February 2005

Monday, February 21, 2005

DynoTech : current events

As you can see from the schedule we're coming into the end of the winter trail sled performance tuning sessions. Les Ferenczy called today about trying one of the Boondocker DTR programmed boxes on his stock F7--he'll be here tomorrow to try that out.

The DTR programming I requested from Boondocker eliminates overlap fuel, and adds several definite steps, the most important being right at valve opening (7200 and 6500 depending on year) so we can dial in correct fuel flow perfectly. It does add fuel or take away fuel as necessary, and it shows great promise. We dialed in an original Boondocker on a twin pipe D&D F8, but were unable to smooth out the declining fuel curve after vave opening, but the DTR Boondocker box enabled us to make the A/F ratio as flat as we liked from 7200-8400. I will try to post those results this week.

We're looking forward to trying the Boondocker box on mod Fusions/ MachZs.

I have in my possession a brand new two cylinder Boss Noss kit that we need to assess! I'd like someone in WNY to buy this kit (call for details) and for no extra cost we will baseline dyno tune your sled here, install the kit on live webcam, then dyno tune with the juice turned on. The uniqueness of this N2O kit is its self contained electrical system and most importantly a liquid N2O pressure regulator that eliminates the need to maintain constant bottle temp/ pressure for consistant performance.

I will also post this week dyno results of the new D&D F7 Twin pipes on a bone stock F7; with dyno tweeking would you believe 160+ HP?. I would like to get actual field testing feedback from DTR F7 subscribers who have these twins on their sleds.

I haven't had my own snowmobile to ride in many years. This fall I acquired a 97 XLT600 w/ reverse and electric start, 12" travel just perfect for an old guy that wants to go out on the lakes just to watch the dyno tuned stockers and monster sleds go at it. I recently got the engine bay detailed, carbs rejetted the way I thought they should be, and of course had to final dyno tune before riding it for the first time last weekend. After setting the A/F ratio at 12/1 the engine repeated just over 98 HP over four or five runs within 1/10th of a HP. So I decided this would be a good candidate to assess the HP potential of the two cases of Blue Marble Oil provided to me by the manufacturer. After draining the Polaris oil out of the injection tank and relacing it with Blue Marble I "treated" the engine by filling each combustion chamber with Blue Marble oil then gradually rolling the crank to "coat" cylinder walls/ piston rings/ bottom end with the oil, then let it set for three days before firing it up. After the three days, I was glad to have electric start since it took a lot to fire up the oil-soaked XLT engine.

After I get a few weeks of  run time on the sled with Blue Marble, I will redyno to see if there is HP to be had. In anticipation, I've saved two gallons of the 93 octane gas I used for baseline test, and that will be used for the final assessment.

I recently dyno tested a Polaris IQ440 and I will post those numbers this week.