November 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

DynoTech : December dyno schedule & other stuff

12/1 Justin Fuller again, not sure what he's bringing cancelled
12/2 available
12/3 SHOOTOUT SLEDS unless they have bad weather between old forge and batavia. if so we'll certify shootout sleds tues/ wed.
12/5 saved in case we have any issues on 12/3 or 12/4, if all is well then dyno time is available
12/6 Chuckaroo Motorports with 800XPR shootout entrant, then his PS1000 to test MSD, then off to Old Forge.
12/7 See you at Woodgate, NY for the SnowWeek/ DTR Adirondack Shootout
12/8 Heading home from Shootut. after getting out of Utica NY hospital, had a vertebrae  pop out of place at the shootout,  manifested itself as left chest pain and arm numbness so chicken Jim checked in Fri PM missed the awards banquet my favorite day of the year, kept me on heart dyno all night, overnight pain moved from left chest to left armpit to left shoulderblade then at 3am disappeared int my spine. They made me do a stress test Sat AM my heart is like that of a Nigerian marathon runner, Tripod Dan shuttled me from old Forge to utica then picked me up Sat AM.
12/9 Ziggy and a pal Gary Monarski, tuning Firecats Ziggy's 4th trip to dyno, this time we tuned his f7/F8 BMP safely to 160something the way chicken Jim likes it, then installed new Fatazz F7 ported pipe hanging on my pipe rack picked up 10 more HP. Gary's F7 ported was dandy in the mid 150's CJS (chicken Jim safe) with pipe mod, we should have tried that same Fatazz pipe on his sled but Ziggy will buy one of those and they can test in the field if Gary picks up a 100 or more revs, he's probably making more HP. remember all of you guys have dynamometers hanging off the LEFT side of your engines! Make a change and if RPMs rise you can bet more HP...
12/10 Jamie Wimmer with BMP ported 800XPR, pipe mod etc for tuning.cancelled my son was sick I was home Mr. Mom.
12/11 all day available Jamie Wimmer slid off till today, last Sunday he rode his sled 6 hours to get rid of that goofy breakin mode, bought bad gas at a tug hill bar (left over from last season?) deto light came on and stayed on beeping. He had to go to his dealer to get the deto light and annoying beeper turned off. What's that all about? Bottom line after dyno session--165 HP with pipe mod which was good for a couple of HP compared to a stock pipe. Jamie had removed the 2 deg key after deto scared him, surely would have added threeish HP and there was more HP left on the jet tuning table,  but I suggested he leave key out, drive the sled  for a month and if deto light  doesnt come on lets try the key again.  I  predict 170 plus no problem. By then maybe we'll have  a bunch of Ypipes/ single pipes to try on stockers/ trail mods and I want to use Jamie's sled for that dyno mule.
12/12 AM available spent today doing computer stuff, finalized Shootout Trail/ lakemod awards, need to post CPR Apex turbo data maybe tomorrow.
12/13 AM Trevor Bovard F7/F8 nitrous tuning, got rid of F7 twins that were way too tight last time. PM Jeff Gould baseline HP testing an SDI600 before doing engine coatings. thakfully both cancelled so being replaced Mike Gross 11AM Pol 800 twin twin pipes, 2PM Jerry Beck (who I bought my HTG triple Edge from last year) dynoing 700IQ with pipe/ Boondocker--Jerry's 700IQ made huge torque--broad HP 155 plus for many hundreds of revs HTG porting/ single pipe was good for even me to clutch..
12/14 AM available not available Mr Mom all day again
12/15 AM Darrell Gaglianese Cat tuning Mr. Pretend-to-be-stock Darrel tweeked his Boondocker to 190plus with these simple bolt-ons on pump gas.  late AM GREG BENNETT with the big bore Pol turbo twin this time with intercooler seeing how much HP he can squeeze out of an Aerodyne original 66. Needs 400 on his lightweight to be in the running this year. Stale race gas, stored in the trailer over the summer bit GB in the testicles--10/1 A/F ratio warm engine seized a piston solid, upon inspection domes dry as a bone, fuel pressure perfect, EGTs low = stale race gas blowing through the combustion chambers like lave-lamp globules, can't vaporize until the get into the exhaust where they just cool down EGTs, Greg will be back again.[called on 12/17 found his seized cylinder came with 1 thou clearance hence instant seizure will be back again with more clearance and new gas to be sure]  2pm Chris Preston F8 Firecat was here to tune 11/19 had early Boondocker with HUGE gap between 6700 and 7800 we could not tune his sled with that. Impossible. Had his box reprogrammed by Boondocker with that important 7200 RPM step, got it today will fix his A/F curve to perfection today if he gets the wiring harnes he ordered from Boondocker otherwise will reschedule. rescheduled to 12/20 or 21 AM have reprogrammed Boondocker with no overlap box with 7200 rpm step (stock ECU goes from wicked lean until 7200 then pig fat at 7201+ so blending/ overlap makes that transition more difficult).
12/16 1pm Engine tech cats getting there early, will do one sled on Sun PM the other 12/17am Noreaster storm was blowing in, so Jason and Dawson came in from Northern Ontario last night, called this AM so I finished helicoiling one crank adapter (this dyno is very high maintenance--estimate every hour of revenue producing dyno time = one hour of maintenance not counting cost of upkeep). Today we dynod both Engine Tech sleds  and F900 billet cyls (tuned with D&D twins and a BMP Fatazz single stock muffler) and an F800 stock cylinders/ head (also with Fatazz single and stock and D&D mufflers). Both were tweaked to perfection,[F9 made 180 with D&D Monster twins which were good for 1000' but too tight for best power for long runs on the dyno, installed BMP Fatazz and made 175 with stock muffler...still broad top end HP plateau,, F8 made 170 plus with that same fatazz pipe, stock muffler with same DTR Boondocker setup,  if anyone wants to chip in on their dyno session perhaps their Boondocker numbers will be shared...I will pass on their Email address if that's  of interest/
12/17 AM Dave Patrick bought D1Ds F1000 not F1200 HTG engine with D&Dtwins, boondocker tuning..D1D made 220hp here on fresh C12 race gas with this engine, 6 degree key, was a rocket in the field, high compression and gobs of timing kept peak HP below rev limiter...Dave misinterpreted the need for big octane on D1Ds engine, came here with pump gas with a splash of 110, with 2 degree key made 210hp easy then adding the 6 deg key made better midrange hp but lost on top due to light detonation but no engine damage on the dyno. Not to brag but DTR Jim is a rattlesnake on the throttle yanking back when real time graph flatlines or worse during a dyno run. Chicken Jim aborts at the first sign of rattle. Needs straight 110 octane to have fun with 220hp on that low revving 1000cc twin...  plus his dad has another Engine Tech 900 this one with Jaws twin pipes. Yesterday Jason's ET F9 13.5/1 comp ratio made 180 w/ D&D twins today Davids ET F9 12.5/1 with Jaws twins made 165-170 with similar .62 BSFC.  Late PM Bob Staples some sort of Firecat which I love to tune because hookup is so quick and easy. Bone stock firecat F7 with 2 deg key and cut heat (supposedly .010) we only made 138 max wiith stock pipe, and BMP pipe mod which has added big HP and spreaded top end HP to 8000 and higher with hot pipe did not work on this sled (the first in 200 F7s that didn't benefit here from pipe mod). That high comp head must be the culprit, Bob is buying stock head will be back to try again...
12/18 Don Emery DNE with Tommy McConkey's 384hp 4cyl (on DTR subscriber pages) this time with 125hp load on n2o  (384 + 125 =  ?). Also may have that ported 08 800XPR this time with BMP Y, pipe mod, etc.  cancelled, 800R got wrecked on the ice, Tommy's mod has leaking carb boots found at the last minute, will be back later...sorry to you guys who tuned in hoping to watch dyno history being made (the first real 500 sled?) only to see my old pal Mike Gross coming in on standby to tweak an XC800 with twin pipes.
12/19 I'm mr mom all day
12/20 tentative dyno session but still not solidified...looks like a cat in early AM, then Justin Fuller with two customer's sleds to dyno tune before delivery...
Both cancelled, replaced with Andy Butler's Dragon 700 needed Boondocker to go from stock pipe to either with SLP single or DynoPort single. PM Ken Lalonde F1000 with new programming ECU Speedwerx single DD Ypipe made 180-183 HP at .59 with no key, I'm thinking that new programming has less timing? More to come as we evaluate the 08 programming. Remember that the 08 F1000 was lower HP than the 07 in the SnowWeek/ DTR Shootout.

