pm Mike Gross edge triple 800.cancelled due to 37inches of new snow in mike's driveway.

1/23 Bender Racing, Mach Z 1100 CS twins with Boondocker nitrous tuning to max HP on pump gas, Jim Cooper will be here to change maps, timing, monitor deto etc Noon Bob Blizniak, Bender big bore 835 triple trail port pump gas. boondocker (bought used) seems to be goofed up, goes wicked lean to 16/1 at 7300 even with 40 mid high at 7300, will have new one red label 1/24AM had to push John D back to 11am, Travis to 2:00 or so...

1/24 AM That troublesome MZ was left on dyno overnight, got a new Boondocker red labeled to DTR plus Bender's guys found a new one on the shelf, this one worked perfect for two runs then reverted to stock OEM map (too lean), installed new harness, no help, installed the DTR programmed boondocker, perfect for one run then reverted to stock fuel map again.  0 for three on Boondocker boxes? Has to be a problem with wiring somehow, Jim Cooper took the sled  back to his dealership hope to find an issue...Travis showed up at noon, John D let him go next because he was planning to go to N MI Friday, boondockered  his BMP F7/8 single pipe to perfect 167 at .62, 163 at .70 (he'll ride like that on the trails to be safe) and squirted six holes of n2o made moderate 193 for lake racing. Johnny Dee Price 1000 triple turbo engine with model 66 aerodyne will need a squirt of n2o to get it to 400hp. Big shaft will be used. Jim Cooper will be here to tune new MSD. I goofed on this one, hooked up everything but Sean's deto sensor, detod a piston at 7000 RPM 10/1 making 300 plus there, possibly MSD timing was set way too advanced, next time we WILL listen for knock.
PM. Travis from Michigan I forgot your last name F8 pump gas with N2O, have no phone number, you need not come at noon, two or three is better.

1/25 AM Don Emery and Tommy McConky back with that 4cyl radar runner that made 384ish last winter on the engine, this time with N2O needs more HP for another 10mph. Maybe our first 500 HP?
yup, will post our new record for torque and HP this armpits are just now drying out. Had  the deto muffs on this time.
1/26 Sat MA Carl Theriault and pals three sleds (down to two sleds, one F8 Engine tech and a Crossfire 1000 both to be Boondockered) cancelled due to problems with two of the sleds

1/28 Dave Augar, Pol Edge w/ Joe DiSpirito Ultra 800 triple big bore, silenced CS mod pipes,  made 193-195HP at 9800 RPM on mostly pump gas.

1/31 Texas Tim Worden and HTG Rob, dyno tuning Cat 17xx triple, D&D/ HTG cylinders, maybe N2O? Maybe another 400 or more?