December 2005

Saturday, December 31, 2005

DynoTech : This week's Dyno schedule update

Finally some more non-cat stuff on the schedule.

Thurs AM we finished off the 800 SkiDoo twin. Jimmy Cooper spent a few hours dialing in timing, added timing could not keep the race twins away from rev limiter. Larry put the stock pipe back on, Jimmy rolled the timing up and down, adding timing helped miidrange but lost on top. With added compression, stock was best.

Thursday PM Greg P. brought in a boondockered (with suggested settings) F9 with twins that they were having trouble getting to run decently, came with 142 left with a 170 HP trail map and 175 HP lakerace map on his boondocker.

Fri AM I goofed, SRX is coming in spring.

Monday 1/2/06  is a big HP day I hope. This afternoon Terry Paine is dropping off my monster driveshaft (he borrowed to dyno a stage 3 RX1 on Bender's SuperFlow dyno). First some Central NY Racing guys are dialing in a big load of Boondocker nitrous, shooting for 275 in the AM?
In the PM, Thousand Island Goose Bay radar run madman Stanley Parker is coming to dial in his stage 3 Bender RX1 turbo with MSD. I'm hoping that he's not hoping for 400. Preliminary results: within an hour after Terry Paine returned the monster shaft to us it got twisted like a piece of black licorice (it had been dented and weakened by an earlier hydraulic lift mishap and just came off Bender's dyno on a 390 hp turbo with no problem) while we were dialing in MachZ stocker w/ Boondocker & Boondocker N2O. Since we were having trouble achieving the expected monster torque we went back to standard shaft. NA the Boondocker was perfect in enabling us to match the improvement  we saw with the Shootout  MachZ racebox. After that we struggled to add 20 hp with what was supposed to be a 100 hp  four-nozzle kit. We  tuned in what we could,  we will try to get some assistance from  Boondocker tomorrow to enable us to increase N2O and fuel flow to create more meaningful improvement.  With no monster shaft, I had to cancel Gooose Bay Madman Stanley until a replacemnt monster shaft is built.

Tuesday we'll put another few hours testing Race Tools' muffler packing on our Cycledyne. The eddy current absorption unit maintains constant speed load, and we dial in enough throttle to maintain a desired HP level. In the PM my pal Big Joe DiSpirito is coming with Mike Gross to tune a ZR900 with twin pipes that Joe built. Then if we make 180+ we're going to eat Joe's favorite low carb best in the world ribs at Alex' Place. Joe didn't make it, but  Mike and pals came, made 180 plus and I bet they ate ribs without Joe.

Wed AM Jay from Sun and Snow someplace in Central NY is bringing in an F8 with Boondocker nitrous to dial in. PM I'm Mr Mom (my wife works Wed's and Fri's as a Court Reporter those days I pick up our 7 yr onld son at school so only one fairly local AM sled on those days).

Thursday Richard is bringing in TWO MACHZs, one ported with Boondocker and CS pipes, the other I think with Bikeman domes and stock pipe mod.Richard also wants to dyno tune a third sled, either an 800doo twin or a Fusion, can't remember which.

Fri AM is reserved for an F9 twin piper that needs tuning if I can find a tech wrench to help out, I should know by wed.

Sat and Sun are open (weekends are $25/hr more).

Week of 1/8 Tues and Thursday are full (on those days 3 MachZs and one Fusion 900 to try Fusion single pipes on!), have  Monday all day, wed AM HTG Rob Schooping is coming to dyno a Boondocker N2O fusion and Friday AM open. next weekend looks full unless we get cancellations.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

DynoTech : Dyno update

Today we dialed in Dave Morris' ZR1010, we have his last year's dyno numbers posted on subscribers' pages. this time he came with twin pipes insead of last year's single with stock muffler. HP was down by maybe 8-- Dave didn't have time to reinstall his single pipe to redyno but I suspect that his twins are beating him up. not the first time we've seen that. But we were able to tune his Boss Noss system to add very close to 30 HP to his baseline.

