January 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008

DynoTech : February 08 dyno testing

2/1 Friday Jason Owens F6 Cat trail mod pump gas only, stock head, 139hp w/ DD monster single graph shows black stock single, blue BMP modified stock pipe, red D&D monster single pipe

2/2 Sat AM Russ Horn XC800R 950ish BMP big bore, PM Dave Shoup Fusion 975 big bore had several issues with 950--stock fuel pump was seriously restricting fuel flow only 90 lb/hr with 540mj--when fuel flow was resolved by bypassing pump, feeding engine with dyno fuel pump, HP was still off, BMP is taking sled back to rectify someone at BMP mistakenly installed stiff Ex valve springs above diaphragms, essentially locking valves closed during operation--springs out now all should be well, Dave's Fusion required some Boondocker tuning and timing key to get 175 on pump gas
2/4 Casey Mulkin, Fusion stock bore with trail mods/ Boondocker N2O bone stock 06 with SLp exhaust and SLP reflashed ECU, made 160 with flashed ECU .72, took away fuel with Boondocker made 165 at .62, then added 10 holes of N2O made 206 at .70 dropped to 8 holes to be safer made 190 at .70 had to tweak Boondocker fuel to get reasonable pump gas safety for short N2O burps, world's flattest hp curve, no curve at all.
2/5 AM available
      PM Sean Ray dyno tunes an MC Express turbo Apex still on the dyno, may have issue with stale gas causing misfire at 12/1...find out wed 12/6 AM...surely problem of air distribution in plenum--all four injectors firing perfect, at wot 6000 all is perfect, let engine slide slowly toward 6500 #2 leans out then as revs are allowed to slowly slide up toward 7000 #2 begins to enrichen then get fatter than #1 & #3 (which stay perfect) and #4 leans out from 11/1 to 18/1 misfire meaning it's getting more than its' share of air somehow robbing from #2...

2/7 AM Top Gun Dave Dillenbeck Cutler F1000 new Boondocker with more steps. Maybe noon Jim Cooper will have their new 600 etec DI engine to dyno test, will see just how low BSFC really is.added extra 2 deg timing and one point of compression, picked up 14 midrange HP, six at peak to 201. Jim Cooper got the sled, but found out it needs six hours run time for max timing, will ride this weekend, dyno Monday
      PM Tripod Dan Cross HTG XCR1200 got 298 last time, trying for 300.0, Jim Cooper fine tuning MSD curve w/ laptop. made 298 before center crank bearing ground to a halt.
2/8 AM Dead 1 Dave with John Wilburs HTG F1000, Rob Schooping with new XCR1600 four cylinder. cancelled the quad, but the F1000 w/ D&D twins made 223 plus with hot coolant, then when they got back to HTG shop reinstalled the pod, showed egt probe error, maybe causing timing retard?
2/9 AM Carl Theriault Engine Tech 900 tweaked and tuned this 12.5/1 trail engine from 140 to 170 (different single pipe, timing tweaks, Boondocker while the next guys Jim and Kurt watched (they arrived early).
    PM Jim McMahon & Kurt Lombard CS1000 twin rotary open mod triple this was sort of a homecoming for me since Larry Audette did so much early  twin RV triple development here nearly 20 years ago. This should have been great fun maxing out carburetion,  finding exact max HP timing, then finding exact HP peak at various pipe temps...but run #1 had misfire at 8000 with good fuel flow, new plugs then run #2 misfire gone revved to 8500 then "pop" engine was running on one cylinder...a rogue shiny new-looking 3/4 x 8-32ish plated steel machine screw had somehow found its' way into one carb inlet and jammed the pto RV, shutting off air to two cylinders, stripping either [hopefully] the RV shaft and/or [hopefully not] the crank gear. Perhaps thankfully it  wedged itself between the valve and valve cover instead of making it into the engine possibly wreaking even more havoc. We never could find an empty threaded hole on anything near or above the dyno (garage door opener etc), and all the fasteners in dyno room are coated in amber residue from 20 years of two-stroke exhaust haze.
2/11 AM Pete Nixon, RKT XP860R, Jim Cooper helping out, Boyeson reeds [special for mod engine] vs stock reeds etc. made 169 stock ypipe stock pipe stock reeds were best on this engine. Pete had purchased 93 from his uncle's gas station, Jim noted bad deto on his computer, bought different 93 gas and deto was gone.
        PM  Jeff Stinson, Cat F7 Imp stock winter boondocker tuning
        late PM Jim Cooper new SkiDoo 600 Etec EFI let's see how low BSFC is at cruise and wot trail ride sat was cancelled due to rain, wont have six hours of run time by Monday, won't test until breakin is done, good riding weather coming so hopefully this week we'll get to dyno test.
2/12 AM Ed Sedlemeier SkiDoo 600 SnoXers one stocker one mod in 1990 we used Ed's Polaris 650 triple trail mod for our big pipe shootout, Rodney Champagne ported...with the highest HP set of triple pipes screaming at 9200 Ed's  Indy mod made less HP than this bone stock  SkiDoo 600 twin snox racer.
        PM John Rudics, F7 w/ BMP pipe mod, 87 octane/ Boondocker 144-146HP stock key depending on Boondocker setting, wot for 15 seconds no problem.
        PM Gary Claxton, HTG F7/F8 big bore lake mod Stock compression ratio, 2 deg key, BMP pipe mod and stock muffler made 166 at .65, 170.0 at .57 both for 15 seconds at WOT.
2/13 AM HTG Rob with XCR1200 with turbo to dial in fuel management excessive timing looks like it bit this one, light deto with safe looking fuel flow, will be back.
        PM Sunnyside Cycle troubleshooting misfiring Suzuki 600 sportbike using our Cycledyn roller eddy current bike dyno.cancelled until it warms up a bit
2/14 four 518ers-- Mach Z mod (Jim Cooper monitor deto and roll timing)  an F9 and an F10 for tuning, plus  one more MZ  lakerace shooting for 350...IF WE HAVE TIME JIM COOPER WILL DYNO HIS 600ETEC tuned the 518 sleds, no time for Jim Cooper's Etec it's on the dyno table now, will test on Saturday AM 8/16
2/16 XP800R testing/ tuning with stock, SPI and Aaen single to see which pipe to use. F1000 with BMP single, Boondocker tuning cancelled until next week
2/17 Jim and Kurt on more time with CS twin RV triple 1000, one new rotary valve disc and one new rotary valve shaft (crank was OK). Maybe well have filters on it this time...in the 10 years since I saw the last 1000 this has evolved incredibly, now 160 lb/ft and tuned to near perfection by Kurt before it got here, tweaked timing back and forth to obtain absolute max HP, driver Jim is said to be fast on the trigger, both on race sleds and guns--see his "cowboy" competition gunsmith business at www.cowboygunworks.com     
2/18 Bob Jacoby looking for more HP with his turbo nitrous RX1, Justing Fuller tuning then Justin will dial in a new Apex turbo kit installation. Bob's plain bearing turbonetics turbo was lazy then seemen to seize up  after  one dyno run, will be back.
2/19 Tripod Dan one more time, fresh crank tweaked jetting/ timing made 299.9 but we couldn't quit with that, tweaked timing and jetting, ice water in engine finally made 301 so we could go home.

