July 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

DynoTech : spring/ summer dyno schedule

4/2 Pat Kitchen, Joe DiSpirito Cat 1500 triple asphalt sled

4/6 Jim Sigg 103ci H-D PCV tune (CycleDyn)

4/7 Don Puleo 107ci H-D PCV tune (CycleDyn)

4/12 Randy Crouse, Cat 1200 twin, tuning N2O

4/13 Heath Lynk Pol 1080 triple trail sled

4/13 Harry Jones Honda CRF450 flattrack bike (CycleDyn)

4/22 Ron Jewell Kenny Coolbeth KX450 (CycleDyn)

4/25-5/6 Todd Hogan testing Boyesen Rad Valves on Etec 800, compare early ecu flash to 2013 flash-- results posted

5/6 Troy Butts Yam YZ450 (CycleDyn)

5/6 Mike Luczak Honda CRF450 flattracker (CycleDyn)

5/11 Ron Jewell/ Kenny Coolbeth Kaw KX450 one more time (CycleDyn)

5/12 Cody Fowler Hayabusa PCV tune (CycleDyn)

5/20 Dave Wells Honda CRF450 flattracker (CycleDyn)

5/23 Don Ohlson Hayabusa PCV tune (CycleDyn) we tuned this bike a year ago, ran perfectly until this spring then began losing power and finally broke a connecting rod. New engine was installed and it ran perfectly while cruising but at high revs WOT would lose HP. So back to the dyno A/F was perfect until WOT high RPM then it would go lean (instead of the proper 12/1 it would show 16 or 17/1!). PCV adjustment made no difference. So we checked fuel pressure and as expected the fuel pressure dropped as revs climbed meaning plugged fuel filter/ defective fuel pump. Don tried a new filter and fuel pressure still dropped at high revs, then he sprung for a new in-tank fuel pump and all is perfect now. So that tired $350 fuel pump cost him a $5000 engine repair. Moral of this story--if your EFI engine begins to lose power at high revs CHECK THE FUEL PRESSURE.

5/24 Mike Zacher CRF450 and CRF100 Flattrackers (CycleDyn)

5/24 Brian Neuman CRF450 Flattracker (CycleDyn)

5/24 Wade Blood Kawasaki Vulcan PCV tune (CycleDyn)

5/27 Neil Jacobs tuning 107 cubic inch 280hp Kaw Pro Stock dragbike on the 902 shaft dyno

5/28 Frank Burns H-D VRod big bore PCV tune (CycleDyn)

6/1 Dave Wells tuning CRF450 with Ron Jewell mod (CycleDyn)

6/9 Al Rowcliff CRF450 with Ron Jewell head (CycleDyn)

6/9 Frankie Amalfi and Yammigod Tony Yam SRX700 asphalt racer

6/13 Bill Woodley TC88 PCIII tune (CycleDyn)

6/23 AJ Frank using 902 shaft dyno to tune his trail mod Banshee 350 quad

6/24 Aaron Mucher Yamaha FZ1 PCV tune (CycleDyn)

6/25 Jerry Jankowski Honda Blackbird Turbo carb tune (CycleDyn)

7/1 Brad Crocker setting up his Bender Pol 600 mod engine for H2Ocross racing

7/21 Keith Crowell Yamaha R6S streetbike PCV tune (CycleDyn) 

7/28 Jake Lehnen searching for power with his SkiDoo RS600 hilldrag sled

8/2 Pat Kitchen again with 1500 triple Joe D engine

8/3-8/30 intermittent private testing cameras off

8/31 Tim Tyler Polaris 800 twin drag engine