We also dyno tuned his pal Dan Anderson's Bikeman F8, added a key here to get 160+ HP at .70 extremely safe BSFC with only raised fuel pressure. We needed to bump timing because with stock key his HP peak was sliding up to 8200 where stock ECU map pulls fuel flow out to dangerously lean for F8, and installing a 2 degree key shoved HP peak down to 7900-8000 where fuel flow is fat and happy.

Dan had a Boondocker box with him to dial in, but his low-revving bikeman modded stock pipe and his added Bikeman fuel pressure made that unnecessary. He was fine with stock ECU, bumped fuel pressure.

After Dave and Dan headed west on I90, I called Larry Bartlett (local sled tuner on standby) who brought in a 03 1/2 Blair Morgan MXZX800 that he had tweaked with a .015 headnip and sanded ports, stock pipe and DynoPort can made 104 lb/ft 158 HP at .58 lb/hphr. We fattened up jetting to drop HP to 152 at .65.  Larry installed a set of last year's factorymod snoX twin pipes, made 154 just as the rev limiter kicked in 1000 rpm higher than stock, with maybe 10 less lb/ft torque. Jimmy Cooper is coming tomorrow 8:30 AM with his computer to bump timing to see if there is more HP lurking.   

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

DynoTech : Rest of dyno schedule

12/28/05 Dave Murray is driving tonight from IL will get here in time for meat at Alex' restaurant, dyno tomorrow beginning 8AM DD1010 this time w/ twins, then a Bikeman F8 of some sort. Then in afternoon I have a local Larry Bartlett on standby with a ported SKIDOO 800HO with twin pipes.
12/29/05 9AM Dave Crampton I think has a ported F7 to dial in. In PM Greg Peffolano is bringing in someone's F9 to dial in.
12/30/05 9AM Jim Zucco dyno tuning a Yamaha SRX.

1/5/06 Richard LaVant MachZ lakeracer, ported, twin pipes. Also a stocker with bikeman heads and Bikeman pipe mod/ Bikeman muffler, compare to stock

1/14/06 Randy Haulman and two as yet unnamed accomplices: SkiDoo 830 twin w/ Boss Noss, ZR900 EFI, and Racing Station modded F7/ F8.

1/15/06 Bob Craybiss with a trail mod SkiDoo; I can't recall model.

Lots of time available Jan 3, 9, 10, 12, 17, 19, 21, 22,  23, 24, 26.

In between on standby, Sean Ray's Dad's Fusion 600/670 (cylinders arrived late, still waiting for pipes). Bill Rogers' Fusion 900 with pipes, HTG big bore Fusion with pipes.

Soon to be posted on website: 06 Polaris 440IQ SnoX racer, Boss Noss evaluation. SnoWeek/ DTR Shootout sled dyno results (as soon as SnoWeek Shhotout issue is in their subsribers' hands) including Mach Z with hotbox making gonzo HP with dragmap.

DynoTech : Finally figured out my blog password

My webguy Jim M. is in Saskatchewan for Xmas/ New Year (family stuff), my home computer lost all stored passwords including the one for editing DTR. By trail and error I'm finally back in, will try to update dyno schedule tonight. This afternooon we'll be running that YZ450 sitting on the Cycledyn, trying to burn the packing out of the muffler. Tomorrow for sure Dave Morris coming from Chicago again, bringing that same Cat 1010 we posted here last year, this time with twin pipes. I think he's also bring an F8 of some sort for Boondocker tuning. 

Sunday, December 18, 2005

DynoTech : Sunday's Dyno tuning results

If you watched today's dynocams you saw us we struggle with Scranton PA sledder Mark Dombrowski's 04 Fusion fitted nicely by him with a Series 53 143N300 Aerocharger, intercooled and Boondocker boost measuring box. Mark was shooting for 200 pump gas HP. No problem.