12/21 8 AM Chris Preston retuning that F7 with D&D twins had to stop last time because his boondocker box had no 7300 tuning point, just couldnt get this one right everyone needs a 7300 blend point or 7200 fixed point to tune easily. tested with a 7200rpm point box today, still fought unmanageable fuel curve fat at 7300 lean at 7700, turns out Chris' EV servo is locked up, using Supreme Tool EV fooler chip we locked valves open, got excellent fuel curve now from 7200-8000 now 176hp, Chris is coming back tomorrow AM with a pal's EV motor and well finish tuning then we'll squirt some N2O.
12/22 Chris Preston finishing his F7/F8 working valve servo did wonders, turned perfect lean 13.5/1 to 7200 valve opening then from 7201 to 8300 11.5/1 relaxed tuning to 175 HP will be a safe trail riding tuneup, added a squirt of N2O eight holes with fat fuel yielded  30 HP plus at .67 lb/hphr. Chicken Jim suggested that should be his lake setup, could have made more with less fuel on the edge but he needs to ride his sled not work on it all winter.
12/23 available AM
12/24 AM Bender Racing dyno tuning F1000 D&D Ypipe D&D single for a customer, PM another F1000 D&D Ypipe D&D single, both 07s, Boondockers had different programming steps so couldnt compare, needed different numbers to achieve same lb/hr or fuel flow
12/26 AM Top Gun Dave finally dyno tuning his Cutler F10 and Trucks-R-us John with an F1000 hoping he brings an 07 and 08 ECU so we can compare on the same sled...Dave's Cutler F10 was a bit fat off the trailer at 190hp, tuned to greedy John Wilbur's spec 194 at .59 and then tweaked a decent squirt of N2O to 247, but the  N2O took revs to 8700 where stock EFI fuel leans out, needs a D&D Boondocker with 7300 setting plus an 8700 setting to get base fuel flow constant.
12/27 AM Jeff  Sherlock  F1000,Kirsch's Stage 1 F1000 w/ Vforce, .060 offset key, D&D twins tuned at .58, 219hp and 150  lb/ft on 100 rate acceleration good for 1/4mi,, then with D&D single and stock muffler made 210.5hpand 145 lb/ft . late AM Tony Koz with F1200 Boondocker turbo cams off till tuned.  Koz squeeked a piston last time here w/ 1000 top end and too many other variables including questionable fuel. This time with HTG turbo ported 1200 top end, Tony and Rob Schooping taking turns listening for deto with Sean Ray's deto muffs (Tony heard it once when I stabbed the engine with too lean fuel) spent 5 hours poking about part throttle to full throttle creating safe A/F ratio and BSFC working our way up to peak revs, finally stopped at 260 lb/ft 370HP at perfect safe 11.7/1 A/F ratio from low revs to the rev limiter. Rob wanted 450 but Chicken Jim convinced Tony Koz and Rob that this was plenty, put the HP to the ice and if more is needed just turn up the boost. That boondocker system is dandy when dialed in. It appears from our 10 full boost dyno tests that if Koz adds two more psi boost fuel will climb automatically as needed, 400 plus no problem. But the three F1200's tuned here have required three totally different sets of Boondocker tuning numbers to achieve the same A/F ratio on boost from low revs to the rev limiter.
12/28 AM rev 800 big bore, PM 08 RevXP800 bigbore (cameras off for second session until HP goal is reached, always the option of sled owner) will be testing stock airbox vs high flow airbox. stock airbox was maybe 1% less airflow than "high flow" Bondi aftermarket airbox.
12/29 early AM F7 stocker with Speedwerx Twins and Boondocker.this was bone stock 05F7, 2 deg key only SW twins and SW programmed Boondocker--had no overlap and a perfect step at 7200 dialed this one perfect 13.5/1 below 7200 then from 7200 up 11.5/1 153hp at .70 lb/hphr. Dialed in part throttle A/F ratio perfect 12/1 from 5000 to 7800.
12/30 family stuff
12/31 family stuff

