January 2013

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

DynoTech : Winter testing schedule

12/14 Petschke Motorsports dyno testing the ETEC 800 with their new flowbench tested Y pipe results posted on this website members' pages

12/15 Keith Monroe, F7 w/ D&D trailport dissapointing performance last season was traced to a counterfeit BMP pipe modded stock pipe that Keith had bought on EBay. I was leery since the counterfeit pipe had poor welds, and my suspicions were confirmed when we installed the BMP modded stock pipe I have here for test purposes and picked up 13hp.

12/17 John Joyce,Wayne Yeardon, Rob Schooping testing Merc 440 freeair oval racer- Rob is back at his home shop now, back to his roots modifying/ porting engines. Since the Merc 440 piston port engines are similar to the powerful 650 Polaris triple engines Rob created back in the 1990s, these are a natural...

12/21 the worst day of testing ever--two sleds with freshly rebuilt engines, freshly installed back in the sleds with what appear to be air locked oil pumps...no premix in the gas, sled 1 (a big bore twin) locked up just before we began the test, at 12/1 A/F...a disappointing mystery but that can happen...then sled 2 made one pass loaded with fuel, then locked up like sled 1...autopsied that sled on the dyno, the bottom end was bone dry totally devoid of any sign of oil! Sled 1 was autopsied back home, bone dry like sled 2. Moral of this unhappy story is, whenever an engine is removed, then reinstalled, the first one or two tanks of gas should be premixed. They will be back, with slippery fuel in the tanks next time!

12/27-12/29 Pro race team testing, dynocams off 

1/2 Todd Dewind PCV tuning a 2012 ProR 800 w/ DynoPort pipe.

1/3 Josh Bender Boondocker tuning a trail mod Cat 800

1/6 Jesse Bradley, (Bradley Performance) PCV tuning a trail mod Cat 1200 (cancelled, waiting for parts)

1/7 Gus Bohne dyno tuning Art Bash's turbo Polaris 1000 triple, and another turbo MachZ twin (cancelled)

1/11 Cat F7 for Boondocker tuning

1/12 Dave Behuniak, Vmax 4 FPP lakeracer mod, turning new MSD

1/14 Gus Bohne dyno tuning Art Bash's turbo Polaris 1000 triple, and another turbo MachZ twin (results posted soon)

1/15 Wayne Tessier boondocker tuning early (moderate port timing) 800/901 Cat

1/16 Jake Lehnen making even more HP on his FPP SkiDoo RS600 hilldrag mod engine

1/17 Tony Koz tuning his XF800 single pipe improver Hilldrag sled

1/17 Mike Koz tuning his XF800 stocker Hilldrag sled

1/22  Jesse Bradley, (Bradley Performance) PCV tuning Jeff Sills' trail mod Cat 1200 (215hp 147 lb/ft on pump gas)

1/24 Crossfire 1000 boondocker tune

1/25 RJ Quell mystery tune

1/30 Pat Kitchen/ Cat 1500 triple w/ Boyd McGarry tig welding pipes

1/31 Kelly & Sandy O'Dell dyno tweaking SkiDoo 800 (one twin, one triple) promod hilldrag sleds

2/1 Adam Glick two big twin Cats for carb/ EFI tuning 

2/1 & 2/2 Kevin Freeman (Sled Shop SkiDoo in Presque Isle, ME) dyno verifying the tune on his FPP turbo Etec 800 (190+ click-free on ME 93 octane, will post the numbers)

2/5 Brian MacLaren PCV tuning a strangely deto-prone 2010 F8

2/8 Marty Rainville from Quebec, PCV tuning a stock F1000 for dragracing/ trail riding

2/11 Dynamo Jim testing stock turbo Cat w/  TD stage 5 w/ larger injectors cancelled, engine issues to address, will come another day

2/14 Jeremy Wilder, two SkiDoo 800s (one R, one HO) for hilldragging

2/19 Jake Lehnen- one more time with his FPP ported SkiDoo 600R hilldragger, this time with a late model "stuffed" crankcase--trying to match the Hentges Polaris 600 HP. Started months ago with 137 HP, last time here we were close to 160hp. Will post our step by step improvents, and how each improvement was accomplished on this website.

2/20 James Moore, tuning NA and N2O F7

2/21 Dan Brownell Crankshop 1500 triple

2/22 David Kirchhoff, FINALLY a Dragon 800 with FIX cylinders and pistons to create a proper PCV/ PC3 map! cancelled due to scuffed piston, will try again...

2/23 Brian MacFarlane F8 PCV tuning w/ BMP exhaust

3/2 Mark Fisher dyno tuning 800 triple and 600 twin improved stock engines

3/3 Jake Lehnen SkiDoo 600RS Full Power mod, one more time!

3/13 Renegade Rich Myers SkiDoo 800R mod hilldragger

3/15 Larry Audette ported Etec 800 looking for 170+ on pump gas