For normally aspirated EFI mod sled it usually takes 2-2.5 hours to dial in Boondocker to perfection. The Boosted mode on this prototype Boondocker was new to me, but we dialed in A/F ratio safely at 5 psi boost in about three hours. But with perfect A/F ratio and 5 psi boost the HP and airflow CFM were only marginally higher than stock!

Turbo 2strokes normally show us 4-5 or more PSI pipe center section pressure higher than boost pressure, but this one measured 3 psi LESS than boost pressure!

After checking out the Aerocharger top to bottom, then even wiring the vane controller closed we failed to create backpressure or more than 5 psi boost.

Mark and his pal Allan (Allan brought a troublesome trail mod XCR800 to diagnose but he had a new-style clutch on an old-style crank end and we could not remove his clutch with either our new or old style pullers so no dyno tune was possible) are on there way home to Scranton.

Then I got a call from Sean Ray, on his way home from the Gaylord MI SnoX race where his Sean-tuned Tim Bender/Team Industries SnoX racers had some difficulties with a few perpexing mid-race seizures. Since I am the only person that has exceeded Sean's personal dyno piston seizures at DynoTech he occasionally consults with me when that happens on or off the dyno. When you tune for max HP you must dance around temp, baro, fuel octane, fuel reid vapor pressure, piston clearance, etc etc.  I am confident the Sean-tuned racers will be fine for the next race.

Then I  discussed Mark Dombrowski's very strange tuning session today with the Aerocharged Fusion 900. Sean has more boosted dyno tuning at DynoTech than me while we were doing Aerocharger kits next door. And Sean immediately suggested a split tuned pipe seam weld-- too common on boosted stock singles. Since that seam is hidden under the stock pipe's heat shield that is likely to be the culprit. I left a voicemail to Mark that he will  get in a few hours. I'm hoping that when  he pops off his heat shields tomorrow he will find the airflow/ boost/ HP robbing gap in the weld.

No dyno tomorrow I will be Mr Mom with my sick 7 year old son, Tuesday two lightly modded F7s, Wednesday Bill Looneytune DiFranco to dial in his F9  Lancaster Championship winning sled into a Canadian Trail-Safe monster with Monster single pipe and quiet stock can. Thursday I have another dyno session I can't remember what since my calendar is back at the dyno. Thurs PM Sean Ray is supposed to bring his dad's Fusion 600 sled (our first tuneup posted here) now poked out to 670cc and with aftermarket pipes. Sean and his family are scheduled to go to their camp in Tug Hill next weekend and it will suck to be Sean if his dad can't ride his new sled.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

DynoTech : Saturday's dyno tuning results

Canadians Vinnie and Hoppy drove through lake effect snow in S Ontario/ Buffalo this AM to ensure optimum performance on their F7s.
They had essentially stock F7s, one 04 one 05 with .010 nipped off their heads. Both had DD F8F9 Monster single pipes with large ZR900 diameter outlet pipes.
We began with Vinnie's sled-- after we dialed in his booondocker box it still seemed slightly low on HP considering A/F ratio and his offeset key etc. I've dyno'd 100 of these  Firecats and this seemed off the mark. So we installed a DD F7 Monster Single and picked up a solid 4 CHP. Fine tuning Vinney's sled we wound up with 152 canadian trail-safe HP assuming he can maintain cool coolant temps.
Next Hoppy's sled, F7 identical to Vinnie's but the Boondocker I provided him had my dynotecch map.
we tweeked fuel flw for a while, when we were done with my trail safe map Hoppy had 152 HP just like Vinnie's . But both Bondocker maps were totallly different. Vinnie has DD program, Hoppy had DTR map wirh zero overlap A/F ratio.
Tomorrow a Fusuion turbo- Dialed in on our dyno.

