April 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

DynoTech : April, May 09 dyno schedule

4/6 Adam Schmitt XCR800 asphalt racer, new DynoPort mod pipes new 44 megatrons bought off the internet were totally goofed up--Tripod Dad loaned us a set of good ones, tuned to 217 but fuel flow was jumpy due to stiff mounts--will fix carbs and return..
4/18 Andy Caffaro XC 800 stocker with SLP twin pipes,s, tuned to 155hp with safe fuel flow on pump gas, then Andy removed a set of VIP wings from his carbs and picked up enough added airflow to make 158hp--you will see a set of VIPs on Ebay please don't bid on themthose wings also leaned out fuel flow so when Andy removed them he had to drop mains dramatically.
4/18 PM Andy's Dad Bruce Caffaro early HTG Storm 1000 lakeracer  still competitive on the lakes with 255 na then a very small squirt of n2o = 295hp at nearly .70 lb/hphr...330 should be no problem if needed with a few sizes larger n2o funnel nozzles...
4/22 Tim and Brian Tyler trying for more HP with their PS1000 twin
4/23 Tripod Dan and Dan Forte, bone stock XCR800 engine with 15/1 compression ratio and 9200 RPM HTG mod pipesmakes 192hp on race gas with timing cranked to the stops and 44 megatrons
4/25 7am Adam Schmitt XCR800 mod one more time with his own carbs fixed, hoping to smooth out that fuel flow a bit. fuel flow was still unstable, dropping to near near zero at HP peak from foaming fuel...Adam is installing semi-hard rubber mounts this week, will try again sat AM...
9am Jack G Elite Motorsports 800 triple 225hp last time w/ DynoPort mod pipes, looking to find a reason for occasional seizures just too lean--90 lb/hr will never support 225hp so raised needles, and opened power jets and fuel flow increased to 115 lb/hr so this should be fine, wound up with 228

4/29 WEDNESDAY D&D/ Glenn Hall Z1 turbo w/ bigger turbo and intercooler etc, let's see what she will do! Also a new 2010 F8 with a D&D 901 big bore kit. 901 made 190plus on pump gas stock muffler, then the Z1 on pump gas w/ windshield washer fluid injection maxed out at 350hp--full dyno results on this website by 5/3

5/1 Jim Cooper PS1000 asphalt sled trying different carbs--CS56mm carbs helped create our first 290chp ps1000--solid mount SkiDoo stroker struggled with fuel flow until we hit the right combo of needle and seats and electric fuel pump pressure, one click of deto at 290 and no clicks at 286-288 so that's how it should run for 1/4 mile on asphalt.

5/2 After going to dragstrip after last dyno session and feeling the engine lay down before 1/8th mile, Adam Schmitt will try one more time, this time with semi-hard rubber mounts replacing the solid mounts,  hoping to cure unusable fuel flow on his pol800 triple asphalt mod. Adam's new rubber mounts cured the foaming floatbowls--today the fuel flow was still not exactly perfect, but looks smooth enough and good for 1/4 mile blasts--then Adam went to the track and ran the best ET/MPH so far, no top end laziness.

5/6-10 gone pretend fishing in Alexandria Bay, NY

5/13 Brad Crocker ProX800 mod watercrosser, Stock bore, engine ported by Pausl Cross (Tripod Sr) and setup by Tripod Dan and Dan Forte, DynoPort twin pipes made 172 CHP needed exhaust valve springs removed to pick up 20 hp--stock valve springs were keeping valves closed with high flowing DP/HTG twin pipes, removing the springs ensured complete opening
pm Paul Cross F7 trailsled setup for backyard grassdrags. bone stock 03 F7 w/ 06 ECU flash, only mods are D&D Y pipe, BMP pipe mod, -20 slice off the head, 2 deg key...freshly installed hi comp head created heavy rattle of deto that we heard on detophones, aborted run at 7400 before damage. Turns out that the engine was airlocked--air trapped in the head allowed overheat of combustion chambers and instant detonation--saved by the copper tube! Air bleed hose from top of the head to coolant bottle was routed below the steering arm preventing air from escaping which is a common goof. That hose MUST be routed above the arm to ensure that trapped air can escape to the bottle. After we fixed the hose routing we were fat this time of year, and fixed the fatness with a D&D pac valve, dropped fuel pressure to 38 psi and made 163hp god for 500 ft in the grass.

5/14 two 607 asphalt sleds, just one today--Boyd McGarry's Dragon 800 stocker w/ SLP exhaust for PCIII tuning...very interesting that this one only needed a fraction of the leanout that we normally require for max HP with this setup. -5% at peak revs got us 13/1 A/F ratio! We tried another D8 ECU and tuning was the same! Today it was 70 degrees F, which is reportedly the exact temp that EPA tests are conducted at........could that explain the crisp fuel flow on this sled??

5/15 Kurt Walburn, pal of Billy Howard with one or two mod Yamaha Banshees, tune on the 901 shaft dyno. Kurts's Billet Trinity 610 came off the trailer at 138hp, went back on the trailer with 150plus with perfect timing and fuel flow. Brother Marty's Banshee w/ billet KT 775 twin was next, had new 48 Lectrons w/ way too lean needles--listening closely for deto on the phones, I missed the A/F gauge on the computer screen glowing red at 17/1 just as it seized. No deto to alarm me but wicked lean and hot enough to stick the piston. Will  be back again w/ new piston and way richer needles

5/20 TR McGinnis tuning a YFZ450 on the 901 shaft dyno, connected to trans output shaft spline (don't call it a countershaft--that shat holds the clutch basket and rotates backwards, gear-driving the output shaft forward). ported head, aftermarket exhaust, no airbox, over 50 HP at the output shaft which is about the same as we get rear wheels with the DynoJet corrction

5/21 Dan Forte stock bore Banshee quad, tuning large Kehein carbs. Dynoport pipes, lots of compression, now 39 Keihins mad the clutch slip on the shaft dyno, but we got it tuned for max power at 13/1

5/29 Marty Walburn, violent drag banshee w/ 775 cc billet KT engine. that last session was only a piston replacement, no nickasil damage! Got a batch of richer needles from FBG and we'll try to get it tuned perfect on 5/29 got it perfect this time--perfect max HP fuel flow now w/ no clicks, max HP timing with no clicks