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

DynoTech : Adirondack SnowGoer DTR Shootout trail mod entrants

D&D has committed to six sleds:
08 F8 trailport, twin pipes
SkiDoo XPR800/ 862cc with D&D single pipe/ Ypipe
F1000-1200 twin pipes
F1000 trailport twin pipes
other two sleds TBA

Chuckaroo Motorsports
1240 MachZ twin
08 SkiDoo XPR800 trailport w/  DynoPort  single pipe  (will dyno this sled next Thursday)

Full Power Performance Apex turbo, Nytro turbo.

Excell  Nytro w/ custom exhaust

Allan Ulmer three sleds (two MPI SC sleds Nytro and Apex plus one tba)

CJ Motorsports 08 SkiDoo 800R/ 860 big bore, single pipe stock muffler

DynoPort tba

Crankshop - Larry you need to come this year!

HTG tba

JD Powersports Cat T660 trail mod


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

DynoTech : Adirondack Shootout Decisions for 07

George Taylor and I are in the middle of this 18th annual Shootout, between new sled dealers, aftermarket companies who are providing trail mod sleds to show their wares, and SnowGoer/ SnowWeek magazines who are partners with DynoTechResearch in the Shootout at Woodgate this year.

This year SnowGoer is bringing a video crew to tape the Shootout, which will be televised on Fox Sports Network this winter. Also video clips will be seen on SnowGoer's website after the shootout.

Factory stock sleds will be 600 class and 800 class sleds.  Perhaps since Polaris won't have their new 800 delivered by 12/1  the SnowGoer guys Tim Erikson and John Prusack will have the currently available Dragon 700 to represent the 800 class?

SnowGoer has elected to delete the "Lakeracer" class we ran last year--race gas is no longer allowed. All aftermarket "Trail Mod" sleds will have their tanks pumped out and replaced with Old Forge 93 octane unleaded.

Any entrants dyno tested by DTR prior to Shootout can have HP numbers posted by SnowGoer.

All trail mod sleds will run DTR supplied pump gas, stock OEM suspensions, Uncut OEM tracks and standard trail carbides not sharpened. Sleds can be lowered a max of 2" from stock front and back.

Trail mod sleds will run1000ft.

Trail Mod sleds must be entered/ sponsored by an aftermarket company doing business increasing sled/ engine performance. $500/ sled any number of entries OK'd.

Aftermarket companies can opt to have results NOT posted by SnowGoer if problems arise, but $500 entry fee will be forfeited.

More to come as we approach December.

Tim Erickson called, will have some lake mod sleds at shootout.