Friday, December 16, 2005

DynoTech : Some new data

I checked al my 3.5" floppies at home--my Boss Noss data is on another computer either at work or on a newer (seriously used but cheap) computer being reconfigured by Jimmy Cooper. So I opted to do a graph of Darrell Gaglianese' 05 F7 carbed sled. We dyno'd it stock (way better than 03-04 no 5 degree offset keyway needed) it has a much better airbox carb inlet, check out Bikeman modded stock single pipe vs D&D F7 monster single. Which one do you like? Do you seek max peak HP with minimal midrange torque/ HP or max midrange torque/ HP with a bit less peak HP? Test and data will follow shortly.

DynoTech : This week and Boss Noss tuning

I had cancellations on Mon Tues this week, I had reserved midweek to update my SF901 Software to read 02 sensor A/F ratio. Computer savvy Sean Ray and Bender Racing's Terry Paine were a great help. This would enable us to read A/F ratio on complex return system EFI sleds like 900 Fusion (a multi-hour plumber's nightmare) by simply sucking exhaust gas through a wide band O2 sensor. Now it's easy to measure airflow CFM mechanically, then the new software should crunch the numbers and give us fuel flow lb/hr and BSFC without actually measuring fuel flow. Two strokes eat )2 sensors but the time savings justify that.
 I had a nostalgia Wildcat650 mod on the dyno Tuesday, we struggled with that since it was a mod sled solid mounted (solid mounts on most twins are a nightmare causing fuel foaming and fuel flow shutoff even while float bowls are going dry)). Today (Friday) was my first Firecat of the week-- Tim Smith dialed in his Bikeman F8 with Bikeman mod single and Boondocker. He picked up 3 or 4 HP by removing his loud can and reinstalling his stock quiet muffler. I'll let him tell which brand of obnoxiously loud can he removed. Then we dialed him in 11.5/1 from EGV opening to 8100, plus we made sure his part throttle cruise was a safe 13/1 or close to that.. And since he has a peak airflow-robbing 440 snopro intake, he is going home to reinstall his stock intake but will have to bump up his high RPM Boondocker settings to compensate.
The dyno will be humming this weekend, two sleds Sat and two or more Sunday. Monday AM David Crampton F7, then Tues a mod F7 and F8. Then hoping on Wednesday to have Bill Looneytoon dial in his Lancaster NY asphalt drag champion DD F9, now with monster single and stock muffler, to make it trail safe. The Boondocker is great for that--Bill can have an 85 octane program plus two others in his Boondocker box-- maybe one for 92 and one for race gas. It takes only seconds to switch programs.
This weekend between sessions I will try to post our first Boss Noss tuning session. Hint: sometimes you are lucky enough to get what you pay for.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

DynoTech : Seven days a week-- Sunday's results

This morning we finished off Ziggy's F8 with Boondocker and a hermaphrodite (part stock part custom stamped looks like it won't fit the stock heat shield) BM single prototype that matched Ziggy's F8 modded stock pipe. The modded stock pipe had that camel hump dip just after valve opening and the new pipe was smooth, peaked at higher revs and had flat HP from 7600-8100 revs, but matched the modded stock pipe output. Ziggy used one of our zero overlap Boondockers and we dialed him in yesterday at .70+ 11/1 from 7200 valve opening to 8100, even with his fuel pressure dropped from 57 to 45 psi, 160 HP flat for maybe 4-500 revs.  Then we created a leaner Boondocker map, went to .65 and mid 11's/1 and 163 HP. I'm such a chicken-ass Ziggy was thinking 12/1 for dragging but I talked him out of it. Surely could have made high 160's but I just want him to be reliable. The final 20 minutes of dyno tuning was dyno trail riding in the midrange, using the computer control, varying throttle position and revs watching A/F ratio, a few lean spots were enrichened and a few fat spots were leaned out. This will be dandy for Ziggy to ride since during his last dyno session (preBoondocker) we had to crank his fuel pressre to the moon to be midrange WOT OK then mainjetted him to make good top end A/F ratio. But he was blubbery at cruise with that. His jeep got better MPG than his sled. The Boondocker is the best for dyno tuning these big bores. Ziggy is ordering a digital water temp gauge to install in his sled, will monitor that this winter. He is overpowering his cooling system by 20-30 HP and observing coolant temp is critical for reliability.

