May 2010

Sunday, May 09, 2010

DynoTech : New dyno equipment/ facility upgrades coming soon

The SF901 engine dyno that we've been using for 22 years is a great system, but needs to be updated with the newer SF902 electronics. The computer boards inside the control console are from a 30 year old design, and there are chips on the boards that can't be obtained if (when) they expire. And you may recall my nightmarish downtime last winter when I had to send boards off to SuperFlow praying that the problem was not with one of those unobtainium chips! All was well, replaceable chips were replaced, but it is a matter of time when I may be down for good.

Since this is the slow time, and my post-Aerocharger credit rating has now been rebuilt to a level above that of the average tenement-dweller, I have qualified for, and signed a five year lease for $20,000 worth of new stuff to convert our 901 to the newer (and more serviceable) 902 system. Fortunately, since my current 901 boards have been recently gone over by SuperFlow, my 901 boards are worth $5000 trade in. There are many SF901 dyno users, like Byron Hines, who are so accustomed to the 901 equipment that they refuse to consider newer and way different 902 stuff. So, if Byron's main SF901 board goes down, my perfectly working one is surely worth big bucks!

New stuff should be here in late May, and it will result in a two-three week downtime so grass/ asphalt racers please schedule accordingly!


DynoTech : May-June schedule

5/2 Finish up YZ450 testing including one with modified head and bigger cams, stock vs GYTR vs Jardine header, big difference.

5/7 three full mod WaterX sleds tuned to max HP--ProX800 built by Tripod Sr., ProX600 built by Flannery, Rev600 built by Bill Cudney.

5/12 Heath and Mark coming with two HTG 4 bangers to set up for asphalt. Rob S will be here to tune ignition.

5/13 Jim Cooper coming for the last time, back with his original short but high HP pistons.

5/14 YammieGod Tony and a pal with a mod Yammie triple, tuning for asphalt.

5/15 Tripod's brother Minipod Mark Cross tuning mod Banshee on the shaft dyno.

5/17 Woody coming from ME with an 010 Apex Exup stocker and a big inch Nytro NA stroker/ cam/ exhaust, PCV tuning