December 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

DynoTech : subscribers who can dial in chassis' for others

I would like to make a listing of DTR subscribers who can, for a fee, do clutch/ chassis tuning for individuals. Dialing in engine HP on the dyno and finding engine RPM HP peaks at various pipe center section temps is half the battle. To get that HP to the ground engine alignment, clutching, suspension, track prep etc is critical.

If you are a subscriber who does this full or part time, please email me what you provide (ie: individual name or company name, brands you dial in, if you have clutch components on the shelf, have a test track (or a mountain nearby), track dyno, cost per hour (optional), hours or days of operation, address and day phone number/ email address.

I will try to create a listing by Zip codes/ postal codes/ country codes and post a listing somewhere on my website. Maybe we can help complete the performance tuning package for DTR subscribers.

Friday, December 01, 2006

DynoTech : Month of December

12/1 Justin Fuller, former Bender Racing engine guru is now on his own with his new company Full Power Performance. This was a SRX triple that Justin had fitted HTG 1000 cylinders to, 11.5-1 compression ratio now with a load of Boss Noss N2O. Made 218 at .78 lb/hphr on gasoline, then blasted two stages of Boss Noss after four hours tweaking those awful needle fuel jets on the dyno 308 HP, smooth as silk. Everyone should tune these things on an instrumented dyno.

12/2 another 518er probably cameras off just so this guy who wants to torture his lakeracer pals in the capital district. Back again with ported cylinders, CS twins, dialed in good NA HP then added Boondocker N2O limited to maxed out 140 lb/hr fuel flow, could only use the smallest N2O nozzles for 244 HP. Larger nozzles would surely have detod. We have an idea to add fuel flow so we can take advantage of the Boondocker EFI system.

12/2 PM, Sherlock performance, one stroker F9 and another Firecat, one or both to enter the DTR SW Shootout next week. The F9 is not ready, this is an F8 w/ stock cylinders, stock head  Bikeman Fatazz stamped single with stock muffler, with only a 03 ECU and fuel pressure booster (48 psi) no Boondocker was needed to make 174 HP on pump gas (added high octane gas and bumped to 177 HP with lower fuel flow). I need to post this along with the other recently tested, significant single pipe stock muffler stock cylinder F8s.

12/4 and 12/5 Shootout sleds arrive from Old Forge, SW guys have swapped sleds around and will be setup at Big Moose Yam Sunday then the first wave hits here Mon AM. Second wave Tues AM. All live on webcams. Let's hope we find at least one ringer to have fun with.
12/4 we'll have the White Lake Polaris IQ 600 only and the two Old Forge Powersports SkiDoos (600 SDI and Mach Z)
12/5 we'll have the Big Moose clan with 600 and 1000 Cats and Yamaha four strokes.


12/11 Jaison Waiman BMP trailport ZR900 Boondocker, SLP single pipe for morning tuneup

12/13 a local Apex, bone stock with two five hole N2O nozzles. wayne Stoutner made all the HP as advertised, dyno sheets posted on website

12/14 Glenn Sabatine with a new Phazer with MCXpress turbo on pump gas. cancelled

12/15 Bill Stickney, RKTek 600/730 EFI  SkiDoo big midrange HP and airflow inprovement, at peak revs airflow and HP not much different from stock bore tuned up 600.

12/16 a Canadian DynoTech user with an F7.  Sorry Carl your not from Canada but from MA instead, trail ported F7 by BMP DD Ypipe BMP modded stock pipe, low compression 2 deg key Boondocker made 163 for 14 seconds on pump gas.
pm Gary Trapp tuning a F7 trail ported by his dealer JanCen in Buffalo NY. D&D Ypipe, BMP modded stock pipe no key, more compression than Carl's one hour before,
made more midrange HP and a few HP less at peak. But still high 150's at .70, low 160's at low .60s.

12/17 9am Randy Pifer 925 DNE Skidoo triple with spot on pump gas jetting made 200 HP, Randy hung around to watch dyno session in PM with DNE Don and Curtis and radar run madman Tommy McConkey with the new 1725 quad, set new record 281 HP for NA engines on my dyno, may post this week.

12/18 Dusty Underdorfen (sorry about spelling) with a F7 cat bored to F8 with OEM pistions to Boondocker tune. just after setting up canada fat map had mysetrious seizure at 10.3/1 and .68 BSFC. Checking piston to cylinder wall clearance.

12/19 AM Art Andre one more time to try out a larger capacity fuel pump and a Boondocker boost fuel controller. Big intank fuel pump and Boondocker controller = dandy fuel flow from low revs low boost to high revs high boost. Will post his numbers soon. Then early PM  John DiAngelo with a Chuckaroo  MachZ  trail mod 1000 w/ N2O Like the other machZs with Boondocker N2O injectors wide open 240+ HP that all the fuel flow will support. But that's all one needs for trail mod. Also a Price triple with model 66 Aerodyne turbo for fine tuning. 315 HP at 12 psi boost, tried N2O adder but immediately sneezed out some reeds.

12/26 Two more F7's bored into F8s with OEM pistons, one single pipe one twin pipe Boondocker tuning both. Jason's home brewed F8, made 170plus on pump gas.

12/27 Private (cams off) tuning Big Moose lakeracer.

12/28 dyno available in AM. 12 PM, Jimmy Cooper coming with stock 05 Mach Z, baseline stock then add 07 program. Will try Dynoport pipe that Rich had on his sled at SW/DTR shootout. Also Boyeson coming with reeds for Jimmy to install, and some wing-like devices that fit behind throttle blades at WOT. Also have a BMP modded stock pipe to test. Boyeson still awaiting castings, rescheduled to 1/4 PM

12/29 8am Michael Fitzherbert another F8, this one with D&D high RPM monster single, Boondocker.