Then Bikeman Erich Long rolled in and dyno tuned the two F9's he brought to the Shootout last week. He had planned to do final tuning of his sleds here last Thursday on his way to Old Forge but was way too late-- I had to pick up SW / SnowGoer ed Tim Erikson at the Buffalo airport at noon, then Tim and I blasted to Old Forge for me to make Slickers at 5 and then Shootout dealer meeting at 7. So today we started with Erich's 901cc F9 single piper, stock muffler. Somehow his Boondocker calibration had been goofed up, and he made "only" 166 HP at .80 lb/hphr 10/1. After leaning out the Boondocker we dialed it to 176.4 HP at .60 and 120 lb/ft. Erich should have hurried last Thursday.

Then we dyno'd his twin pipe F9--that was OK on Boondocker cal, but that new quiet stock cannister muffler he installed without dynoing before leaving for NY (he was hoping for the DynoTech SW Quiet Giant award which he received at the banquet) choked 10% airflow CFM and consequently "only" made 181 HP. We made two dyno runs, A/F ratio was surely lean enough but there was no way to get to 190+ without that missing 10% airflow CFM. Tuning would not help this one. And the loud glasspacks he dyno calibrated with last week were back in the BM shop.

This week I think i have I have sleds every day, a few on standby in case I get a cancellation. You can watch on DynoCams, and when I check my schedule at work tomorrow I will try to post what sleds are coming when. ILMJ.  

Saturday, December 10, 2005

DynoTech : Back from Shootout

This mat have been the best Shootout ever--decent temp, lots of snow, 13 aftermarket sleds. And we caught one ringer. all results will be in SnowWeek magazine. After that article is out I will post my numbers of stock sleds including that wicked SkiDoo provided Mach Z ECU. I'm still kicking myself for having Jimmy Cooper overwrite the race fuel map with an 06 fuel map. We should have reinstalled the stock retarded ECU, let it run that way at the Shootout  and I could have sold that Shootout 10 HP extra hotbox on Ebay for $1000. I need to pay Jimmy Cooper for the five hours he spent here with his Doo computer getting this  ECU correct, and Ebay would have made that easy. But I still have the 600SDI race box, we didn't mess with that, renstalled the original ECU in the sled. That may show up on Ebay next week so we can remunerate Cooper's Sales and Service (585-682-9707).
Curt came back today with a full N2O cylinder (please don't call it noss) and we finalized that evaluation. The newly supplied EFI Boss Noss box was fitted, now needle valve fuel flow was seemingly in range, we were able to dyno tune Curt's ZR800 into the twilight zone. Actual dyno results will be released after Curt lines up with his dad's RX1 Bender turbo stage 1 (Curt's dad has no idea what Curt is plotting).
We finished with Curt's juiced up ZR800 this afternoon, and we hooked up Mike Ziggy Zigmont (we found each other on the I90 today) to the SuperFlow dyno. Mike has a Bikeman F8 and ran blubbery but safe all last year with 58 psi fuel pressure. Now we have installed a DynoTech programmed Boondocker and we've been able to drop fuel pressure to 45 psi. In an hour we created a safe .700+ BSFC and 11/1 A/F ratio from valve opening to HP peak and beyond. Those Boondockers are great EFI tuning devices especially if you can tune on a fully instrumented dyno to utilize.
Sunday we will finish off Ziggy's F8, will try the Bikeman F7 mod stock pipe, then spend the last part of the session tuning midrange, part throttle settings, to make sure we have no lean spots. ziggy's F8 will be powerful and reliable after we dial the Boondocer in tomorrow AM.
Somtime tomorrow Erich Long aka Bikeman is supposed to show up at DTR to dyno his two Shootout sleds. I'm hoping Sunday 10 AM we'll be done with Ziggy's Boonocker/ various single pipe tuneup (3 hours total) and we can next wrench and tune Erich's two F9s, albeit after the SW DTR Shootout. I love my job.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005