2/21 BMP East Jake with a trailerfull tuning up for Oneida Shootout 2/23

Jason Owens coming again with a F7/800 Xfire cant remember what day..that was tuesday after  GreedyTripod Dan got his 300, Jason detuned this one to 160-165 to run on 87 octane, changed to freer breathing BMP F8 pipe
2/22 Vince Mussolino tuning some more HP into his F1000 for the Oneida Shootout on Saturday cancelled till after shootout
2/24 Justin Rock, F1000 boondocker tuning, pal Jonas w/ stock XP800R and  two aftermarket single pipes, will run the best one on the trail. Jim Cooper will roll timing and watch for detonation. Jetted and maxed timing,  then tested three pipes vs stock on Jonas'  XP800R, Aaen, CPI, DynoPort also DynoPort and BMP Ypipes, results are posted on subscriber pages.
2/25 cycledyn tested  a new Suzuki GSXR600 for Suzuki dealer Sunnyside Cycle,- was having trouble with engine cutting out then back on again at 14,000 rpm. So far Suzuki recommended replacing ECU, fuel tank, fuel system, camshafts (?), and this was ready for lemon-law buyback. Problem turned out to be kick stand shutoff switch (designed to prevent driving by mistake with kick stand left down). At 14,000 rpm the kickstand would vibrate and drop down a bit (loose spring), then engine would cutoff. Fix will probably be a new tighter kick stand spring.
2/26 Bender Racing Colden with Henry Janzen's Mach Z 1100 twin trail mod/ CS pipes. Third day on the dyno (first day Boondocker wouldnt function, second day new Boondocker red labeled wouldnt function, then Jim Cooper brought sled to his shop to check all wiring, discovered the fancy "R" plugs were "Race" plugs non-resistor. Back to dyno with resistor plugs, perfect boondockering to 195hp on 91 octane, then injected ten holes of regulated N2O pressure w/ Boondocker made 220 with 400psi, 230 with 450 psi and 240HP with 500psi. That regulator deal seems ideal for moderate HP boosts, since bottle pressure is no longer an issue.
2/29 Woody and Rob Schooping with new XCR1200 with a fourth cylinder attached. Maybe new all motor record? not today, made 365 with #1 cyl about 20 degrees out of phase (had blown a belt, temporary high overrev, after that blown belt had to lighten clutch weights to compensate). Crank needs to go back to Clark Spreigel for reindexing, will set rev limiter 500 revs lower, current all motor record is DNE 384, will try in March?