DynoTech : Wednesday before Shootout

We struggled again today with Boss Noss, added a restrictor to help cut down 45 psi fuel pressure. Made extra 25 HP on our first pull today .72 LB/HPHR BSFC, but gas solenoid began leaking fuel into the engine. Got my magnifying glass out, gas solenoid is good for low pressure only, Boss is red labeling out an EFI kit for delivery Wed AM. Despite these glitches customer service is great.
This surely will goof up Erich Bikeman who was planning to dyno his Shootout sleds tomorrow. I called him at 2pm expecting to catch him on his cel in, maybe, Chicago but he was still [probably on the dyno] at his shop. So tomorrow AM I will finish the Boss Noss ZR800 then blast off for Old Forge and 5 pm happy hours at Slickers.
Then talking to Erich plan B is to have him dyno Shootout sleds Sat PM/ Sunday, Mike Ziggy Zigmont will be dynoing Bikeman F8 Sun AM, we can do Bikeman's two sleds after that. I won't have time to post what the final plan will be, but check your dynocams this weekend.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

DynoTech : this dyno session ZR800 Boss Noss

The sled on the dyno right now is an essentially stock ZR900 EFI with speedwerx slightly high compression head and SLP twin pipe, bondocker box, and Boss Noss nitrous oxide injection system. We tweaked for a few hours today, fuel flow was way too high even with fuel valves nearly shut, Boss Noss told sled owner they has forgotten to include some fuel regulator, we will have that red label tomorrow AM. Watch DynoCams.

thursday AM Bikeman Erich will be here--dyno evaluating (they'tre surely already dyno tuned on his own SuperFlow dyno) for SnowWeek, will blast off for Old forge/ slickers to be there 5:00pm.

Monday, December 05, 2005

DynoTech : Shootout certification update--

Jimmy Cooper was contacted today by Bombardier, explaining that wrong ECU's had been shipped to DynoTech. No one called me. I will guess that last year they fooled me with the same dragrace ECU. Look at the numbers on DTR last year's Shootout. That one had way too much HP, compared with the first stocker I dyno'd a few weeks earlier. But I admit I was harried, pressed for time to blow four Shootout sleds actross the dyno in a day. No time for fuel flow / airflow meters to be connected. HP is king. Last year's Shootout Mach Z was much higher HP than the first 170 HP broken in bone stocker i tested a few weeks earlier. I know the guy who bought that sled after the Shootout--the tabs on the ECU wire harness connectors are all chewed up indicating someone had exchanged ECUs.

I'm surmising, my opinion only, that since we let last year's hotrod Shootout MachZ slide, they could do it again. Instead of planting hotrod ECU's maybe in all of Old Forge Powersports' Mach Z's perhaps sending hotrod "non breakin mode" ECU's to DynoTech would fool us again. But this year Tim Erikson and Dave Wells dropped off a few random sleds every day for a week. Now I had time to really examine what we had. With fuel flow meters connected (a royal pain with some of these EFI sleds but surely necessary to assess what we've been provided with) I could easily discern that this was abnormal. Too much HP, too little fuel. I spent an extra five hours on the dyno correcting the too-hot MachZ and 600SDI. A full dynotech report will be posted here as sooon as SnowWeek publishes their Shootout issue.

Erich "Bikeman" Long will be at my this dyno thurs AM live on dynocams, obtaining SnowWeek HP data prior to Shootout.

I will review my aftermarket trailmod list tomorrow, will post who is bringing what. But plan on last year's pump gas trail mod record ET MPH to fall.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

DynoTech : Final shootout dyno certification

Friday/ Sat we dyno tested the  last sleds,  I had a great deal of help from Jim Intimidator Gonyea, Fast Eddy, Dan Tripod Cross, and Nick and Alex  to get these done.
We had a huge problem with the SkiDoos. Our Shootout Group (Tim Erikson, John Prusak, George Taylor, Me, and the Shootout dealers) had agreed earlier to allow SkiDoo to send us ECUs for the MachZ and 600SDI that had breakin mode removed. Replacement ECUs for the MachZ and 600SDI came from the Valcourt race shop. This year since the sleds came to me early, prior to the studding party at Big Moose Yam/AC this Sunday (thanks to SW/SG editor Tim Erikson who spent three days here on the road  swapping Shootout dealers' sleds with random  Northeast dealers' sleds, then handing off the truck to Dave Wells who finished the job) I had plenty of time to hook up fuel flow/ airflow meters and see what we really have. Unfortunately the MachZ made way too much HP--the stock ECU delivered a crisp 106 lb/hr fuel flow at HP peak. The SkiDoo supplied replacement ECU was supposed to only eliminate breakin timing retard but also mysteriously lost 16 lb/ hr fuel flow, 90 lb/ hr created way too much HP, .510 lb/hr BSFC. So computer-savvy Jimmy Cooper of Cooper's Sales and SERVICE in Waterport NY overrode the ECU map with an actual 06 fuel and timing map,  back to 106 lb/hr and that is how the  MachZ will be run at the shootout. The actual dyno results of the SkiDoo-supplied MachZ ECU vs the truly stock MachZ ECU will appear first (our agreement) in SnowWeek magazine, then on DTR website (with more technical details).
Expecting the worst, we first dyno'd the 600SDI with the stock ECU, Jimmy Cooper installed the "non breakin" ECU from the SkiDoo race shop, and halfway through the first "non breakin" dyno run I had to abort the test--it was so lean HP was much lower than the original ECU dyno run (we watch closely real-time graph of current dyno run vs previous dyno run). The much leaner A/F ratio of the "non breakin" box was possibly causing deto in the 600 or was leaner than max HP A/F ratio. Either way, we aborted at about 7000 RPM, reinstalled the original ECU and that's the way it will run at the Shootout. Once again, test results first in SnowWeek then here in greater detail.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

DynoTech : more shootout news

Tim Erikson got back late last night with Polaris Fusion 600/ 900s. SW contributing editor Dave Wells met us at the dyno, then drove Tim to the airport  in Buffalo to catch a late flight back to MN. No time for Tim's dyno training this time, maybe next year.

This morning I dyno'd the two Polaris' Tim had picked up from  dealers in the Northeast. Everything is dandy there--per our agreement with SnowWeek SnowGoer  I won't release certification dyno rsults until SnowWeek Adirondack Shootout issue is released.

After the Pol's I dragged in the F6 EFI, dyno tested maybe six runs, that temp probe in the pipe center section appears to be influential on HP output. The 600 class will be interesting next week!

Tomorrow, dyno cert of the hopefully 120 HP Yamaha 4 stroke triple, then the Mach Z (this time with blocked compression releases), then the SkiDoo 600. Later on Friday/ Sat AM the Apex will arrive (Yamaha was desirous of us having a non-reverse Apex at the Shootout, and they are delivering one from somewhere North of Albany NY to the dyno tomorrow).

Lastly, we will have the ZR900 showing up to the dyno Fri PM. What I dont' finsish Friday will get done somehow before all sleds are brought to Big Moose Yam/ AC for studding/ weighing etc this Sunday. While they are studding on Sunday, I will be dynoing Trail Mod participants Jeff Sherlock Performance (trail F8 kit in morning) and also Denny Johnson/ Kuyohoora SkiDoo MachZ with some awful load of N2O prior to entering the SnowWeek DTR Trail Mod Shootout. So Sunday pm you can watch our dynocams as they may attempt to exceed the 300 HP mark with N2O juice on the already powerful Mach Z.. Stay tuned.